These Best Wholesale Hawaiian Shirts for Men

Men Retro Graphic Print Button Throughout Hawaiian Shirt WholesaleFashion trends are never just the patent of young people. The inclusiveness of fashion creates a feeling of different flavors belonging to each age group. Different fashion items also have audiences of their own age groups, and Hawaiian shirts belong to the pass from boys to men. Shirts always give men a special attraction. Wholesale hawaiian shirts, the originator of floral shirts that have been popular for more than half a century, have long become a representative item of men’s fashion. Compared with the casual simplicity of T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts give you more sense of maturity.

  1. Origin of Hawaiian Shirts

    Allover Print Floral Button Front Hawaiian Shirt Hawaiian shirts, local people in Hawaii are more willing to call this fancy shirt Aloha Shirt. For the locals, Aloha actually means the same as Hello, just more intimate. It may have appeared more than a hundred years ago. To be sure, the Hawaiian shirt is a product of a combination of Eastern and Western cultures. A large number of Asian immigrants came to Hawaii at the end of the 19th century. It is said that in 1926, an ordinary college student wanted his mother to make him a Yukata, which was a dress worn by Japanese women at work.

    This became the prototype of a Hawaiian shirt. Hawaiian shirts have been inseparable from Japanese culture from the beginning. The Hawaiian shirt we are familiar with today was officially put on sale in 1932 by a store called Musashiya Shoten. They use Japanese fabrics to make shirts suitable for summer, and they have gradually become popular on the island. With the development of global tourism, Hawaiian shirts have gradually become souvenirs after people travel.

  2. Hawaiian Shirts that Stand Out

    All-over Flower Print Buttoned Hawaii Shirt But it was a Chinese businessman named Ellery J Chun who really set the shirt on fire. He posted an advertisement for Hawaiian shirts in the Hawaii Daily. The patterns of various shirts gradually deviated from the pure Japanese style. For a while, everyone on the island was wearing Hawaiian shirts. And this kind of shirt full of tropical style is really popular all over the world, or 30 years later, Elvis presley’s floral shirt in the movie “Blue Hawaii” made Aloha Shirt officially out of the circle.

    Leonardo DiCaprio, who was at his peak in 1996, wore a blue Hawaiian shirt. He was handsome. He wears such exaggerated clothes to make him more charming. Today, Aloha shirts are not limited to Hawaii, but the first choice for seaside vacations. They have become a symbol of Hawaii. Hawaiian shirts regard Southeast Asia with similar cultures as a place to take root.

  3. Hawaiian Shirt Matching Skills

     Animals & Geometric Graffiti Hawaiian Shirt Wholesale

    • With solid color T-shirts

      Some men like to wear an inner style in any outfit, but they don’t know how to match it with Hawaiian shirts. Maybe thinking that since it is short sleeve, why bother to wear a short sleeve? So they may choose the vest naturally. But in fact, this combination will make you look a little too domineering.

      It’s different if you wear a T-shirt under your shirt. The reason is that the vest is a deep round neck, and the T-shirt is a small round neck, which conveys a completely different temperament. Hawaiian shirts and deep round neck vests have a domineering feeling, obviously not the best CP. For the same shirt, a younger, light-colored T-shirt can weaken and balance its domineering sense to a large extent.

    Hawaii Coconut Tree Print White Shirt

    • With Suitable Pants

      Generally do not easily challenge the combination of Hawaiian shirts and baggy trousers. Because Hawaiian shirts are a bit loose in the first place, a pair of loose and shapeless trousers will show a not very good visual effect. Choosing jeans can balance and weaken the domineering sense of Hawaiian shirts. Jeans are generally casual, and it is easy to produce an approachable and intimate.

      Wearing it with Hawaiian shirts, the free and easy style is also more natural and intimate. In addition to jeans, you can also choose casual style suit pants like Adam Levine. Domineering Hawaiian shirts and conservative suit pants, the most appropriate words to describe this look are serious and domineering handsome.

    Allover Pineapple Print Hawaii Shirt

    • Wear Alone

      If you want to wear a Hawaiian shirt alone, it is not suitable to choose a pattern that is too messy and looks a bit exaggerated. Therefore, if you prefer to wear it alone, it is best to use a Hawaiian shirt with a light background and a sparse but not empty main pattern, or you can balance the fancy of the print by choosing a special bright color with more texture.

      In this way, the strong coastline style will be faded a lot. Coupled with a pair of casual jeans, even if you are walking in the city, it will not look out of place. You will also attract the attention of many people because of your fashionable collocation.

    Short Sleeve Pineapple Print Beachwear Shirt If you want to upgrade the basic type of daily match with shirts, please look for the hot Hawaiian shirts. Hawaiian shirts are printed shirts full of a tropical feel, with more design and fashion sense in color and style. When you put on a Hawaiian shirt, the masculine charm you exude is unmatched. To find more wholesale hawaiian shirts with excellent quality and cost-effective prices, please click on our Xmengo online store to browse.

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