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Samsung’s global debut of new products: a variety of black technology products at the International Import Export

During the China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the CIIE), Samsung displayed its cutting-edge technology, leading Products, systematic solutions, and prospects for future intelligent life. This is Samsung’s concentrated presentation of its comprehensive innovation strength across the entire industry chain. Save moeny with Samsung Discount Code NHS  at Hot UK deal

Innovation is Samsung’s DNA, and the theme of Samsung’s participation in this CIIE: Do what you can’t showcases Samsung’s latest achievements in turning the impossible into possible, driven by its innovative genes. As one of the largest IT exhibitors in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Pavilion at this year’s CIIE, many of Samsung’s exhibits were exhibited for the first time in China, attracting the attention of politicians, businessmen, professional buyers, and the media from all walks of life. Get 

Display technology “new explosion point” stunning the audience

Samsung has always been committed to the innovation of display technology, so as to provide consumers with a better visual experience. Walking into the Samsung display product exhibition area, the 130-inch IF series LED digital signage is refreshing.

This is a product developed by Samsung based on LED technology with HDR function, featuring ultra-high-definition picture quality and easy operation. Compared with the existing LED digital signage, which can only be set on the back of the product, the product can be set and operated on both the front and the back. At the same time, it realizes the lightweight of the product with its innovative thin and light design, attracting many visitors to stop and watch.

At the same time, in this area, Samsung exhibited its global star product launched at the end of August this year in China for the first time, that is, the QLED 8K series TV with 8K artificial intelligence enhancement technology and a peak brightness of 4000 nits.

This product has Real 8K resolution, Q HDR 8K technology and 8K quantum processor, and the built-in AI chip can intelligently optimize the output picture. Whether users watch through streaming media, set-top boxes, HDMI, USB cables, or even push playback through mobile terminals, they can enjoy an intelligent and vivid audio-visual experience.

Automobile “miniature” intelligent and large connection era

In the in-vehicle connectivity exhibition area, Samsung showcased its powerful vehicle digital driving device – Digital Cockpit (smart cockpit).

The device is an intelligent platform that extends the IoT concept to the car. Through multi-directional connection and integration, the smart cockpit can provide more convenient and effective driving information, which not only greatly enhances the safety factor of the car, but also further changes people’s driving style and experience. Get Samsung Voucher Code

In terms of hardware, the driver’s seat and co-pilot seat of the smart cockpit use a display screen composed of 2 OLEDs and 1 QLED. The instrument panel for function selection is equipped with 3 buttons, and the operation is like using a Samsung smart watch, making it more convenient and flexible to use.

In terms of software, the smart cockpit is equipped with on-board artificial intelligence Bixby, which can better adjust the air conditioning, audio, lighting and other facilities in the car. And through the integrated service of Samsung Electronics Internet of Things, the smart cockpit can control various devices in the driver’s home. In the application of smart cockpit, Samsung flexibly applies IoT technology to build a driver’s “smart-connected” lifestyle. This is exactly the direction of Samsung’s continuous technological innovation – making people’s lives smarter.

5G baseband new product 5100 was exhibited in China for the first time

Entering the semiconductor exhibition area, many world-class high-tech products from Samsung came into view. Including mobile storage products that can rapidly improve the performance of mobile products, such as solid-state drive Z-SSD, LPDDR5 running memory, USF mobile memory card, mobile solid-state drive X5, etc.

It also includes its Exynos mobile processor products that power high-end smartphones, small wearables and automotive electronics applications. Among them, the Exynos 7 series 9610 launched this year attracted a large number of visitors to explore. This product can provide SLR-level image performance through AI image processing capabilities, and it is also the world’s first mobile processor that can support FHD 480fps recording.

At the same time, Samsung exhibited for the first time in China the Exynos modem 5100, the world’s first 5G communication chip, which was newly launched in August this year. The product is built on a 10nm LPP process and is the first baseband product in the industry that is fully compatible with the 3GPP Release 15 specification, which is the latest 5G NR new air interface protocol, allowing devices to use a single chip to connect 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Semiconductor Manufacturer

Samsung is currently the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, and the development and iteration of semiconductor technology has attracted worldwide attention. On October 18, Samsung announced that the 7LPP process using EUV technology will be applied to wafer foundry for the first time, which means that Samsung has begun to officially promote the commercialization of the 7nm process, and also lays the groundwork for the realization of the fine processing technology of 3nm chips. foundation.

In the future, the rapid development of 5G, autonomous driving, AI and other scenarios will inevitably increase the market’s demand for storage. Samsung’s iteration and accumulation in storage density and stacking technology will undoubtedly have the strength to seize the opportunity. Dont miss Samsung NHS discount code

The full experience of smart life highlights the beauty of technology

In the system solutions exhibition area, Samsung displayed smart life solutions that are closely related to people’s lives, such as smart door locks, smart buildings, and smart health, attracting a large number of visitors to inquire and experience.

The SHP-DR708 smart door lock launched by Samsung SDS, due to the built-in low-power WIFI chip, the battery life is doubled, and after the smart door lock is connected to the wireless network, the door opening and closing status can be confirmed through the mobile phone and real-time Record all accesses, including attempted lock theft, etc. In addition, this smart door lock is also equipped with an intelligent voice function, which allows users to know how to use the door lock and other related functions at any time, so that users can avoid the trouble of reading complicated manuals, and experience satisfaction is greatly improved.

Integrates Artificial Intelligence

Smart Building is an IoT system launched by Samsung that integrates artificial intelligence technology into building management. Dubbed Brightics IoT, the IoT system uses information from sensors and CCTV to automate the control of ambient temperature and lighting inside buildings. The Brightics IoT system can also activate the heating and air conditioning system before workers arrive at the office, monitor in real time which offices are not in use, and then automatically cut off power to save energy.

The latest mobile electronic products gather to shine

Entering the mobile electronics exhibition area, you can see the innovative new products released by Samsung globally in 2018: Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy A9s, etc. Among them, as Samsung’s flagship product, Samsung Galaxy Note9 has attracted wide attention from all walks of life after its release. Its full-view curved screen design, AI technology application, and improvement and innovation of S Pen functions are eye-catching, attracting many participants to experience interaction.

Galaxy A9s

The Galaxy A9s, which was just released on October 24, was publicly displayed for the first time at the CIIE. This product focuses on the camera function that young people value today. It is the first time in the world to use a rear-mounted four-camera, which can provide users with the most suitable shooting functions in different occasions. At the same time, the A9s also provides a “low light” mode, which combines 4 types of pixels into a group, and the performance of photo brightness and noise control is better.

In recent years, despite the fierce market competition in the electronic mobile business sector, Samsung still maintains its leadership in the global market by virtue of its strong innovation capabilities, especially Samsung mobile phones, whose product sales have ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years.

Let every home appliance show the charm of the smart center

In the smart home exhibition area, Samsung exhibited the new “Quick Drive Zhimo multi-dimensional dual-drive series” washing machine. This series of washing machines is the first mass-produced dual-drive washing machine.

Through the design of dual motors and dual-drive inner drum, the two washing methods of the drum and the pulsator are skillfully integrated, which can greatly shorten the washing time while ensuring the cleanliness. At the same time, on the basis of Quick Drive, the intelligent control level of Samsung washing machines has also been greatly improved. When the user selects the fabric/color/dirty level of the clothes on the App, “Laundry Book” will recommend the best washing plan, just like a private Laundry housekeeper brings a new smart laundry experience. 


In addition to washing machines, Samsung Pindao series refrigerators also let visitors feel Samsung’s superb design and preservation strength. These products have changed the plastic liner of ordinary refrigerators, and adopted metal uniform cooling technology. On the door wall, back panel and shelf, metal materials with stronger cold storage capacity are used, leading the “revolution” of the upgrading of refrigerator liner materials. In addition, the three refrigerator panels exhibited this time are all deep and low-key black, not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also permeated with a full sense of technology.


At the CIIE, Samsung showcased the top exhibits of the entire global industry chain, not only demonstrating its innovative strength as a world-leading technology company, but also expressing Samsung’s vision to serve China with technology. “Being an enterprise that the Chinese people love and an enterprise that contributes to Chinese society” is the development philosophy of China Samsung. Since entering China in 1992,

Samsung has continued to introduce the world’s top R&D technologies into China to help China’s industrial transformation and upgrading, and to contribute to China’s economy down-to-earth. As of the end of 2017, in addition to the R&D, production and sales of consumer electronic products in China, Samsung also has a series of supporting enterprises related to heavyweight high-tech industries such as semiconductors, liquid crystal panels, and new energy vehicle power batteries, so as to realize the From processing and manufacturing to the systematic layout of high-precision industries.

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