Reasons to Regularly Donate to Different Charities

One of the things we all were taught as children was that if you can help someone in need, you should. At that time, we wanted to change the world by being the kindest and the most helpful person there was. But as we grew up, we realized that the world we live in unfair and unjust. And the problems that many people face are much bigger than all of us. Therefore, the only practical way to help, and to hope to make a difference is by donating to charities.

Many people are under the impression that if you are donating to a charity, the amount has to be large, otherwise, it will be embarrassing. However, it’s better to donate a small amount regularly than to donate a large amount once a year. By regular donations, you can make a big difference in someone’s life. And instead of donating to one charity, you should change/alternate charities regularly. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Help the Ones in Need
The world we live in is by no means fair or just. The best way to help someone is by donating to an organization that’s dedicated to a cause. Charities have a proper plan and system in place to recognize the people affected by a cause and how their life can be improved.
By donating to a charity, you become a part of an organized system to improve the lives of many people. Consequently, the results are more effective, and you get to actually make a difference in someone’s life. When you visit a charity, you will meet several people who are being aided by the charity. They are the people whose lives you will be changing a little by your donation. So, when you donate, you help the ones in need.

2. Tax Exemption
One of the good things about a donation to charities is that even the Government of India encourages it. For every donation, you get a tax deduction under Section 80G. By donating to charities, you can avail of up to 50% tax exemption for your donation on your taxable income.
However, the key thing to note here is that every charity offers a different percentage of tax exemption. It is your responsibility to find out what is the tax exemption offered by the charity you are donating to. Finding out about the tax exemption offered is also a great way to vet a charity that it’s approved by the Government of India and is actually working for the cause it says it is. When you donate regularly, you accumulate a sizable difference of tax exemption.

3. Support Many Causes
No single person in this world cares about only one cause. In fact, if you are donating for the first time, you will find it difficult to finalize the one cause that you care about the most. In which case, it is recommended to make a shortlist of causes you care about and donate to a different charity working for a different cause every month. This way, you get to support many causes. You do not have to feel guilty that if you are donating to one cause, you don’t care about other causes. By donating to different charities, you prove to yourself and to others that you care about different causes and will help all of them.

We all owe it to ourselves to make this world slightly better than the one we grew up in. So, donate regularly, and to different charities. In this current digital age, you can make your donations online for different charities. You don’t even need to visit it. Remember the lesson your parents taught you when you were a child: if you help someone in need, you should.

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