Team building activities for children and students

When a group of people works together to achieve a certain goal or objective, we called it team building. Working together in a team is a very necessary skill. Because you have to work with a section where you go to school, college, university, or in an office. Below we will discuss some team-building activities for students and children.

Over the electric fence:

It is one of the favorite team-building activities that students do in their early classes. In this activity, two chairs are connected with a wire. The wire is tied at almost 1 meter above the floor. This wire connecting two chairs is considered an electric fence. Now all of the students have to jump over that electric fence while holding the hand of each other. If anyone gets touched with that wire, it will get an electric shock (not the real one). And it is obvious that as all the students are holding the hand of each other, then the current will guide through all the children till the last one and as a result, they all will die. This s an activity with which students will learn that they have to help and cooperate while working as a team. Also, they will know that if any individual of the group is in trouble and problem, the whole team is affected by it.

Bob the builder activity:

Another team-building activity is bob the builder, in which students are instructed to build anything while working in a group. When they work in a group, they will learn from their mistakes as well, as they will come to know about their strengths. And when different forces of every student combine, then for sure an outstanding final product builds. This activity will also help students to think critically and creatively.


Storytime is an interesting and fun team-building activity. In this activity, the students of the class and the teacher are supposed to be sitting in a circle. Every student is given a card with a picture of any object, place, or emoji. The activity began with the teacher. The teacher has to start any story by themselves. Every student in the circle has to continue the story by adding their lines related to the picture on their card in the story on their turn. It is necessary that the line they add in a story must have linked with the image on the card in their hand. And the students who got the turn, at last, have to end this story. The experts of law dissertation help UK favor this activity as in this activity all the students are involved in this activity and also have to participate in it. This activity will polish their team communication skills as well as their creative skills as they will think about the story and also took forward the story of their class fellows.

Shrinking classroom:

This is another exciting team-building exercise for students and children in which, as the name of the activity shows, the teacher shrinks the classroom. For this activity, the teacher divides the class into two groups; both of them are competitors. Now make equal area for both groups. And keep shrinking the space after every round. Both groups have to manage to stand in that specific area with all of their members. The group that tends to stand with all of its members in the shrinking class will win this game or activity. From this activity, they will learn how to cooperate, sacrifice each other, and take the whole team together.

Get on the chair:

This team-building activity needs some precautions first, like the flexibility and balance of the students for this activity is so important. Now the teacher will give cautions and instructions to all the children. This instruction could be like a stand with alphabetical order A to Z. now, and the students have to arrange themselves according to the order without touching the floor. If they feel the ground, they will lose this game. The teacher can give different orders like to stand height-wise or according to their age. In this activity, they will learn the interaction and perform best and safe in a crucial situation because they have to change their places without pushing anyone so calmly and helping each other.

Classroom parties:

The teacher can also arrange a party for the students at any event or occasion. For instance, students can put a Christmas party in the class. Thus, the teacher can divide all the students into three groups and give them three different tasks. Give one group a job of class decoration, the group to decide and prepare games for the party and the last group will have to the responsibility of the food. This activity will help them in learning how to arrange and plan an event.

Blanket switching:

Blanket switching is a very interesting team-building activity in which all of the students are divided into two to three groups. Both of the groups stand on their blanket. Now all they had to do it to switch the side of the blanket without touching the ground. They have to change the blanket while standing on it. With this activity, they will learn the importance of collective efforts for completing any task because they have to finish the exercise while standing on the blanket.

A small skit or drama:

Ask all of the students in the class to create a skit or drama collectively. For this activity, all of the class has to work together and cooperate with each other. They will also make some decisions and assign different duties to each other according to everybody’s strengths and weaknesses. This would be a real team task for them where they will learn a lot about team building and its importance.

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