The Top 4 Ways for Students to Monetize YouTube

Everyone adores YouTube. It is a fantastic location to discover, watch, and exchange videos! The majority of us mostly Students use YouTube for leisure. However, the truth is that this website may be used to generate income! Yes, people are using YouTube to make a tone of money. I’ve outlined some fantastic strategies in this article that will greatly aid the student community in monetizing this website!

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I should probably warn you ahead of time that employing these techniques to make money won’t be very simple. To earn a respectable income, you must be diligent and clever.

#1 Become a YouTube Partner – This strategy offers YouTubers a fantastic chance to monetize the videos they post on the platform! Different methods of monetization exist, including direct sales of goods, paid subscriptions, and display advertisements.

In essence, YouTube will treat you as a business partner under this plan! Each click or watch that an ad put beside your video receives can earn you money!

So, in what way may students anticipate profit from this programmed? On your YouTube channel, you can post high-quality videos, tutorials, book reviews, college/university reviews, and more relevant study materials.

If the product is in demand and your work is of high quality, it will undoubtedly receive a lot of views and positive votes. You can select “Display advertising” as your preferred monetization method.

While a visitor is watching your video, YouTube will display advertisements in a variety of forms in various places. Details regarding the ad formats can be found here. You will receive payment for each view and click on the advertisement!

Ad formats

Through a premium subscription model, you can monetize your YouTube channel in another way. People won’t mind paying a little subscription fee (monthly or yearly) to access the videos on your channel if you continue to add informative tutorials and study material and upgrade your service. However, to employ this technique, you must make sure that your movies are extremely beneficial and of the highest caliber.

In the case of students, I don’t believe direct selling of products is a good idea. However, you can promote your printed tutorials and study guides on YouTube. You might even engage in affiliate marketing and promote publications from other authors as well! Make sure you include something extra in the printed edition to entice readers to purchase them!

Your YouTube Channel must meet a few requirements to become a partner of YouTube. The software is not available to citizens of all nations just yet. To learn more about the Terms & Conditions and the requirements to become a YouTube partner, kindly read this page.

Utilizing YouTube Advertisements from AdSense

We saw in the previous chapter how the YouTube Partner programmed has many “Location restrictions” built-in. You can use AdSense advertisements to monetize your YouTube channel if your location disqualifies you from applying for the partners’ programmed.

You can set up an AdSense account for your YouTube channel if you don’t already have one. Simply navigate to the “Monetization” page in the Channel settings. There is a page for the AdSense Association.. You will be directed to the website for the AdSense programmed when you select “next”!

You must enter information there, like your Google Account password, contact information, etc. Please apply to provide the necessary information. When they have reviewed your channel and approved your application, AdSense will let you know.

You merely need to link your approved AdSense account to your YouTube channel if you already have one. Follow the steps outlined above to do that. Please visit this thread provided by Google to learn more about this method of monetization.

Ads will appear while your videos are being viewed once your AdSense account has been set up and successfully linked to your YouTube channel. You will be compensated for each view or click that an ad unit receives.

Third-Party Advertising and Direct Brand Mentions

Only when your channel becomes well-known and regarded as an authority in its field will you be able to apply this technique! If you were to publish math tutorials on your channel and gain a sizable audience as a result, publishing houses, schools, and other organizations might be interested in using your channel to market their goods and services.

Your channel is the ideal location for the advertiser because they can reach a specific audience there. According to the requirements of the advertiser, you may post “paid review” videos, “brand mentions” in your film, etc.

Again, for advertisers to be interested in direct advertising in any capacity, your channel must have strong authority, viewership, and subscriber strength.

  1. Merging the PPD Programmed with YouTube

Pay Per Download is referred to as PPD. To put it simply, you essentially register on the website of a PPD service (such as and upload a useful file there. You’ll receive a link to download that file. You must now advertise that link so that people can use it to download the file. A user must finish a survey or task that is provided by the PPD service to download it. You’ll get paid if a user completes the assignment or survey and downloads the file!

So, you might be wondering how to combine YouTube with PPD. The answer is straightforward: be sure to publish a valuable resource to the PPD network (such as a tutorial set, study material, etc.) that students will look for and download for free. Additionally, advertise that download link from the PPD service on YouTube!

Let’s say you made YouTube videos about the same subject and got them to rank highly. You posted the answer sets to the Engineering Mathematics problem sets on the PPD site. Additionally, ensure to include a link to the PPD download in the video so that viewers may click on it.

In this method, the link will be promoted the more views the video receives! Now, if the uploaded file is worthwhile, students will download it even after completing the survey or activity. And the PPD network will pay you for each successful download!

Websites That Pay For Surveys to Earn Money Online

These are the top four strategies for students to use to generate money on YouTube. Once more, don’t expect these techniques to operate like magic and make you rich overnight. To make a respectable amount of money with these approaches, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort. I only mentioned tutorial/study material-related videos in the article. But you can also choose from other markets, such as reviewing video games, technology, or lectures. Make a channel that is dedicated to your interests and areas of passion. That will make things simple for you and aid in creating a fantastic YouTube channel.

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