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The Biggest Spring/Summer 2021 Trends

When spring arrives a 360 change takes place in our closets. Buying new clothes can profoundly change your look so that you are up-to-date on fashion. Discover a wide range of spring outfits for women at Boden with t-shirts, light pants, blazers, tops, sneakers, loafers, trench coats, and much more. Find your perfect look! Buy it online, ready to wear with a discount on the Boden promo code.

The spring-summer2021 fashion catwalks open with a desire to smile again, with bright colors and profuse use of white as a pure source of light and good humor. The highlight of the spring wardrobe is undoubtedly the pants, available in many fits and styles. Boden discount code

The fashion goal for spring/summer 2021 is to find the pants that enhance the silhouette: oversized models, skinny models, daring summer shorts, palazzo pants, and high-waist pants from the fashion runway. We witness the great return of a cult of all times, the classic jeans with clean and essential lines in a palette of light tints, perfect with a T-shirt and blouse. What are you waiting for? Shop and save now. Use the Boden discount code.

How to dress in spring during the day with Boden discount code

Among the March-April-May trends for work and the office, Boden’s most popular spring outfits include cult favorites like the trench coat. It is a classic coat that adds a feminine touch; fitted and shaped, it is perfect in honey and icy tints.

Light, intangible, and cozy shirts and blouses are also very fashionable. Pair with pencil skirts. You should include one item in your spring wardrobe is the nautical print as a reference to sailors and beautiful days on the ship. Do not skip our Boden free delivery code.

Discover the biggest spring/summer 2021 trends with Boden discount code

After almost a year of confinement due to the coronavirus, the desire to go shopping again is noticeable. We miss it a lot, but we have an alternative, and that is to shop at Boden’s online store. Have your wish list ready! Enjoy fabulous discounts on the Boden voucher code.

The outfits you need to have this spring-summer 2021 with Boden discount code

Are we going to let it slip away? Of course not! The best thing is that we know the trends in the coming months. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do your homework, from Boden we have chosen the 10 essential garments for this spring-summer so that you can revamp your closet (and at the best price). Take advantage of the Boden promo code

Crochet top


Crochet top

This year, fashion joins hands with crafts. It is the return to the origins and the natural as a way of raising awareness of sustainability. Among the materials that get better, the crochet is the star. Remember the tablecloths and napkins that adorned tables and armchairs? It is never too late to learn! A crochet top is a summer must-have!

Polka dot dress

Long live Spain! The international catwalks have agreed to pay homage to our land, and Typical Spanish is in fashion. Everything that breathes folklore reaches our closets: ruffles, ham sleeves, fringes, carnations, and of course, polka dots. It does not matter the color or its size; any of it is worth it. Oasis party dresses. Three-piece suit

Women remain inspired by the male wardrobe. The two trends for this spring are the maxi blazers. The second for most fashionistas is the three-piece suit: blazer + pants + vest. If you want to scream fashion, choose Bermuda shorts instead of long pants and bet on the most key pieces of the year: the crop top.

Sweetheart neckline

We recommend the sweetheart neckline. Join the fashion bandwagon with a crop top, a blouse, or a dress. It is the favorite neckline of the season. If you also accompany it with an asymmetrical sleeve, you will be adding two strong trends. Get ready to show off. Yes, you are in luck because it is one of the most flattering trends. Grab the best price offer on the Boden discount code.

Sweetheart neckline

Paisley pants

Every season, the world of fashion adds a stamp to our fashionista passport, choosing a different destination as absolute inspiration. This summer, our country is India. And it will not be difficult for you to identify the influences of their typical costumes. The asymmetries of the sari in the party dresses, the Indian air prints in the palazzo pants, or the fabrics and embroidery will take us to the banks of the Ganges. Order with the Boden free delivery code.

Retro prints

We all are inspired by ancient times. This time, it’s the 70s fashion, especially its patterns. there are two great picks: flowers in vibrant shades and a paisley teardrop-shaped motif.

Retro prints

Safari-style jacket

No doubt that whatever your holiday destination this year, fashion is taking us on safari. The typical adventurer outfit is the aesthetic. Yes, nothing to look like a survivor. The best thing is to be inspired by the looks of Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly in ‘Mogambo’ to know how to combine beige garments, multi-pockets, and even the canteen if necessary.

Safari-style jacket


The ‘minimal’ is still ardently topical. Strapless dresses are the winning bet. If you want to stand out, you will have to resort to fabrics taken from the lingerie section. Get your Boden promo code here.

Minis and tinted shades

Forget about the big sunglasses with masks or aviator shapes this summer. Protect yourself from the sun with the smallest possible lenses. Another of the 90s influences of the season is this trend that goes one step further and uses original shapes, such as hearts, diamonds, or round lenses. And the most of the most? Colored shades: pink, yellow, blue, or purple glasses.

XXXL raffia hat

The hat is the most important accessory for this season to complete your look. Make some space in the closet for the queen of this category, the XXXL raffia hat. Yes, we have not missed any ‘X.’ The bigger, the better.

Decluttering and costume change

If you want to update your spring wardrobe with the highlights of this season, here are the must-have items to have in your wardrobe:

a striped shirt
a tone-on-tone sheath dress
a super easy striped knit dress
a full skirt in tropical style
a honey-colored Nappa leather accessory
a trendy garment made of sugar paper
a fitted biker jacket in fuchsia
a trendy banana yellow garment

Trendy colors in spring

Trendy colors in spring

What is the spring 2021 fashion color palette? Here are all the shades that cannot be missing in your wardrobe:

sugar paper
banana yellow
all pastel shades
black and white

With these spring highlights, the ensemble will be a winner for every everyday occasion. Aren’t you excite to shop online? Do not forget to click on the Boden voucher code.


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