Parker Hydraulic Fittings – LF300, Optimize, EA, and Seal-Lok O-Ring Seals

In this article, we’ll look at Parker fittings LF300 series of push-to-connect tube fittings, the Optimize series of high-pressure tube fittings, the EA series of couplers, and the Seal-Lok O-ring Face Seal fittings. You’ll also learn about Parker’s various series of valves, couplings, and hose couplings. These products are a great way to ensure that your systems and applications are leak-free.

Parker’s LF300 range of push-to-connect tube fittings

The LF300 range of push-connect tube couplings and tees offer numerous advantages over conventional compression fittings, including ease of assembly, a wide selection of sealing materials, and an exceptional lifespan. Listed below are a few of the features of this innovative product range. If you’re considering purchasing a push-to-connect fitting, don’t hesitate to contact Fluid Controls. They stock a wide selection of a wide variety of Parker push-to-connect tube fittings and couplings.

Designed for use in high-pressure applications, these fittings are compatible with a wide range of materials. In addition to being lightweight and durable, they also feature a small seal area, resulting in greater port flexibility. And since these tube fittings are made of nickel-plated brass, they have an exemplary seal performance. Furthermore, their guaranteed auto-sealing capabilities make them ideal for static and dynamic applications alike. Besides being easy to install, they’re also compact and energy-efficient, thanks to their all-bras construction.

The LF300 range of push-connect tube couplings offers a unique combination of mechanical and electrical safety. The LF300 is ideal for installations where the tube is prone to being twisted or kinked during piping. Moreover, this push-connect tube couplings feature a high-pressure safety rating despite their LF300 price tag. They are also available for use in corrosive environments, where chemicals are used.

Parker’s Optimize series of high-pressure tube fittings

The Optimize series of high-pressure tube fittings are precision-machined for long-lasting performance and thread consistency. The company manufactures these fittings in a variety of sizes and types. These fittings are ideal for use in instruments, process control, and analyzer applications. These products are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and 6Mo and meet or exceed SAE corrosion requirements. These fittings can handle pressures of up to 6,000 psi.

With their push-to-connect design, Parker’s optimize series of high-pressure tubing offers a variety of advantages. These fittings are easy to assemble and feature a wide range of seal materials, including nitrile rubber for compressed air and EPDM for food and beverage applications. These fittings are design to endure high temperatures and feature innovative gripping technology. Fluid Controls stocks a wide range of these high-pressure tube fittings.

The EO-LUB method is one of Parker’s most unique innovations. This fitting assembly procedure is capable of reducing torque by 25 percent and helps prevent underassembly, the most common cause of failure of bite-type tube fittings.

The Parker Optimize SW Series features a unique single-ferrule compression sleeve for increased durability. They feature a chromium-free surface treatment to respect European Parliament’s directive to eliminate Chromium6 from high-pressure fluid power systems. Additionally, these fittings are extremely reliable in any environment. They have a low make-up torque and molybdenum disulfide-coated nuts that help prevent galling during installation.

The Optimize series of high-pressure tube fittings also feature a nitrided ferrule design. This new ferrule design is made to improve corrosion resistance without reducing the stainless steel content. By the early 1990s, all Parker stainless steel ferrules had been replaced with Suparcase ™ ferrules. The new design is easier to install than previous models and has superior sealing integrity.

Parker’s EA series of couplers

The EA series of Parker couplings provides an excellent solution for many fluid system applications. These couplings eliminate the need for tools when connecting fluid lines. The series of couplings offers a variety of material and port options to fit virtually every design need. Moreover, these couplings are compatible with many different fluids. Listed below are some of the applications of the Parker EA series.

Designed to connect gas, oil, or steam lines, Parker’s 60 Series of couplers offer high flow and low pressure drop. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, the EA series is highly compatible with other quick disconnects. These couplers feature double interface O-rings. They are also available in a high-pressure version for 5000 psi. They are compatible with ISO 7241 series B.

Whether you need to connect two different types of fluids or need a high-pressure coupling, Parker has the right coupler for your application. These couplers feature double shut-off and non-spill quick couplings with ball or poppet valves. They have a sleeve-locking feature to prevent leaks while connecting and disassembling. Additionally, the Parker EA series includes a positive valve stop.

A range of Parker fittings connectors is available, including quick disconnects, metric and imperial spigots, and other accessories. These couplers are suitable for countless applications and market segments. You can use them to connect fluid lines, hoses, and other fluid lines. So, whether you need a quick coupling to connect two hoses or a fluid line, you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs.

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Parker’s Seal-Lok O-ring Face Seal fittings

One of the most reliable types of hydraulic hose fittings is the Parker Seal-Lok O-ring Face (ORFS) face seal. This type of seal offers leak free performance in high-pressure, vibration, and impulse environments. Parker ORFS also meet or exceed SAE J1453 requirements. If you’re in the market for a face seal for your next project, Parker can help.

The Parker Seal-Lok O-ring face seal fitting is a combination of two types of patented metal sealing materials. The sleeve is used to secure the tube and is compatible with SAE J1926 studs. The SAE J1453-compliant ORFS fitting, the Seal-Lok Xtreme, uses patent metal sealing technology. It can withstand working pressures of 9200 psi.

The O-ring Face Seal Fittings are manufacture to meet the SAE J1453 and ISO 8434-3 standards. They offer zero clearance installation and resistance to vibration and over torque. They are also available in a wide range of wall thicknesses and are easy to adapt to hose. Lastly, the patented FastSeal nut allows the connection of ORFS tubes in minutes, without the hassle of brazing or flanging.

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