The impact of games on child development

The impact of games on the development of the child is very large, because depending on the type of game the child can develop physically, psychologically and personally.

Familiarity with the world around you, the development of imagination and fantasy, as well as communication skills – all this is manifest during children’s games.

Depending on the species, the game is able to develop different qualities in the baby.

For example, didactic games are mainly aimed at getting acquainte with the world, learning new and elementary things, the formation of feelings and qualities. Such games are best suited for very young children, who, thanks to colorful cubes and figures, learn to distinguish objects depending on their shape and color, grouping cubes and balls separately. Didactic games develop attention and concentration.

No less important are the role-playing games . Due to the need to come up with the plot of the game, distribute the roles and strictly adhere to the role assigned to the child, such games teach children discipline and responsibility, as well as develop imagination. In such games the character of the kid, his relation to peers is most clearly shown. During such a game, the child can copy the behavior of their parents, so you need to closely monitor how she behaves in the role assigned to her. If she, playing “in the store” or “in the family” constantly quarrels with other children, behaves aggressively, it is possible that the parents are the cause of such behavior. After all, the child himself can not form a model of behavior at such an early age, so most likely he is copying the behavior in the family.

The impact of play on child development

But story-based role-playing games are very important for the development of the ability to communicate and live in society, in addition to everything else – the child develops imagination and leadership skills. After all, every time in a new game, she takes on a new role, for which she must invent a model of behavior, rules. As for the plot of the game, this is exactly where the leadership qualities of the child are manifested: if the child takes the initiative and invents the plot of the game, thinking through all the details and rules, then in this way she shows her leadership qualities.

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Moving games are games that are aim at developing a child’s physical qualities. They are perfect for active children who find it difficult to sit in one place for more than five minutes. Moving 2 player games online play a very important role in the physical development of the child, as they teach discipline and the ability to play by the rules, and also help to develop the speed of thinking and movement.

Thus, in addition to the fact that the game gives the child the opportunity to have fun and exciting time with his friends, it also has a positive effect on the development of physical and personal qualities of the baby.

Generally speaking, the game can teach:

  1. Interact with peers and the skill of communicating with other children.
  2. Follow the rules, discipline, responsibility and relevance of the role assumed.
  3. Attentiveness, management of their emotions, through their control, the ability to calculate your next step, planning.

How games affect a child

The game will also help your baby develop:

  1. Cognitive sphere. During the popular multiplayer games the kid gets acquainte with the world around, with objects, their properties and purpose. The child is not yet fully aware of what he is playing, it is more like manipulating objects . Sorting, sorting and grouping them by some qualities. But even in this case, the game has a positive effect on the baby. As it lays down at an early age the skill of concentration and analysis. Which will certainly be useful to him in the future.
  2. Physical qualities. Physical development has never been superfluous, because it is health. Moving games not only strengthen the immune system and instill a love of sports. And a healthy lifestyle, they also develop the ability to own your body.
  3. Figurative thinking and imagination. While playing, the child endows objects with new properties, models the space for play. Such as animates toys, cooks without food, builds whole cities in his room. Such games are very important, because they teach the child to make unusual decisions to implement the intended plot.
  4. Communication skills. This is especially true when playing role-playing games. Since the child constantly has to act out dialogues with other participants in the game. Discuss the rules and the plot, assign roles and maintain contact throughout the game. The child learns to communicate with peers, to find a compromise in conflict situations, and such games promote speech development.
  5. Moral qualities. Unlike games, which are fictional from beginning to end, the conclusions that a child makes by playing them are real. This is a great opportunity to teach a child to be honest. Determined, friendly, the main thing here is the presence of an adult.  Who can assess the game situation and draw the right conclusions.

As you can see, games are a very important aspect of developing a physically and emotionally healthy baby. After all, they not only help to identify some positive aspects of the child and develop them. But also to identify emotional problems: fear, isolation, aggression.

Games as an important aspect of development

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