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It is a type of advertising on the Internet in which the advertiser places his advertisement on a website. But he pays the value of this advertisement only when it is clicked. As the number of clicks made on this advertisement is calculated and then a certain amount is paid for each click.

If you have previously promoted a specific good or service on the Internet. You must have heard previously of PPC (pay_per_click) ads, but if you are planning to enter the world of electronic marketing. You must have sufficient information about this type of ads, and it is one of the leading companies in PPC ads Google ads come at the global level.

PPC ads are divided into two main types:

They are search engine ads, search campaigns, website ads, and Display campaigns.

Search engine ads:

These ads appear when you search for certain keywords, where the advertised site appears within the search results of the search engine. You must have noticed this type of ads when you search for certain vocabulary on Google, or Yahoo. This type of ads is useful And practical because your ads will only appear to users who search for these keywords.

Website ads:

They are advertisements that are displayed on a group of sites on the web. In order to place your ad on a site or group of sites. You can use Google Adwords display campaigns, or resort to specialized companies that provide you with a network of sites through which to advertise, or message the site that you want to advertise directly.

This type of advertising is less expensive than advertising on search engines. You can choose the sites that provide content related to your product and thus direct your advertisement to the appropriate category of customers.

In this article, we will answer several important questions in this particular field:

Question 1: Why pay for PPC ads if no one is clicking on them?

We simply reply: that this information is not correct at all, because PPC advertisements are currently one of the most prevalent forms of advertisements on the Internet, and this wide spread is strong evidence of the results they achieve, and it is noticeable that these advertisements are increasing year after year, and all companies And of all kinds, PPC ads are used.

So: Were it not for someone to pressure it, it would not have continued and achieved this wide spread.

Through the previous table, you can discover that Google’s profits from advertising have reached more than 51 billion dollars for the year 2015 and up to this moment, so do you think that Google may earn this amount from ads that no one clicks on?

It is worth noting: that any advertiser does not pay until the ad is clicked and this guarantees the advertiser that he will get clicks for his money.

Question 2: What would make a user click on my ads when they see them?

This is an important question, and to answer it, it is necessary to mention the set of factors that push the user to choose ads. These factors were extracted based on psychology and the study of users’ behavior while browsing the Internet from these factors:

The user does not know that it is an advertisement: he may think that it is part of the page he is browsing, or if the advertisement within the search engine may click on it, thinking that it is one of the results of his search.
Satisfying the user’s need: the user enters a specific site in search of a goal in himself. If your ad has what he is looking for, he will not hesitate to click on your ad.

Satisfy the user’s curiosity: You have to arouse the user’s curiosity with your ad by providing content that arouses the user’s curiosity, which will prompt him to click on the advertisement in an attempt to uncover the mystery and satisfy his curiosity.

Attracting the user’s attention: The unique, strange and distinctive design of the advertisement attracts the user and motivates him to click on this advertisement.

Question 3: What are the areas in which PPC ads are useful and successful:

PPC ads are suitable for all types of businesses that are looking to promote on the Internet, and these are examples of some areas of businesses that use PPC ads:

Businesses targeting regular customers (such as doctors, Internet providers, and other businesses in which the customer is associated with the employer for a long time).

A business that sells rare and hard-to-find products in regular stores.

Seasonal businesses that sell their products in a specific season, such as: flowers, gifts, and others.
The business of trading a very wide variety of goods such as (Amazon) and Ebay.

In general, most types of businesses and products benefit from the use of PPC in advertising and promotion.

Question 4: Is this type of advertising useful in the Arab world?

We will know the answer when we take a quick look at some statistics about the number of Internet users in the world. The annual increase of these users, and the number of hours they spend on the Internet.

The Internet, as it showed that seven out of ten Saudis own smartphones, and that eight out of ten Indian use their smartphones to search for products of interest to them.

Through the previous figures. We conclude that: A very great benefit will accrue to you from advertising on Indian websites, even foreign companies. She advertised her products on Indian websites.

The percentage of electronic advertising may seem small compared to traditional advertising methods such as television, radio and magazines. But those looking for real percentages will look at the percentage of electronic advertising increase each year compared to the previous year. Which gradually tends to favor electronic advertising.

Question 5: How do I start with digital advertising, or which company do I choose?

There are several factors that affect the issue of choosing a company and how to start advertising: –

You must first define the target countries, and there are often two options (India, international).

To publish at the global level, you will need networks with global reach such as:

(Google_Bing), and other advertising networks.

To publish in the Indian world, you have one advertising network, which is Ebslon Infotech. Which help you to publish your ad in all over the world. Achieve the highest returns on your investment due to the presence of high-quality targeted traffic.

Simplicity and ease in dealing with it. You do not need an expert to deal with, a few clicks are enough to publish your ad.

Finally: After all this explanation about PPC ads. I think that you are thinking seriously about using this type of advertising to promote your products. Do not hesitate and leave the opportunity to your competitors.

You have to start developing your advertising plan. So, your approach to electronic promotion will guarantee you continuity and success in the future.

We at Ebslon provide campaign management services on all advertising platforms. For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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