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Start thriving in the home services sector via On-demand plumbing service app

Every house owner in the world will be caught in a strange situation where there is a massive leak of water? Should they sort the mess by themselves or use an on-demand plumbing service app? The second option is better as customers will receive instant help from a professional plumber. The required maintenance and repair services will be offered directly at the homes of customers. Hence, entrepreneurs can tap this multi-billion-dollar opportunity by launching an On-demand plumbing service app.

What are the numerous services available in an on-demand plumbing service app?

Customers can book services like cleaning of drains and toilets, installation of new home equipment like dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, repairing of pipes, showers, tanks, taps, sewer excavation, and the stoppage of water leaks. Users benefit from discounts and promo codes, insurance protection against any damage to property, a post-service guarantee, and 24×7 technical support.  

How can entrepreneurs mint money by owning an Uber-like app for plumber?

  • Techpreneurs can rule the home services sector with an on-demand plumbing service app. 
  • They will earn booking fees paid by customers, a commission from plumbers for every at-home appointment, income from advertisements (based on the number of clicks and impressions), registration charges from new plumbing service providers, and transaction processing fees. 
  • Further, entrepreneurs can pocket extra income by offering monthly or yearly subscription plans to regular users.    

What are the notable aspects of an on-demand plumber app?

Access to the profiles of plumbers – Before booking a plumbing service, homeowners can check out their background. They can get details like the area of expertise, location and name, and photo of the plumber, on-time arrival percentage, overall rating, reviews from previous customers, and total plumbing tasks completed.  

Category-wise segregation of services – Customers can easily book appointments with plumbers with just a few taps on their smartphones. They can select various categories like Blocks and Leakages, Full Home Health Checkups, Installations and Uninstallations of Equipment, Toilet and Sanitary Work. 

Entrepreneurs can mention the available plumbing services for flush tanks, kitchen sinks, pipes, pumps, showers, taps, washbasins, and water tanks. This will ensure that users never avail the wrong service.  

Gift Cards – Techpreneurs can make a big difference to their business prospects by offering Gift cards to customers. For example, Urban Company, an on-demand home services app offers lucrative yearly gift cards for users. They can process the required payment online and transfer it to their family members and friends via email. 

An integrated feedback system – Homeowners can rate the quality of the plumbing services by giving 1-5 stars. Moreover, they can publish comments about the behaviour and professionalism of the plumbers. Techpreneurs should review the feedback received from customers and take appropriate action. Accordingly, this ensures a high level of accountability and transparency. 

Multiple payment options – Owners of an on-demand plumbing service app can offer customers the comfort of online payments. Likewise, house owners can execute transactions for the availed plumbing services via Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, net banking, Paytm, and wire transfers. 

A reward-oriented referral program – Users can refer their friends and relatives and get a commission, extra discounts, and reward points. The referred person will also benefit from pocket-friendly plumbing services.  

A Rework option – Users can get free plumbing services by tapping the rework facility. They can use this feature if the quality of the plumbing work is not up to the mark. For instance, Housejoy, an Indian home services startup provides this option to customers.  

Social media login mechanism – New customers can swiftly book the needed plumbing services by syncing their Facebook, Google, and Instagram accounts. Hence, users save a lot of time by getting prompt plumbing assistance.  

24×7 technical support facilities – Entrepreneurs should provide round-the-clock technical assistance to customers. It helps them in capturing the trust of homeowners and enhancing the retention rate. Likewise, users can solve problems related to appointment booking, cancellation of plumbing services, insurance claim, payment processing, privacy, and security of their accounts and data etc. 

How will the global plumbing services industry grow in the future?

The on-demand plumbing sector will surpass a humongous value of $106.4 billion by 2026. It will grow at a high annual rate of 4.4% for the next 5 years. Interestingly, customers will demand more kitchen and sink fixing services (5.1%) than bathroom equipment fitting (4.5%) for the next 5 years. 

Rapid urbanization will help the USA to become the leader of the professional plumbing services industry. It will be worth $17.8 billion by 2021. Likewise, factors like dense population and increasing smartphone usage will help China’s on-demand plumbing sector.  Importantly, it will cross $28.8 billion by 2026.  

Importantly, plumbing fitting and fixture services will grow by 3.9% in Canada from 2021 to 2026. Moreover, the growth rate of on-demand plumbing services will be equal (3.4% each) in Japan and Germany. 

What is the budget outlay for Uber for plumber app development?

The cost of creating an on-demand plumbing service app depends on several aspects. 

It relies on factors such as

  • Choice of the tech stack
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • The extent of customization required by the entrepreneur
  • Hourly/Weekly salaries incurred for the front-end and back-end developers
  • Nature of basic and premium features. 
  • The time allocated. 

Further, an app development company will offer numerous post-deployment services. Techpreneurs can avail solutions like API integration, digital marketing, the inclusion of payment gateways, legal compliance, maintenance of the Android and iOS apps, and software upgrades. Ultimately, this helps them in boosting the functioning of their Uber-like app for plumber.  

Wrapping Up

Above all, homeowners will know the importance of plumbing services only when there is huge water leakage in their households. This is why clever entrepreneurs must offer round-the-clock plumbing services. Moreover, with the reopening of commercial complexes and offices, the demand for licensed plumbers will skyrocket in both metropolitan cities and towns. 

Hence, blow away your competitors in the thriving home services industry by launching an on-demand plumbing service app. Reach out to a well-equipped app development company, get hold of an Uber for plumber app, and provide both industrial and residential services.

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