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Need to know about everything included in wedding packages!

Every couple wants to make their wedding perfect, and everyone enjoys their event. However, sometimes it becomes challenging to plan an important event in life as so many decisions have to be made! Although, if you plan a destination wedding, a small event, or even a multiple wedding setup, you deserve a fantastic wedding setup with perfect arrangements. Additionally, if you want a stress-free wedding and everything just on time on your big day, then a selection of wedding packages are more important things to make your day perfect. So go and visit the best wedding planner that offers fantastic ideas for wedding packages.

What are the wedding packages offered by wedding planners?

A favorite wedding, Marquee!

Whenever a couple plans their wedding, the wedding venue is one of the important places for the event of the wedding. Moreover, the size and type of venue are dependent on the number of guests, your budget, and the kind of event you want. For example, if you want a separate room for dancing or cake cutting or even a giant marquee, you must discuss it with your wedding specialist. They arrange the marque according to your guest’s limits, arrangements, and vision for the space. Moreover, they suggest complete wedding packages that include a menu of foods, drinks, decoration ramp walk, and many other things in just one package. 

A dedicated event planner!

A complete wedding package may also include a dedicated event manager that manages your event smoothly without any hustle. Having a dedicated event planner is they help plan everything related to your wedding theme and manage easily from starting to end. So, you are in great hands from start to end!


For the wedding, you’ll also need to have a dedicated event coordinator to make sure everything is on schedule on your wedding day. Additionally, the event coordinator, you’ll know when to have your first dance, when dinner is being served, when to cutting the cake, and when to throw the bouquet. Then, all you have to do on your wedding day is show up, spend time with your guests, and enjoy special moments with your loved ones.


A wedding package includes an entire team of dedicated staff to ensure everyone has what they need and that everything goes smoothly. A group of professional servers, carvers, bartenders, and chefs will all attend to your guests, circle around the ballroom to check if someone needs something and make sure your guests are happy. After the wedding, all clean-up is included in your package as well.

Customizable menu selection!

The dinner and menu are the essential parts of a wedding package. It should be customized according to your taste and preference of what kind of menu you want at the wedding. Additionally, you can discuss the dishes and flavors that fulfill your guest’s needs and requirements with the guest. Although, you can also guide them about their dietary request if needed. It is the responsibility of every wedding planner to fulfill your requirements and needs. At the same time, every dish can be served fresh and hot to the guest. You can also select between a buffet or a plated arrangement and a few other menu options for a different style of event.

Unlimited beverages!

In addition to providing a customizable menu, Las Vegas wedding packages all inclusive include unlimited beverages. As well as complimentary champagne so you can all toast together and celebrate your special day. The wedding package includes signature cocktails, an expansive beer and wine selection, soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Additional options include a bourbon tasting station, liquor packages, seasonal drink stations, etc.


If you book a complete wedding package, it should include complimentary decorations for the wedding event. Like the tables and chairs for guests’ attractive covers chairs and tables. It’s your choice to choose the color and style of linens, centerpieces, table decor, and color theme of the wedding. If you decide to bring your event arrangement. The staff will be available for you to organize the event as per your demand and requirement. 


A complete wedding package should include a full-service room setup. It would help if you had to discuss the services in a room like tea, coffee, lunch. And taking care of the room with your event manager. Then, when the wedding comes to an end. You don’t need to pay servants or even ask your friends and family to clean up the room. An all-inclusive package will include cleaning up, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You just order us and leave the arrangement to us, We all know how to give our customer the best service.

More than 10 hours of Wedding Day Coverage are included in the Wedding Package

  • Twelve hours of service are enough to cover and film your big day’s best moments. From its preparation to the final party.
  • Always make sure you are aware of the time the photographer/videographer will spend with you because the total price of the service may increase.
  • Even if your wedding is in the exact location, our work includes the same amount of hours. 
  • Professional photographers higher to take photos and videos, and if they have the chance to have more time to do their job. They can also better choose the aspects of the day and consequently have more images.

Complimentary Pre-Wedding Consultation

To create a personalized event planner, you need to meet the couples. In this phase, the team can understand if the photographer you chose matches your style and is the best one for you. It is all included in the complete wedding package!

You can contact your organizer or event planner, who properly arranges seats and sitting arrangements. You can also inform your guests and look out at the whole setup before starting your event. They can set the best-sitting accounts for your important guests. Like a wedding, the chapel organizes 50 or more seats that arrange correctly.

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