Rent moving boxes? 6 reasons to avoid it

You don’t move every year. So renting moving boxes may seem like an attractive option. You are cheap per box and you are also quickly rid of it, otherwise, they are just in the way… Right? Well, there are several reasons for buying your moving boxes instead of renting them. We list the most important ones for you below. So how much can a move cost?

1. You need your moving boxes for a longer period of time

Ideally, you want to start packing weeks before your planned move date. For example, the items you no longer need prior to your move. Summer clothing or winter clothing. Camping gear or Christmas stuff. Books, DVDs, games. Everything you pack now will save you time. And self-relocations always take more time than you estimated. But if you want to start on time, you also need your moving boxes on time. If you rent moving boxes, you usually do so for a period of 2 weeks. And that is tight to pack, move and unpack again. Yes, you can of course also rent them for a longer period for an additional fee, but wasn’t the idea of ​​renting that you are actually cheaper?

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2. You want to store your belongings for a longer period of time

You will not immediately need everything you pack in your new home. In fact, some people move to a smaller house and put some of their stuff in storage. You may also find it nice and tidy, all those books neatly in boxes in the attic. You will sometimes look at that later. Or maybe they’ll go straight to the thrift store soon. If you have rented your moving boxes, you have to unpack everything in a short time. And possibly buy moving boxes to store your belongings for a longer period of time.

3. Extra costs for renewal

So you don’t always know how long you would like to use your moving boxes. Do you decide that you need the rented moving boxes that contain your things a little longer? Then you pay extra costs for this extension. Even if you forget to return the moving boxes on time, it will cost you money. It a shame, because you could have bought dozens of moving boxes for that amount. You can also a moving company in Athens.

4. You run the risk of not getting your deposit back

You pay a deposit for renting moving boxes. Logical, because a large number of moving boxes represents quite a bit of value. And if moving boxes are damaged, the rental company can no longer rent them to others. The downside to this is that you have to handle these boxes from others with care. If the moving boxes get damaged (and that can also mean that there is a tear or a sticker on it), you run the risk of losing that deposit. Take the advantage of renting moving boxes! Rent moving boxes? It s a bit tricky.

5. When you buy, you determine which moving boxes you want

There are moving boxes in many shapes and sizes. When you buy them, you decide which ones they are. If you have enough budget moving boxes, you can keep the costs very affordable. Are you looking for the convenience of professional auto lock moving boxes that you can use multiple times? Or do you want special book boxes or clothing boxes? Everything is possible if you buy them.

6. Buying moving boxes can be cheaper

Did you know that moving boxes in large numbers give you a lot of discounts? Moreover, you always need more than you think. A small family quickly needs about 70 moving boxes. Are you curious about how many moving boxes you need for your own household? With larger quantities of moving boxes, it may just be that you save more money by buying your moving boxes instead of renting them. What you can also consider if new moving boxes cost you too much: buying second-hand moving boxes. There are always people who no longer need their moving boxes and who now offer them for sale. Of course, you have to make sure that these boxes are not damaged too much.

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