Telecom System Integrator in Azerbaijan

The introduction of the Aesthetix telecom integrator system in Azerbaijan makes it possible for the oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan to have systems that cover complete telecommunication, fire, and gas detection solutions. Our team at Aesthetix works hard to develop mechanisms that facilitate the integration of various platform systems that aid in the analysis and monitoring of pipeline monitoring and maintenance. We offer complex but adaptable solutions for telecom needs. 

Large onshore, offshore, and pipeline communication projects have been catered to by the telecom system integrator services provided by Aesthetix Global in Azerbaijan. We offer a wide range of services for the telecom system integrator for Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry, including procurement, project management, engineering, building, design, SAT, logistics, etc. With regard to telecom system integrators and engineering services, we have been in constant contact with the Azerbaijan market. This gives us the advantage we need to handle all the challenges and demands of the market. Additionally, we are prepared and eager to address any requests for local, national, or international telecom solutions that are made to us. 

As a reliable and secure telecom systems integrator, Aesthetix Global Solutions is dedicated to serving its customers. We have been advancing our technologies constantly to meet the modern needs of the oil and gas sector for telecom systems integrators that won’t sacrifice security, safety, reliability, efficiency, or economy. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, these creative solutions are created in a way that poses the fewest risks possible.

Components of the Telecom System Integrator

Aesthetix Global is a telecom system integrator in Azerbaijan that consists of various parts. They are as follows:


The transmission speed requirements vary depending on the project. We comprehend the situation and make the necessary adjustments. In onshore and offshore plants of the oil and gas industry, Aesthetix develops SDH/PDH systems that are globally recognized. 


In order to implement the smooth operation of IP, ATM, and SONET/SDH at various speeds through optical channels, the characteristics or features of DWDM/OTN are used in the communication system. This guarantees users greater bandwidth, which supports the business’s ability to scale.


To improve connectivity through local and wide area networks, the telecom system integrator is outfitted with a variety of components. Wide area networks are connected using X.25, while MPLS, ATM, and Frame Relay are used to connect the local areas. According to the client’s requirements, the requirements are specifically tailored. 

Structure Cabling

Efficiency in the oil and gas industry’s telecommunication system is ensured by the structured cabling proposed by Aesthetix Global. In order to provide reliable and future-proof cabling, passive elements and IPLMS are safe and encouraged.


When it comes to the oil and gas industry, radio solutions are indispensable. Marine, Aeronautical, MPT1327, and Tetra Systems are just a few of the cost-effective radio solutions offered by Aesthetix Global.


Aesthetix offers its clients the guarantee of remote connectivity via satellite communication. The system also offers better solutions for redundant communication strategies while taking into account the drawback of reduced bandwidth while operating on a submarine (or land-based) FO infrastructure.

PABX and Hotline

The methods that Aesthetix Global creates to use field equipment in hazardous situations, which might help PABX systems communicate with other subsystems, are constantly evolving. Additionally, Aesthetix offers their clients a hotline service. 

CATV/ Entertainment

Aesthetix, which offers the same through SMATV and IPTV, takes seriously customers’ requests to provide employees with a top-notch entertainment system.  

Central Clock System

To synchronize the electronic systems, Aesthetix uses a central clock control. The central clock unit created by Aesthetix consists of a GPS-based central clock and analog and digital clocks connected to it to synchronize all electronic systems. 

Security and Safety

Aesthetix Global makes certain that their telecom system integrator is backed by top-notch security and safety measures.


The Aesthetix-curated CCTV system guarantees that customers will have a wide range of options. CCTV cameras are available in a variety of configurations, including IP, Analog, and Hybrid, with third-party integration via ONVIF. 

Access Control Systems

Human and vehicular access are both included in Aesthetix’s physical access control system. With the use of modern technology, the control systems now include conventional door control, turnstiles, and crash-rated (PAS/K12 rated) vehicular access.

Public Address General Alarm

In order to protect the client’s employees or personnel from hazardous environments, Aesthetix Global’s general alarm system was designed with this in mind. When designing the general alarm system, all internal parameters are taken into account.


Our intercom systems come in two flavors: audio-only or audio-plus-video. Other subsystems, such as PAGA and PABX, which are chosen based on the needs of the customers, are integrated with these industrial intercom systems.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Aesthetix Global perimeter intrusion system is available in mechanical or electronic versions. Electronic-based systems include fiber-based and wall-mounted leaky cable detection systems. According to customer requests, gate controls are provided using PIR and microwave products.

Navigation Systems Or Aids

Systems for navigation are specifically made for offshore environments. It consists of GMDSS, AIS, RACON, Non-Directional beacons, ADAR, and AIS.

Leak Detection

The ground-breaking method proposed by Aesthetix, which makes use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology, detects pipeline leaks in the oil and gas sector. A lot of care is taken to prevent false alarms that are sounded by changes in temperature, pressure, noise, etc. 

Weather Monitoring

Aesthetix’s various sensors aid in the detection of changes in climatic and temperature conditions and assist in the implementation of necessary mitigating measures.

Clocking Systems

All of the client’s safety and security resources, which were created by Aesthetix using multiple significant systems, are synchronized by the clocking system.

Security Management System

It is challenging to manage various security systems across various platforms. By consolidating all the systems under one roof or on a single platform, Aesthetix aids the client in finding a solution to this conundrum. 

Visual Flame Detection

The imaging principle underlies the operation of the Dräger Flame 5000 proof flame detector. Digital imaging is used by the flame detector to comprehend and examine sophisticated algorithms of the Dräger flame’s characteristics. It will aid in fewer false alarms.

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