The top 4 best ways to style a simple T shirt this year

T-shirts must have items in every men and women’s closet. It is a staple clothing piece that can be used to create different formal and casual looks. The best thing about the T shirt is its super cool and comfortable clothing piece. You can style one simple T-shirt in dozens of different ways. 

Almost every brand out in the market offers different simple, colorful and graphic T shirts. The cherry on the topic T shirts are economical too. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a simple T-shirt. Inshort we can say that it’s a simple, affordable and most versatile clothing item. 

If you have some old or new T shirts in the wardrobe and you haven’t used them in ages, then take them out right away. Below i am going to talk about 4 best ways to style a simple T Shirt this year.

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With a Tracksuit: 

Track suit itself is one of the most comfortable clothing items. I personally love wearing track suits. The best thing about having a track suit is that you can rock it both indoor and outdoor. Have you ever tried pairing a simple White T shirt with a tracksuit? If not then do try this look right away. A bold color track suit and a simple shirt makes a deadly combination. It’s a super casual look and you can rock it in different casual occasions like friends hangouts, casual birthday parties and dinner dates. 

To make this look extra glamorous, wear some bold jewelry pieces like a necklace or bold earrings. You can also use a popping color bag to attract everyone around you. So use your simple T-shirt to create this super glamorous look. 

With a floral skirt: 

T-shirt can be easily used throughout the year. You wear them with different cool and warm clothes  depending upon the season. For the summer season, try pairing up your old t-shirt with floral skirts. Floral skirts are summer favourite outfits. They are super lightweight, attractive, cool and easy to carry on different occasions. While creating this look keep one thing in mind “always choose a contrasting color T shirt with floral skirt”. Like if you have a black floral skirt. Simply Pair it up with a white T shirt, or go for a light yellow one similarly wear black T shirt with wight or any light color Skirt. 

It is a super casual look, perfect for picnics and beach parties. 

With a high waist jeans: 

jeans are one of the most basic clothing pieces of every wardrobe. No one debates on this that jeans are the go-to clothing item of every man and woman. When we are getting lazy and don’t want to dress up. Jeans come for the rescue and we can almost wear everything over the jeans. Just like that a high waist jeans and a simple plain, or a graphic T shirt is a most casual look to create this summer. Just take out any of your high waist jeans out of your closet, mix and match it with any color T shirt and tadaa you are all set to leave your house. To make this look more stylish or glamorous go for some high heels or accessories like necklaces, small earrings, and a good handbag. 

High waist jeans look perfect with plain T shirts like plain white, or black. But this season i would suggest you to try some Tyler The creator T shirts easily available at Tyler the creator Merch. 

With a bold Suit: 

This super stylish look is only for the bold and boss girls. Pairing a simple T shirt with a bold suit is the most stylish look of 2021. Do you have a bold suit in your wardrobe and you haven’t used it in ages? No  worries, it’s the right time to take it out of your closet and wear it with a simple soft and comfortable T-shirt. This is a casual look and you can easily carry it at different occasions. Try  bold color suits like red, ink, purple,  and yellow. 

Add up some extra accessories like a cute small bag or sunglasses with this look to make it extra charming. You can carry this look with both casual joggers/sneakers or with heels. 

Wrapping up!!!

So guys here are the few most stylish ways to style your T-shirts this year. What kind of T shirts do you like the most Tyler the creator, unspeakable, lil peep shirts, or graphic T shirts? Share your fashion ideas and thoughts with us in the comment section below

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