Single vs Double Breasted Suit Jacket

Suits are always incredible apparel. They make you look dapper and sophisticated and establish you as a true gentleman. So, if you’re going to have one yourself, there are some things you would want to consider. Modern suits for men come in various styles, and choosing the right one for yourself requires substantial research on suits.

Suits generally come in two styles: Single Breasted and Double Breasted. These two styles differentiate by the number of columns of buttons they have. For example, single-breasted suits have only one column of buttons and fronts meet the centre, around the navel. On the other hand, double-breasted suits have two columns of buttons, and the right front part is longer than the left one, resulting in an overlap when buttons are fastened.

Both styles have their uniqueness that serves distinct occasions and purposes. This article has extensively discussed how these two varieties of suits differ and when you should style which one. So, keep reading the blog till the end.

Single Breasted Suits

Single Breasted suits are more popular nowadays. You will see them on any occasion, formal or semiformal, from meetings and business gatherings to events and weddings. Single-breasted suits come with a single row of buttons. The number of buttons varies from one button to two and three to even four buttons.

A single-breasted suit is an all-time hit in men’s wardrobes. This type of suit is more suitable for cocktail parties and semi formal events. If you are buying this one for the first time, opt for navy blue or charcoal. These shades look great and give you all modern vibes.

One Button Jackets

One button jacket comprises only a single button, usually at the navel area. Due to its minimalistic nature, this one-button jacket makes an excellent style for single black tie events. Furthermore, if worn on tuxedos, this kind of single-breasted suit can effectively enhance the elegance and aesthetic of a man.

Actually, tuxedos are the only place men can pull off this style. However, finding this style is difficult as it is very niche, so you must tailor it customised. Since there is more chance of going wrong with proportions, make sure you choose an expert tailor to do the work.

Two Button Jackets

Two-button jackets are the most prevalent single-breasted suit variety. While this variety has two buttons, it is advised to fasten only the upper button and leave the lower one unbuttoned. Otherwise, it may look disproportionate. If the lower button is fastened, the jacket will stop resting and draping naturally, resulting in an extremely tight look, especially when you are a big guy.

Two button variant is generally considered the most versatile and safest choice that could hardly go wrong. In addition, the jacket can come in notched or peak lapels. The former looks more casual, while the latter is formal and an excellent choice for men with athletic stature.

Three Button Jackets

While three-button single-breasted jackets are available, they are considered less aesthetic than two-button variants. The extra space for the buttons shortens the lapels, which does not look nice. Also, similar to the two-button style, you only fasten the first two buttons and leave the last one open.

When to Choose Single Breasted Suits

  • If you are on the lookout for the classic everyday tailoring.
  • If you want a versatile jacket that you can wear on a range of occasions.
  • If you need a very slim-fitting suit.
  • If you want to choose a bright, statement fabric.

Double Breasted Suits

Popularised by the Duke of Kent, double-breasted jackets are classic apparel. Double-breasted suits come with a double column of buttons, among which only the first buttons are functional, and the others are ornamental. This style is considered more stylish and cutting-edge. However, this style is more intricate, and only a few people can pull it off successfully with the requisite confidence level.

Formerly it was considered a more formal kind of apparel, but now it has left its boundary. So now you can pair this jacket with chinos or denim and create an elegant semi formal or business casual look. 

4×2 Button Jackets

In double-breasted jackets, the style is denoted by two digits. The first digit represents the number of buttons the jacket has, and the second digit indicates the number of functional buttons. So, in 4×2 style, the jacket comes with 4 buttons, among which the only first column of two buttons is functional.

The rule of leaving the last button also follows here. This is the most common style in double-breasted suits, and you will generally find men wearing them. Nonetheless, this style looks more elegant and sophisticated for formal parties and functions.

6×2 Button Jackets

The 6×2 button format looks more like the 4×2 style. It has 6 buttons, but the upper two, along with the usual second-column buttons, are ornamental. The last two buttons from the first column are functional, and as a general rule, only the middle button is fastened here.

The upper two buttons are generally stitched beside lapels, with a slightly broader width than the lower ones. This creates a Y shape which offers an elegant ideal V shape illusion to men’s physique. This style appears extremely elegant to taller and broader men and stylishly accentuates their physique and stands them out from the rest in the room.

When to Choose Double Breasted Suits

  • If you are styling for more formal settings.
  • If you are planning to always pair your jacket with formal trousers.
  • If you have a medium to large build.
  • If you want to emphasise masculine physique.
  • If you wish to opt for an aesthetic style that truly stands out.
  • If you have selected a classic fabric in grey, black, or navy blue.
  • If you have the confidence and personal style to carry on an offbeat look.


If you wish to establish yourself as a true gentleman, a suit is your perfect partner in fashion. They are stylish and sophisticated and work well on almost every occasion. However, the type and style of suit you choose impacts your look. And here we have discussed a little about the style and which one you should opt for per your requirements.

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