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Climbing Games All hunting grounds have areas where deer roam regularly. It can be an electricity or gas pipeline that goes directly to the road, along a straight line through a pine tree, a power plant or farmland, or a two-year intersection. No matter what the area is, the treestand is a great way to quietly enter the booth, get up off the ground to be highly visible and also bring your scent, it provides a platform and a firm shot. . Here are some things to consider when choosing a tripod.


  • Robust construction that eliminates tire flex and noise.
  • Ability to hang on the floor before lifting and hanging the top of the stand.
  • The ladder is easy to climb, so you can put both feet on the ladder at the same time.
  • An advanced platform that allows you to safely turn on and off and move around easily.
  • Seat that widens so you can stand up freely.
  • Smallpox construction to eliminate noise and add strength.
  • Easy to assemble. Assembly requires only simple tools.
  • The position of the ladder should not be too straight up or down or angled to exit the tree


Another thing to consider is how many people are going to start looking for the ladder? If you are a mom or dad with children, someone who hunts with your partner, or someone who often introduces new hunters, you should focus on the double Treestand for men. The Dual Base Pro scale is a great choice for two fighters. The steel construction not only makes for cloth but allows fighters between two and 250 pounds to hunt together. Another great option for multi-fighters is Vine Double treestand support. It weighs the same as the Dual Pro but helps separate the impact area with its patent-pending treestand section. The unique staircase has a curved design that breaks the typical straight lines of the staircase. Both shelves are powder-coated to protect them from the elements.


If you are looking for a single treestand, Solo Pro, Solo Deluxe and Vine Single treestand are the options you are looking for. Each comes with standard two-piece options with a perfect shooting aid for shooting with a knife.

You know what the hunting hot spots are this season, now is the time to decide on a scale. When it comes to choosing the strength, durability and comfort of a Summit tripod, there’s no bad choice.



At Summit Treestands, we always strive to build the best stands in the world. Every hour of our engineer life is dedicated to finding the perfect support. But the truth about billboards is that there is no such thing. Stand-up stands like hunting calls or invitations are task-specific – don’t you go deer hunting with duck calls? Hunters should have stalls designed and built according to their specific needs.

One of the most important problems when buying a wooden plinth is the landscape. It is important to know how far you need to go to and find your most comfortable treestand and how often you expect the stand to change.

Understanding the largest wood species in your hunting area also plays an important role in finding the right wood base for you. Certain properties of the tree, such as the size, flatness, and height of the stump from which the stump branches start, should influence your decision.

Finally, it is important to consider transporting your stand to and from the hunting ground. Portability and placement / damage time vary widely by gem type and have a significant impact on hunting.


Tree climbing is associated with mobility. This type of support allows the hunter to travel anywhere, find a suitable tree and walk, using the support as a climbing mechanism to start hunting almost immediately.

The climb function is activated with a two-part seat and a platform. Once the platform and seat are tied around the tree, simply lift the top, put your weight on it and pull your legs out with your feet, then “lock” them firmly into the lower platform. Then lift the weight off the lower platform to secure it to the mast. Repeat the process – essentially “wormless” the tree to the desired level.

While climbers are known for their portability to other types of media, before purchasing a landscape, consider the landscape you will be looking for. Since support requires constant contact with the tree from the bottom of the trunk to the target’s hunting height, it is extremely important that the trees in your hunting area are not very deep. . Branches protruding from the stump between the base of the stump and the height of the target hedge prevent climbing. If there are cotton trees or giant oaks in your hunting area, you will not be able to wrap the climbing line or leash around the tree and prevent the climber from using it. But if your terrain allows climbers, they are definitely the easiest and fastest way to hunt a tree.

The trees are waiting

Hanging wooden bases are popular for their versatility. While other types of wooden stands may be limited by the size or shape of the tree, a wooden hanging base works well with almost any type of wood. In addition to being versatile, locks are generally quieter than other types of racks, which is essential when animals are very close. Because the bracket is firmly attached to a cavity, the lock is usually less sensitive to the sound of the weight of the hunter’s shear, reducing early and terrible disease or the trick that the deer dies in the next ward. Method.

Locked models are also popular due to their low weight. Many suspended models weigh less than 20 pounds, making them easy to transport to and from the hunting ground. If long walks and shifts are part of your hunt, a covert climber might be the best fit for your hunting style.

Since the hooks do not have a built-in climbing function such as treestands or climbing ropes, climbers have to get up off the ground. Once packed, climbing frames are relatively easy to set up, quiet and portable. Some public hunting places restrict the use of the vise, so use ropes or climbing sticks.

Some hunters like to hunt in one area and another in the morning. A single hanger frame becomes difficult unless it is intended to be used with multiple hanging clips. Another solution would be to use multiple tripods in different locations or a climber if the terrain allows.


For fighters who value comfort and stability more and don’t pay attention to weight, the treestand is just a ticket. Stairs have a number of advantages over non-climbers and fixed posts. With a ladder, as the name suggests, a fixed leg is lifted into the treestand. This way you can easily climb your favourite tree without lifting the trunk, branches and small branches, etc.

Ladders are fun because you can either hold a stand or hunt with a child, friend or family member. You will find holiday-specific templates with slide rails.

The main drawback of the treestand is the lack of portability. Since most of the ladders are made of steel and weigh an average of 45 pounds, they are intended for hunters who are able to get up and walk for the rest of the hunting season. While treestands are certainly not very suitable for hunters who want to change positions quickly or frequently, they are the most convenient option when used on food or in other areas where deer are common.


If there are no trees in your hunting area or trees large enough for other stands, use the second option. The stand is specially designed for these situations. The base is usually placed on three or four feet and is equipped with a platform, some of which have a closet to hide from the elements and from the eyes of a kind man.

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