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Road Trip: Bangalore to Chennai Highway

Chennai is the hub of tourists in the South of India. Planning for a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai is a great idea! We’ve got all the information you need to know before planning your road trip from Bangalore to Chennai.

Set on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, the city is excessively hot and humid during the summers. It is unbelievably crowded most of the time and yet has a unique charm of its own. People are drawn to the city for its beaches, temples, and the lip-smacking food.

Taking a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai by car

For the curious, adventurous, and spontaneous ones, a road trip to Chennai from Bangalore by car is the best way to travel. The distance between Bangalore and Chennai is 346 km and can be easily covered in six and a half to seven hours.

What is the best time to take a road trip from Bangalore to Chennai?

The best time to take a road trip is from October to February. The weather is cool and pleasant during these months. Which month to choose for the trip and which one to not is explained below.

  • October to February: This is the peak and best time to take the road trip.
  • July to September: This is the optimal time, and one can choose to or not to go on the road trip. The monsoons can be a plus point during this time.
  • April to June: It is better to avoid travelling as the excessive heat can make the journey extremely uncomfortable and also takes away the joy of exploring nearby places.

What is the best route to take for the road trip?

There are two beautiful routes that you can take for the road trip from Bangalore to Chennai.

Route 1: via the Mumbai Highway

Bengaluru → Krishnagiri → Vellore → Sriperumbudur → Chennai

Statistics for this route:

  • Distance- 346 km
  • Time- 6 hours 34 minutes
  • Quality of the road- Excellent (4/5)

You can see some of the most popular places along this way. You can see the Krishnagiri Fort, which is amazing for some trekking. About 2.5km away from Kaigal village is an amazing picnic spot; ideal for a quiet afternoon picnic with friends and family is the Kaigal Waterfalls in Vellore!

You can even visit the Srilakshmi Golden Temple on the way. In Sriperumbudur, you can see Rajiv Gandhi Memorial and Vallakottai Murugan Temple.

In Hosur, in Krishnagiri, you should stop at Cube Stop to have a delicious meal! A part of Cube Highways, India’s leading highway investors and operators, this place is one of the best spots for a refreshing and delightful break. You can find some of the most popular brands here, like café Udupi Ruchi, Chai Thela, Hind Farms and Kurtosshhh.


Route 2: NH 75 and Vellore-Chennai route

Bengaluru Chittoor Kanchipuram Sriperumbudur Chennai

Statistics for this route:

  • Distance- 333 km
  • Time- 7 hours 4 minutes
  • Quality of the road- Good(3/5)

There are so many beautiful and artistic places to visit if you choose this route. You can see the Horsley Hills in Chittoor, popularly known as Andhra Ooty and enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, swimming or archery. You can even visit and see the beautiful architecture and gold plating of the Sri Venkateswara Temple in Chittoor.

In Kanchipuram, you can visit the beautiful Ekambareswarar Temple and Kailasanathar Temple. You should not miss out on these gems!

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