The Importance of Dab Rig Coil

Most people purchase dab rigs because:

  • They are highly efficient (Dab rigs ensure very little or none of the cannabis concentrates goes to waste. If your dab rig has a carb cap, then it is more efficient as it allows you to dab at low temperatures)
  • They offer a flavorful experience (compared to smoking joints, the hits or draws you get from a dab rig are full of flavor).
  • Smooth hits (if you operate a dab rig at low temperatures, you will never experience harsh smoking that can burn your throat.

Parts of a dab rig.

A dab rig has three parts:

  1. A glass piece – (a dab rig’s glass plays two key roles. Firstly, it features water or a percolator, cleans and cools down the vapor before it reaches the user. Secondly, it provides a longer vapor path for additional cooling of the vapor).
  2. A Nail/ banger – (this part is the dab rig’s coil or heating element. It heats the concentrate turning it into vapor).
  3. Carb cap – (this part may not come standard in all dab rigs, but it is crucial. It acts as the top seal of the banger/ nail and transforms the dab rig coil into an oven. A carb cap allows you to dab at low temperatures.

A dab rig comes with two other accessories that are not part of it but are needed to operate. These accessories are:

  1. A torch – (the torch heats the nail to the appropriate temperature for dabbing. Usually, it is either a butane torch or a propane torch).
  2. Dab tool – (also referred to as a dabber, a dab tool is a small metal piece used for loading the dabbing concentrate onto the dab rig’s hot nail).

The above structure applies to a basic dab rig. An electric dab neither has the basic dab rig’s nail nor a torch. Instead, it features a battery that powers an E-nail. The E-nail, in turn, heats up and vaporizes the dabbing concentrate.

Types of Dab Rig Coils/ Nails/ E-nails.

Depending on the type of material they are made of, the main types of dab rig nails are titanium, quartz, and ceramic. 

  1. Quartz nails.

Quartz nails are very popular in basic dab rigs. They are known to heat up very fast (in less than 20 seconds). Also, quartz nails allow one to maintain the maximum authentic flavor of your dabbing concentrate. 

However, quartz nails are poor in retaining the heat. As a result, it may not deliver high-quality hits consistently when used for an extended period.

  1. Titanium nails.

Unlike ceramic and quartz dab rig nails, titanium nails are indestructible. They can withstand being dropped on hard surfaces.  Besides having a fast heat-up time, titanium nails are also excellent in retaining the heat. 

Nevertheless, titanium is neither a food-grade nor a medical-grade material. A high-level iron carcinogenic titanium nail is toxic to your health. Consequently, it would be best if you did background research about the manufacturer of the dab rig with a titanium nail to avoid the toxic nail.

Also, titanium nails are subject to the formation of oxides on their surfaces after heavy usage. These oxides dip their performance.

  1. Ceramic nails.

Ceramic nails create flavorful draws and are excellent in retaining the heat. The ceramic material used for dab rig nails is both food and medical grade. Food and medical-grade material do not release harmful gases after one heats them. Also, ceramic is a non-porous material that does not require season as done for titanium nails.

Nonetheless, ceramic nails take longer to heat up (up to 30 seconds) and require you to have more patience before getting your first draw. Also, they do not glow as titanium or quartz nails, making it difficult to tell whether the nail is too hot. They are also not tough as titanium nails. These nails are subject to fractures if not taken care of well/ cautiously.

  1.  E-nails.

The structure of E-nails is quite distinctive to the structure of the nails in a basic dab rig. They feature an electric coil/ heating element that heats the nails when powered. For example, some E-nails have a titanium coil and a ceramic nail just like wax vaporizers.

Which is the best dab rig coil?

The diversity in dab rig coils is meant to create something for everyone as not each type of dab rig nail can appease everyone. As a result, you should choose your dab rig coil depending on your style, preferences, and dabbing needs.

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