Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for your Best Friend this Year

Our best friends are our second family. They are there to help us during our rough downfalls and to celebrate with us while we succeed. A best friend will be your bro or sis from another mother, always close and always loving. They will fight with you as a sibling and care for you as a parent. They are always there to guide us through wrongs and rights. No matter how much it annoys them, they will always listen to your breakup stories and give you a shoulder to cry every time. A best friend would do anything to make you smile, even if it means sacrificing their happiness.

They keep us as their priority at all times and will never let us down. If you can associate all these qualities with someone in your circle, then congrats, you have got a friend who will probably stick with you throughout their life. If your best friends birthday is near, you might be finding a good gift to surprise them with, aren’t you? If you are still conflicted with thoughts of what to get your friend this year, you have come to the right place. Whether it be flower delivery in Bangalore or gifting them a new cell phone, let’s count down the best options to present your best friend this year.


Cakes can make any birthday party amazing. It is one of the main ingredient for any party universally. Cakes can come in so many beautiful shapes and flavours. You can opt for a customized cake wherein you can put your best friend’s pic on the cake or even get small customized cupcakes that come in a set of six to make this day special. Even if you are not there with your best friend, many online sites provide cakes on pre-orders. You can choose the flavour that your best friend loves and get them the same as birthday gifts. They will for sure be ecstatic to receive this beautiful and delicious gift from you.

A Surprise Visit:

 If you and your best friend haven’t seen each other for quite some time, and you genuinely want to surprise them, you can make a surprise visit at their doorstep. Gifts don’t always mean something materialistic and expensive, and they sometimes mean your efforts and time. You can cleverly ask them their address and then show up there to make them happy on their special day. Birthdays are a yearly event that is celebrated best with the people we love. Your best friend will appreciate your presence as they, too, might be missing you to the core.

Tickets to his Favorite Game:

 If your best friend loves sports, you can buy tickets for the next best game and gift them to your best friend for their birthday gifts. Why not have fun with them? Sports are a great way of bonding with the people that you love. Even if you are not interested in watching the game, make sure to be with them as the happiness in their eyes will be more than enough to make you happy as well.

Play Station 5:

 Talking about games, does your best friend love video games? If yes, you can opt for a Play Station 5 for their birthday this year. This gift can be really expensive, so you might have to start saving it today itself. This is one of the best video games out there and will instantly make your best friend super happy. Play Station 5 comes with so many cool features that it is hard to dislike such an amazing game. The next time your best friend plays the same, he will thank you from the bottom of his heart to make them this happy.

A Customized Coffee Mug:

Does your best friend love coffee? Why not gift them a customized coffee mug for their birthday this year. If your best friend stays far away from you, you can also find online services that specialize in customized birthday gifts and send them the details further. To make this gift a bit more happening, you can always order happy birthday bouquet with a beautiful customized cup.

Your best friend is someone that cherishes and respects you for who you are. You may make thousands of mistakes, but they will never judge you at any point in your lives. They will always encourage you to achieve your dreams and go after what you believe in. They are a preacher for your personality and admire you with all your flaws. This year on their special day, send flowers to Bangalore online so that they don’t feel alone or forgotten due to any amount of distance that comes between you. Make sure that until you are with them, none of their birthdays goes dull.

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