Personal Loan Online in 3 Easy Steps

Meeting some unexpected cash crunch? Medical emergency? Need to cover up the wedding or education expenses? No matter what the reason is, a Personal Loan Online has become the go-to form of finance in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Traditionally, loans were provided by the banks in a manual manner. Difficult online application procedure, going through lots of documentation, and then delay in approval made the entire process complicated and annoying. But in recent times, the process of lending has been changed completely. With a personal loan online, now you have a convenient option to overcome all your financial crisis at reasonable rates along with a flexible tenure. It can be a helping-hand during your hard times. When it comes to getting a loan online, there are multiple factors that lenders check. Check them below and follow them carefully to get the loan funds easily and smoothly.

  • Stable Income Source is The Key

Whether you are a salaried professional or self employed, if you are earning more than Rs.18,000 monthly, then you can apply for a loan online. After evaluating your income, lenders will determine whether you are capable of repaying the loan on time or not, and based on that, they will sanction the loan amount.

  • Make Sure You Have a Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score ensures that you can borrow the loan amount with ease and maximum convenience. Make sure you have a CIBIL score above 750 as it is considered to be good for getting a loan online. To improve your score, always clear off the pending dues and make the credit payments on time. A good score assures that you will make repayments timely. Check your score often and if you see any errors on the report, be sure to rectify them quickly.

  • Compare Different Interest Rates

There are multiple lenders in the current financial market and offer different interest rates. Before you finalize anything, make sure you check out the interest rates offered by all lenders and go with the most competitive one. You will find all the details including rate, tenure, charges, etc on the lender’s respective website. Do proper research before you proceed. Sometimes lenders even provide offers during the festive seasons. So, keep an eye on those offers to get better rates.

When you are looking to get a personal loan online, look no further as Buddy Loan brings you the easiest and simplest way of availing funds. Know your loan requirement and get it in a few clicks. Any Indian citizen having a stable income source can apply for a quick loan online up to Rs. 15 Lakhs at an 11.99% interest rate with flexible repayment tenure. Keep ready your PAN, Aadhar, Voter Id, Bank Statements, and Salary Slips. Go through the website or download the app, fill up the required details, upload the documents and wait for approval. Once your loan is approved, be sure to get the amount within 48 hours. A personal loan is a quick, convenient, and efficient option to meet any financial needs. Always ensure you look into the above-mentioned factors and maintain them throughout the year in order to avail the best personal loans in a hassle-free way!

Personal Loan Online in 3 Easy Steps

Previously, personal loans were offered by banks that too in a manual procedure. Visiting the bank, standing in a queue, going through multiple procedures, excess documentation, difficult application, and then delay in approval were the parts of availing a personal loan. In recent times, lenders have changed the way of lending completely. Getting a Personal loan online is the new normal. With the modern technology and digital approach, it is now possible to receive a loan online with minimum documentation which also ensures quick approval and disbursement. At Buddy Loan, you can apply for a loan online while enjoying a smooth seamless experience. With a simple and swift online application, you can easily meet all your financial needs. Get loan online in three easy steps, check them below –

Step 1: Fill Up The Online Application

 Download the Buddy Loan application or visit the website where you need to provide your personal information (basic details including age, city, monthly income), employment type (salaried, self-employed, or business professional), and purpose of the loan (medical emergency, wedding, home improvement, education, or others) to process your loan application with ease and convenience. And then you have to upload the required documents such as ID proofs, residential proof, salary slips, bank statements, ITR, etc.

Step 2: Verification

 In this stage, lenders will verify all your documents and details. Before approving your loan application, the verification process is crucial. So make sure the information you provide is true to your knowledge. After a successful verification, lenders will immediately offer customized loans that will suit your profile and requirements.

Step 3: Instant Disbursement

 Once you choose the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure period offered by the lenders, it’s time to sign the agreement. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing, otherwise, you may end up with extra hassles. After you have successfully signed the agreement, lenders will sanction the amount instantly and you can be sure to get the amount within 48 hours directly to your bank account.

When you are in urgent need of cash, apply for a personal loan online with Buddy Loan. With a digitally enabled procedure, be sure to get the funds without stepping out of the home!

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