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Stroller with single handle or two handles?

Everything you need to know about Stroller models with a single handle and those with double handles: from the closure to the accessories

A novice parent is faced with a series of dilemmas when approaching the purchase of a stroller. Among these, there has been for a long time the choice between models of strollers with a single handle and models of strollers with double handles.

Single handle or double handles: what are the differences?

It must be said that the market, in recent years, has been offering more the first types of models for a very simple reason: families consider strollers with a joined handle more practical because they can also guide them with one hand, managing to do, at the same time, other operations that have now become routine. For example, answering the phone during a walk in the open air without having to stop or, in case of rain, after having covered the child with an always useful accessory such as a rain cover, you can also hold your umbrella in your hand.

Finally, a very frequent case, if you go out with your youngest child and the older one who is already walking, you can easily push the stroller with one hand and hold the older one with the other. In short, strollers with a single handle are now all the rage.

Even if they suffer from the competition of pushchairs with the single handle, the models with the double handles still resist; these are mostly some models of light and ultralight strollers.

Moreover, the designers today also allow these models to be guided with one hand, even if they do not have the same ease of use as those with the combined handle.

The differences in the type of closure

A substantial difference to consider when choosing between the models of strollers that have a single handle and those with double handles concerns the method of closing.

As explained in our guide to the various types of stroller locks, most strollers that have a united handle can be folded or packaged.

In the first case, the frame folds on itself by means of 1 fulcrum, reducing depth and height while the width remains the same; in the second case, the frame folds through 2 fulcrums (not just one, as in the book closure), but, also, in this case, the width of the frame remains the same and the depth is reduced, making it even more compact.

Strollers with double handles, on the other hand, generally close “like an umbrella”, meaning that the frame is reduced in width and height while increasing the depth.

Basically, in the first case, the folding is more compact, while, in the second, the stroller can be stowed “long” in the trunk of the car or between the front and rear seats, but it is better to always check before purchasing that the dimensions are suitable for your car, in case it is too “long” for certain trunks.

The accessories for the handle

On the market today there are various accessory solutions that can be attached to the handle, joined or not, and which help parents have what they need at hand during a walk: for example, do you need extra space to store things? There are very useful and practical organizers, different depending on the model of stroller you have. Would a drink holder, cup holder, or food holder be useful? Just look for the object holder that best meets your needs, always based on the stroller brand, to find the perfectly compatible accessory.

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