Selection Guide for Wholesale Mens Swimwear

Summer is here, and this is another swimming season. Many men are also planning to buy swimsuits to go to the beach or swimming pool in the summer. But do you know how to choose wholesale mens swimwear, let us share with you next!

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Swimming trunks refer to clothes worn by men when swimming, diving or performing water-related activities. The shape is similar to underwear, but the fabric is usually different. Below, let us introduce you to the classification of men’s swimming trunks and the precautions when buying them.

  1. Classification of men’s boxer swimming trunks

    Men’s swimwear refers to clothing worn by men when swimming, diving or performing water-related activities. The shape is similar to panties, but the fabric is usually different. The main function of swimming trunks is to cover the penis, scrotum and buttocks. The men’s swimming trunks selection guide distinguishes the waist height according to the waist height, which can be roughly divided into 4 types:

     Men's Jacquard Black Swimming Shorts

    • High waist:

      usually designed as boxer swimming shorts, which are now almost eliminated, so there are not many on the market.

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    • Normal waist:

      Boxer triangles can be used. There are more swimming trunks like this, and they are usually the popular choice, but I think it is more suitable for boxer swimming trunks.

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    • Low waist:

      Most of the designs are triangles, because the briefs are designed with low waists to look better than normal waists. There are also flat angles, but the swimming trunks are very wide and unsightly. Low-waist swimming trunks are showing a popular trend, and they are gradually overshadowing normal-waist swimming trunks, because triangles are becoming more and more popular.

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    • Ultra-low waist:

      usually refers to the briefs that show a little crevice, this kind of swimming trunks is more suitable for open-minded people, because it can be described as sexy, but it is not the mainstream of the masses, after all, some people will say that it is abnormal.

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  2. Buying and misunderstandings of men’s boxer swimsuits

    How to choose men’s swimwear: If a man’s figure is well maintained, he can choose pants that tighten his waist while swimming, or choose professional swimwear with bright colors and large patterns. If you have a mature and stable personality, you can choose small patterns or dark boxer shorts. However, when choosing swimming trunks, please make sure not to make the following mistakes:
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    • First:

      buy light-colored, solid-colored swimming trunks that look very elegant.

    • Second:

      If the flower swimsuit you buy is too fancy, then people will not look at it.

    • Third:

      The size of swimming trunks cannot be too small. If you are responsible for tightening it too tightly, it will cause great harm to your body.

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    You should choose the appropriate swimwear according to your own situation. The following are our recommendations for men’s swimwear with different characteristics:

    1. People on the lower abdomen:

      In order to cover the abdomen, a high waist and wide belt is a good choice.

    2. People with darker skin:

      avoid wearing brown or yellow swimming trunks to avoid looking dirty.

    3. People with wide hips:

      dark four-legged panties.

    4. People with atrophied hips:

      bright or fluorescent colors plus horizontal stripes can alleviate the lack of hip shape.

    5. People with longer upper body and shorter lower body:

      suitable for high-waist underwear. Try not to wear four-leg swimming trunks, the legs will look shorter.

    6. Short people:

      straight striped swimming trunks in bright colors can help you “stretch” your body.

    7. People who want to make their legs look longer:

      low-waisted briefs.

    8. Slim people:

      Suitable for swimming trunks with bright colors and rich patterns.

    9. People with strong body:

      basically all styles are suitable for you, don’t worry about the difficulty of choosing.

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    After the above sharing, do you still know how to choose swimwear? I believe many people have learned how to choose swimwear, but they still don’t know where to buy good quality men’s swimwear. You can take a look at our wholesale mens swimwear. We guarantee the high quality of the products, so you don’t have to worry about quality issues. Therefore, if you are interested in our wholesale mens swimwear, please browse our product selection and buy now!

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