Questions to Ask When Buying Any Loose Gemstones

From Ruby, Opal, Yellow Sapphire Loose Gemstones to many other options of gems available in the wholesale loose gemstone range, you might want to buy and own a few according to your choice and preference. While buying these natural gemstones gives you a feeling of glee, thrill, and pride, it becomes a daunting task to choose the right destination! You must choose a site like Rashiratanbhagya where there is a guarantee of getting only 100% natural and government-certified gemstone. Also, you need to know what to do before and during shopping of the loose gemstone!

What to Do Before Shopping Any Loose Gemstones?

Before you jump to the task of shopping for your favorite loose gemstone, you must decide what you want to shop!

Be it the Ruby, Opal, Yellow Sapphire Loose Gemstones, or some other choice, you must know the purpose of buying your loose gemstone. Are you going to keep the loose gemstones for yourself? Would you be supplying them to some other supply link in the network? Are you buying these loose gemstones for the purpose of jewelry making? Asking such questions will give you a clear idea of your objective and you would be able to shop the loose gemstone according to your specific requirements. In addition to this, you must also frame a tentative budget in your mind for purchasing the loose gemstone. It is better to decide which mode of shopping for loose gemstones would you be choosing – online or offline. Choosing a genuine and trusted online destination like Rashi Ratan Bhagya (RRB) will not only save your time and effort but will also help you get the original and high-quality natural gemstone.

Now let us take a quick glance at what important questions one must ask while buying the loose gemstone.

Questions to Ask While Buying Any Loose Gemstones

Question: What is the origin of gemstones?

Origin plays the most important role in the quality of gemstones. While there can be a few chief sources of specific gemstone, there will certainly be locations which will be famous for the best quality gemstone of a particular type. Understand it this way. The chief locations for opals include Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, West US and a few more. However, it is Australia that is known for providing the best quality and most precious opals. Similarly, the Burmese Ruby is famous all over the world for its unrivalled colour and sparkle. Likewise, there are many more example too. Hence, while buying any loose gemstone, you must inquire about the origin of gemstone. This will help you understand and know the quality of your chosen gemstone.

Question: Have the gemstones been treated with any process?

It is important to mention that nowadays, mostly the gemstones are polished and treated. There is no harm in the same as many of the gemstones can better sheen and appearance when cut and polished through expert hands. Sometimes, the gemstones also have to go through certain procedures to get their final look and feel for jewelry. However, the sellers must mention that the gemstone are treated. When the sellers mention that the gemstone are real but cut or treated. Because of the requisites of jewelry, the genuineness and authenticity of the seller definitely counts.

On the other hand, few sellers simply use the cover-up term like ‘enhanced gemstones’. Which is mostly misunderstood by innocent customers who doesn’t understand that enhancement might involve various treatment procedures. Hence, be clear and ask your seller whether the gemstone are treated or enhanced.

Question: Where have the gems been cut, shaped and polished?

Many sellers have their in-house team of artisans. They have their own state-of-the-art workshop where the gems are cut and polished with acumen. Also, there can be sellers who source their gemstones on their own but forward them to others for polishing and cutting.

If you are choosing a certain seller because of its reputation and high-quality work, make sure that the further processes like cutting and polishing of gemstones is also done at the same destination. In any case, the seller must reveal the real thing.

 Question: Which points suggest that the gemstones are real and original?

While buying the Ruby, Opal, Yellow Sapphire Loose Gemstones or some other loose gemstone, you can also ask your seller how you gauge whether the gemstone is real or not!

The honest seller will share certain basic tips with you that will help you understand immediately about the originality of the chosen gemstone. The fake or fraudsters will definitely end up hesitating and saying no for such questions.

Question: Can we get the gemstones checked by our own expert?

There are many gemstones like blue Sapphires, blue diamonds and a few more that come with a heavy price tag. This price is much heavier than the generally priced and valued gemstone. While shopping for the rarest and most high-priced gemstones. Many people prefer taking an expert professional with them so that the gemstone can be genuinely checked for its authenticity and originality.

The honest sellers of gemstones do not have any problem getting their gemstone checked by an expert. While the fake or dishonest ones might not allow you to get the gemstones checked by a third party or an expert chosen by the customer.

Question: What is the weight of the gemstone?

Remember, weight is also a very important element in determining the price of the gemstone. You can find that the price of many gemstones increases when the weight of a gemstone specimen increases. Hence, you must definitely inquire about the weight of your chosen loose gemstone.

Why Shop from Rashi Ratan Bhagya?

If you get to know about an online destination that is absolutely genuine and promises. We  provide 100 percent natural and original gemstones, you will surely be more than delighted and satisfied! Well, Rashiratanbhagya ( Rashi Ratan Bhagya or RRB) is the most trusted online store to shop for real and government-certified gemstones. Providing complete details about the gemstones and selling them at the right and reasonable price. This destination makes sure that every customer gets real and original gemstones. The wholesale loose gemstone range at this destination is quite comprehensive and thus, you can get many amazing options in form of high-quality and original loose gemstone to choose from. Explore the site online today and get ready to shop for the best quality and real loose gemstones from the most authentic destination online!

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