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The Best Himalayan Track in October

The soothing and fertile green mountains are paired with the aroma of moist earth marks as the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the fall. Thank you last season’s bathroom. October turned out to be the perfect month to give up on the Himalayan landscape. Watch the autumn spectacular colors by getting rid of green autumn forests, water bodies, and fertile green mountains praise the blue sky. There could not be a better time for the Himalayan trekking than in October. The shades of beautiful sky when dusk and dawn will be a layer of sugar on your trip cake.

Track Camp Base Everest

The Trek Base Camp Everest (also known as EBC) gives you the opportunity to watch the highest mountain peaks on the planet including the highest of all of them – MT Everest, which is one of the many reasons in every track-trekker. Do-list. Located within the Sagarmatha National Park, Medan, for the main part of the trip, basically is a cold desert with very little vegetation. The point of the start of the trip is a small town called Lukla, which can be reached by taking short (and adventurous) flights from Kathmandu. Although the expedition was a bit long, this trip offered many extraordinary attractions, regardless of the base camp, such as monasteries and suspension bridges.

About the ideal season, October happens to be one of the most preferred months to travel EBC. During this time the weather remains rather consistent and you don’t need to worry too much about a cold night biting and the delay of the trip. Now, contrary to what many people think, trekking to EBC is not a very frightening task. In fact, anyone who has a good fitness level along with a few months of physical training can start this spectacular journey. Of course, hiking at a height in such a way, with a little oxygen in the atmosphere, can challenge you with your limits but catch a glimpse of the highest peak in the world certainly makes everything worth the time and effort.

Pangarchulla Peak Trek.

Relatively less popular than other travel in this region, Pangarchulla Trek gives you the trekking experience of the Himalayan that comes out and out. Located in Nanda Devi National Park, this trip offers a challenging expedition to the peak of a 15,000-foot high ridge. Joshimath / Auli serves as the main base camp for travel and the entire expedition generally takes around five to six days hiking. One of the few reasons this trip is preferred by a dedicated group of trekkers is the fact that they can see some of the highest mountain peaks in the region such as peak (23,858 feet), Mt Kamet (25,446 feet), and abi gamin (24,130 feet), among others,

Even though the weather in October was quite cold and there was a possibility of heavy snowfall, it made the ideal Himalayan winter track experience. About the level of difficulty, yes it is severe climbing to the top but there is no reason why there are those who bring a decent trekking experience along with substantial physical training should not try to do the peak of Pangarchulla Peak. Anyone who reaches the top will tell you that the view from above is only indescribable. Also, this trip usually does not host the trekker herd in October which enhances the overall trekking experience.

Nag Tibba

One of the most underrated traces, Nag Tibba Trek qualified as one of the best weekend trips near Delhi. This trip offers some of the best camping sites, beautiful routes, and magnificent panoramic views about the Gangotri peak group. Travel is very suitable for beginners because it doesn’t have a possible threat in terms of AMS. The 2-day schedule is enough to take all the atmosphere offered by this place. If you have a few extra days then “Queen of Hills” mustered can also be borne.

The track started from Rocky Ascend followed by the trace of oak and rhododendron. Then at night, camping scenarios are blessed with high-tall views. Also, the clear sky was embroidered with billions of sparkling diamonds triggering beauty. Tibba Nag Journey (Snake Peak) rose until a temple aimed at the Lord Snake, and from there a small increase to the climax of the trek revealed the extraordinary Vista of the Gangotri Mountain Puncak group.

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