SEO Software: Trying To Catch The Spiders…

SEO software does what exactly?

SEO software often starts from the following assumptions:

– See the page that ranks number 1 on Google,

– Do exactly the same + a little better,

– And you will be number 1

SEO software will then check “all” SEO parameters that know about number 1 sites on Google. Then this SE software will automate the process in imitating this for your site.

SEO is more than just a software approach!

SEO is an art number 1 in any search engine for any keyword.

Spiders rated the number one website because of the “thought” spider that this site deserves to be number one. Of course spiders can not think: there needs to be a programmer who program spiders to find out which sites are the best.

Now if you are smart enough to feed spiders exactly what the programmer thinks is important, you will have knowledge to rank number 1.

This is what SEO software does: it claims to find out and overcome “all” parameters that rank website number 1.

Trap from the software approach for SEO

Suppose you find all the parameters needed to rank website numbers 1. You managed to get all these parameters to your site and you even managed to rank number 1.

Now if your site is really worth ranking number 1, everything is fine. But if the surfers start complaining that you don’t, search engines will be blamed!

It won’t be long until Google found that “someone broke the code” spider. Spiders will be updated to provide quality results to visitors!

This means you need to get an upgrade from your SEO software approach …: You are walking after a convincing facts above the facts.

How do I rank number 1?

You rank number 1 because you deserve it.

In this logic spider still means:

– Your page talks about the keywords you optimize

– Your page has many entrancing links about the keywords you optimize.

This is what should be about rank 1.

But my SEO software is really up to date, or right?

Your software can only be updated after spider software is updated. Unless you write spiders themselves, you will always be a little later.

You cannot know all the parameters calculated by spiders, except once again you are writing their own spider software.

Some parameters that you cannot affect: the age of the website is one of them. Suppose spiders need to choose between 2 websites: the oldest and seo mimic: Which should be chosen? The oldest will be the easiest bet, and you can’t change your website?

See SEO software

Seo software advertisements can say that you can get a top 5 ranked under 30 days … if it’s true, then check to see:

– Is this SEO software ranking website number 1 on Google for SEO or SEO software?

– Is the example of the SEO software website mention to rank number 1, really number 1: number 1 on Google?

It’s easy to type the keyword phrase from the website example SEO software and see if they are number 1 or not.

And don’t be fooled by SEO software that provides many sample number 1 in MSN or Yahoo: If you want to have a long number 1 rating which is durable in one of the search engines, you should start having number 1 ranked on Google.

I am not saying that it is a guarantee to rank number 1 on Yahoo and MSN after you score number 1 on Google, but you will definitely be high there too. On the other hand, rank number 1 in MSN can mean that you have no place found on Yahoo and Google.

So you said: Okay, then I tried ranking number 1 at MSN because it seems easier. Well, it’s easier, but then it’s easier for your competitors too, so it won’t try too much to play you again. Therefore, do a good job and for all: thrive to number 1 on Google and then improve if needed for MSN or Yahoo.

Why did you do SEO in the first place?

SEO is one way to get more traffic to your website. But there is more to getting a lot of traffic to your site, rather than “blind ranked 1 on Google”:

— Always make sure you rank number 1 for words that many people are looking for! —

If you buy SEO software or an external source your SEO to SEO specialist: Always check their SEO examples:

– Do they have ranked number 1

– are the keywords they rank for popular search keywords (greater than 10,000 searches a month in the keyword selector tool from yahoo search marketing is considered not too low)

– How long they took to be number 1

– How big is the competition for the keyword phrase (smaller or larger than 5 million? As a general rule: over 5 million keyword phrases in Google, things become)

– How big is the competition for “keyword phrases” cited (smaller or larger than 33,000? As a general rule: over 33,000 quoted “keyword phrases” Google results, everything becomes)

If for all these items, the SEO software or SEO specialist can answer yes, then you can start to take it very seriously!

Try to every instance of every software website SEO claim has ranked number one for certain keyword phrases. And of course, always start by checking whether they have ranked number one in the first place! If not, then you are going to buy SEO software that does not do the job! Ranked No. 2 is almost the number 1, and even worse, ranking number 9 is not close to the number 1 ranking.

SEO Software Website

Whenever you are interested in something to buy on the internet, see web site’s overall product you want to buy!

Some website SEO software is a 1 page website: only one page with the product, no links, no extra pages …

Back to the basics. What is the first idea to organize the Internet? To give information to others, a lot of information.

And we are talking about “clean” Inter “Net”: “Net” means links here, the links there, links everywhere … (that’s why the link is very important in SEO)

If you do not see a lot of links or a lot of content on websites about SEO, then SEO web site is not serious about the subject itself: SEO!

Back to Basics: web traffic

Your goal is to get more people to your site, right?

SEO software has a 1 in Google ranking purposes.

Now it is very easy to rank 1 in Google for the keyword phrase “jhdkghgkbdcds”
But who is looking for “jhdkghgkbdcds” ??? Nobody!

So, if no one is searching “jhdkghgkbdcds”, then why bother to rank number 1 with it?

What is a good number in terms of “the search for popular keywords”? If you use the Overture Keyword tool, anything over 10,000 searches a month means quite popular, but: also know that over 10,000 “big kids’ compete
With you, under 1000 you have the field to themselves. So a good SEO advice is working itself from the bottom up: Start with keywords that are not so popular, and once you high rankings for it, and emphasize the more popular keywords next on the list.


Seo is the art to feed the spiders what they like.
SEO software running after the spiders trying to attract their attention.

Always check the figures and facts about any SEO software and SEO article (this)!

Then make your own decisions. If you see that the SEO software

– Is a good rank for their own products

– What is the ranking of the website for popular keywords well,

Only then you can consider buying it.

Making money on the Internet is something that is always attracted by Stef Glassee, a Sun certified Java developer. Being programming and software development it has a first eye view of how software can help people, but can not replace people. Same goes for SEO software.

… Quickly and easily throwing apples hole into the ground. But be prepared: it takes a long time before opening the apple trees loaded with apples! …

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