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Spirit Airlines Offers Discounted Rates for Lap Infants

Spirit Airlines offers discounted rates to travelers who bring children along with them on the flight as lap infants. A lap infant is any child under the age of two who can sit on your lap during the flight. Rather than requiring their own seat in order to fit in the cabin with you. Lap infants are not required to have their own seat. Because the Federal Aviation Administration does not require children, under two years old to use an approved child safety device when sitting on a parent’s lap.

10 Things You Should Know About Flying with Babies


Baby age limits on flights vary by airline, so check your specific carrier’s guidelines in advance to determine if your baby can fly before buying Spirit Airline Tickets.


Most airlines require parents to pay a fee to bring an infant on board. And these fees often vary depending on whether you’re traveling alone with your baby or not (single travelers will pay more).


Airline staff members are prohibited from helping you during a Spirit book flight. If you’re carrying an infant under two years old. And they don’t offer onboard bassinets or cribs. So make sure that your child is physically able to sit in his or her seat before booking a flight (most babies can sit up without any assistance around 6 months of age).


Bring along plenty of diapers and wipes. As well as extra clothing for your baby—you never know when your little one might have an accident!


If you’re flying Spirit Airlines internationally, consider bringing along a copy of your birth certificate or passport for identification purposes; some countries may ask to see proof that you’re authorized to travel with an infant.


Make sure that all medications and vaccinations are up-to-date before heading out on a trip; many countries have strict requirements about what medications can be brought into their country. And even some over-the-counter medications could cause problems at customs checkpoints.


Be aware that babies aren’t allowed to consume anything but breast milk or formula while flying; no food, juice, water, etc.


To avoid having your baby kicked off a flight because he or she was crying too much (which has happened). And try giving him or her something comforting like a pacifier before takeoff and allowing them to sleep for part of the flight.


Many airlines allow children ages seven days through 11 months to ride in an approved car seat rather than holding them on your lap—check with Spirit Airlines’ policies directly if you plan on using one of these seats instead of holding your child yourself.


If you’re planning on bringing your stroller onto a Spirit Airlines plane, it must fit within your carry-on luggage and weigh less than 50 pounds. You’ll also need to remove any wheels or bulky parts before boarding.

Do Your Research in Advance

Always do your research ahead of time, so that you don’t get ripped off by fees or flight times. One great resource is Spirit Airlines website itself. The site allows you to view its schedule and fares in a Spirit reservation number of ways. So you can see at a glance which flights are leaving during the times that work best for you. This can be very helpful when Spirit flight booking through third-party sites like Expedia or Kayak. Because they may not allow you to view fares until after you’ve finished Spirit Airlines booking. Which often leads to extra fees if there are changes to your travel plans. Always be sure to check in Spirit Airlines schedule on their website for Spirit Airlines. Before purchasing tickets through any other service, as they tend to offer lower fares than some other airlines!

There Are Two Kinds of Infant Flights: Non-Stop and Connecting

Non-stop flights are when you and your child fly straight from Point A to Point B, while connecting flights are when you have to change planes in a hub city like Chicago or Dallas. If you’re taking a non-stop flight, ask about discounts; most airlines offer them if your child can sit in your lap. For example, Spirit Airlines Flights charges an additional $45 each way if your child is more than two years old but shorter than 36 inches tall. The good news is that their Spirit Airlines plane seats recline so that even an older toddler may still fit on your lap for at least part of a Spirit flights!

Non-Stop Flights Can be Cheaper But Can be More Difficult

The greatest perk of non-stop flights is that you don’t have to stop anywhere, but because you have to make it from one city to another, flights are usually more expensive than those that stop along their Spirit Airlines route map. To avoid paying a premium just for not having any layovers or connections, go with a non-stop Spirit cheap flight on a day when there aren’t many other people taking off or landing in your Spirit Airlines destinations city. For example, if you want to go from New York City to San Francisco and there are no direct flights on Tuesdays, search during another less busy day like Sunday. There might be fewer people traveling and you might find tickets as Spirit cheap flight as $80 round trip instead of $500!

Consider Bringing Your Own Car Seat for Additional Comfort

Spirit does have a few restrictions when it comes to bringing your own car seat aboard. Namely, you must notify your Spirit Airline Tickets agent at time of booking with a Spirit Booking Phone Number, and if your infant is being carried on in an FAA-approved, full-sized car seat, you will be required to pay an additional $30 fee per flight segment. However, most major brands are accepted by Spirit—in fact Spirit will rent their own brand of a car seat or booster for $12 each way if yours does not fit or is not approved. If you’re looking to save money, purchasing your child’s own separate seat may be cheaper in some circumstances. And with Spirit’s generous Spirit baggage policy (each passenger can bring up to two pieces of luggage), kids are less likely to need a large overhead bin anyway!

Check Whether Your Airline Provides Blankets, Toys, etc.

Most airlines will have complimentary items for purchase in-flight. Be sure to check in Spirit Airlines ahead of time, however. Some airlines may offer infant car seats or at least allow you to bring your own from home. If your airline does not provide a baby carrier, be sure to ask if they can accommodate an infant on board and with your child’s age (many airlines require babies be able to sit up unassisted in order to Spirit Airlines fly) and other needs you may have. Additionally, many parents prefer traveling with their own blankets, toys and pacifiers—again, it is best to check prior to travel as many airlines will not allow outside items on board without incurring additional fees.

Bring Your Baby’s Favorite Blanket or Toy

Traveling with a baby can be quite nerve-wracking. Here at Spirit Airlines Customer Service phone Number, we’re here to help make your journey smoother by offering a discount on one carry-on bag and one Spirit checked bag if you choose to bring your baby along. To take advantage of our pricing, you must book over phone number for Spirit Airlines booking or contact Spirit Airlines live person because our Spirit Airlines website doesn’t offer any discounts. This means you won’t be able to book Spirit Airlines online (using your booking Spirit Airlines coupons code) and still receive these savings. For more information about how we can help make your travel experience with a toddler easier, contact us spirit today! One member of your party will have to fill out a questionnaire about traveling with babies, but once that is complete, rest assured that you are eligible for our special discounts!

Leave Extra Time at The Airport – This will Help You Avoid Stress During Spirit Check-in

With an infant, it’s best to plan ahead and arrive at least three hours before your Spirit flights departs. That might seem like a lot of time, but you don’t want to risk getting stuck in traffic and missing your flight because you weren’t prepared. This also gives you time to relax and (hopefully) get some sleep while your baby naps. If naptime doesn’t happen, at least take some time out to unwind; chances are everyone will be happier if you do.

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