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Simple Process to Export EML Files to PDF File Format

Since everyone is struggling to convert EML files into PDF file format. Don’t panic here in this blog we teach you how you can comfortably convert EML files to PDF format. We describe 2 different methods of conversion, in both of these methods you have to select which method has sufficient ability to convert your EML to PDF formats. Extend this blog till the end.

Before standing the blog let’s understand both file formats.

EML is an electronic mail consisting of single mail and messages along with their attachments. EML file-supported email clients Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, WLM, etc. The file sent with email messages can be easily stored in the form of attachments. In the EML file, the email messages are stored in the form of plain text files.

PDF known as Portable documents.PDF format is one of the famous and broadly used file formats. These Portable documents use as for personal and commercial use.  PDF file format consists of an image, fonts, URLs, tables, and all types of graphics. Users opt for this format because this is the safer form of saving documents. You can easily view PDFs on any platform.

We have explained both file formats in brief. The reasons pointed out below are for converting EML to PDF formats.


Let’s revive the reasons why you export to EML to PDF format

There were many reasons which exist for Export EML files to PDF format. Lets us define the reasons.

  • Users can protect their EML files with passwords because PDF files are locked.
  • If there will be no internet connection, infect in that conditions you can view PDF file format.
  • As we are all aware that PDF file is considered the finest mode of file format and smoothly acceptable file format. You can easily access PDF file format. If you tool the EML files it can be used by certain e-mail applications.
  • If you are saving your EML files in PDF format, you can take a backup of your necessary emails. Therefore you can Protect your confidential emails save them in PDF files and can simply share them with anyone.

Now we shall start the blog, with the manual method. In the below portion, we enhance a deep knowledge of the Manual process.

Method 1 – Manual trick for exporting EML to  PDF formats

As we all know Manual method is a cost-free solution.  With Microsoft word you can manual, you can convert your EML file to PDF format. Whereas you can open EML files in Microsoft.

  • Go to the location where the EML file is saved.
  • Then you have to choose your EML files at one time. Right tab on it. And you have chosen open with.
  • Then you are required to choose Microsoft word as your preferred application to open the selected EML file.
  • in that format, the EML file will be opened in Microsoft Word. Now you acquire to save this file in PDF format. For that tab on the file menu on the taskbar, chose to save as.
  • tab on the drop-down menu next to the file format option. Beneath the file format, Choose PDF and click export.

This manual method is not an accurate solution. The manual method takes more time to convert EML files. If you want to convert a few EML files then you can easily convert EML files to PDF with the manual method. But if you have to export a large number of EML files to PDF format. Although you can export EML files to PDF format. If you wish to export EML to PDF format. You can go for the automated method.

Method 2- Professional method of exporting EML to PDF formats

DataVare EML to PDF converter is the most reliable method of conversion of EML to PDF format.  You can work with this tool without any hesitation. This is sophisticated software easily operated by any user, whether he/ she is technically trained or not. You can try its demo version to acknowledge more about its functioning. In case you got stuck in operating the software system, you can take help from the technical assistance team. Which is very polite in nature, and they solve your query very calmly regarding the tool. Errorless conversion by EML to PDF formats. This utility has many versatile features, let’s take a look at them. Work with all windows versions whether it’s the oldest or latest.

  • You can choose particular EML files for conversion.
  • There will be no size issues regardless of files conversion of EML files to PDF.
  • Facilitates you to select Old and New EML files.
  • This software has user-friendly applications.
  • Independent utility does not require any Thunderbird or other app.

To export your EML file to PDF format, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First, you have to install the EML to PDF converter software and run it on your system.


  • operate the program on the desktop
  • Go for selecting EML files according to the choice that you really need to convert into PDF file format.


  • you will randomly get a preview of your exported data.


  • Chose the location where you want to preserve your converted data.


  • Click on the ok button to start the conversion.



In the above scenarios, we have discussed in brief the Simple process to Export EML files to PDF formats. Therefore you can go with a manual process but if you have only a few EML files.  But if you have a large amount of EML files in PDF formats. The manual method is a lengthy and tricky process.  We hope that this technical write will help you in opting for the exact method of conversion of EML file to PDF format. This automated tool is tested by experts, so you will not face any obstruction in utilizing its features. Now you should have enough capacity to select the accurate method of migration. I am completely sure that these technical articles will help you in resolving your answer. Which is regarding the conversion of EML to PDF format.

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