Surgical Instruments & Importance of Hegar Uterine Dilator Set

Surgical Instruments


Surgical instruments are specially designed tools that support health care professionals bring out specific actions through a surgical operation. Such as modifying biological tissue or provided that an entrance for viewing it.

These are the following:

  1. Cutting and Separating Instruments
  2. Grasping or else Holding Instruments
  3. Hemostatic Instruments
  4. Tissue Joining Instruments

Here we discussed 

Hegar Uterine Dilator Set

Hegar Uterine Dilator is used to size the level of dilation of a woman’s uterus or to induce more dilation. The dilator is accessible as a single-ended or double-ended, bent instrument with rounded ends and derives in many different width sizes to put up a wide range of circumstances. Stainless steel Hegar dilators deliver the option of double-ended dilators in smooth millimeter increments from 3 to 18 for a better diameter range over the whole set. Sold separately or in a set of eight for added suitability.

Descriptions are following:

Classically, dilators are a set of metal rods of cumulative diameters, from a few millimeters up to 26 millimeters. Some sets have conal tips at equal ends, while others have one end compressed for handling. Hegar dilators are extensively used in gynecology to open up and around the cervix. This may be necessary previous to a uterine curettage or biopsy. They are similarly used to overcome stenoses in non-gynecological conditions, such as popular urology and proctology. The complete length of the dilators is 8 inches. It is to some extent curved in shape. These are using to give genito-pelvic pain conditions in females.


  • Material: German stainless strengthen
  • Double-ended and single-ended tip styles are accessible
  • Solo Ended Length: 18.5cm (7-1/4”)
  • Dual-Ended Length: 19.1cm (7-1/2″)
  • Double-ended tip styles are obtainable as a set of 8* or individually
  • *Comprised in a double-ended set of 8: Sizes 3mm/4mm to 17mm/18mm
  • Sterility: Non-Germ-free
  • Usage: Refillable


Contribution to the management of abnormal bleeding. New-fangled techniques are obtainable to assess the uterine cavity and endometrial discoveries. Conversely, dilation and curettage still have a character in centers where progressive technology is not available or while other diagnostic modalities are ineffective.

The tips of the Hegar and Hank dilators are blunter and may therefore need greater force to dilate the cervix. This could upsurge the risk of cervical laceration or uterine perforation, mainly in a pregnant uterus or by way of an inelastic cervix

Cervical dilation utilizing mechanical dilators is related to various complications, such as the uterine hole, cervical laceration, contagions, and intraperitoneal hemorrhage. To realize safe and effortless cervical dilation, we created a new medical device to achieve self-assured mechanical cervical dilation: a continuous manageable balloon dilator (CCBD).

CCBD Methods

Controlled impelling of incompressible liquid into the CCBD increases the weight and outer diameter of the CCBD, always dilating the cervical canal. The consistency of the CCBD was complete in vitro (testing for constancy and endurance, with no noticed risk for breakage) and in vivo.  Group II, motorized dilation, Hegar dilator (HeD); as well as Group III, CCBD.

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