Miss India and Mrs India: Who Will Win The Next Crown & How?

Forever Miss India 2021 is the India’s Biggest Beauty Pageant EmpoweringGirls to flaunt their talent and beauty to this platform. This is a platform of like – minded professionals.

We give everyone this opportunity to dignity their skills. To achieve this First step is registration leading towards your profile. Each profile will be verified and you can update it on regular basis. Every Verified Member will get an E-certificate and Hard Copy will be sent to your doorstep. Each and every member of FSIA will be entitled to numerous benefits and opportunities.

Miss India is looking for idol who can be a symbol of hope to the community affected by Socio-economic challenges. We are looking for a Candidate whose shows “Action Speak louder than words” and Exhibit a “STAR QUALITY

It is a journey where the one with extraordinary potential, ready to put in her full, eventually declared the CHAMPIAN. Miss/Mrs India is not just about style and glamour; it is about true grit, confidence and determination.

Our motto:

We DON’T create boundaries whether its Age, Height and weight.Every Girl should avail this huge chance and explore their personality, character, individuality, and sense of self.

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The qualities that affectIndia winner is:-

Their roots, elegance, demeanor, humility and empathy.

Benefits we offer

  • Life Time Membership
  • Winner Trophy
  • Sash of your own
  • Hardcopy of Certificate
  • E- Certificate
  • Shopping voucher worth 10,000
  • Social Media Mileage
  • Digital and print media promotion
  • Google Ranking Profile
  • Training Sessions

Miss India 2021 is focusing on your hidden talent to showcase and improve through our training sessions.

How Can You Become Miss & Mrs India 2021?

“We do not look for models, we make Role Models”.

Every Indian Girl or Woman who believes in herself, dare to chase her dream sand zeal to excel in life on own can become ONE.

Mrs India

Every Indian Girl or Woman who wants her identity to explore and name renowned can become ONE

There is no Age bar for both MISS & Mrs India.

How to prepare for Miss India & Mrs India and what are the prerequisites for clearing the rounds?

  • Forever Star India is providing Training sessions to each and every candidate who will be appearing for their respective Talents rounds.
  • Each Talents rounds has certain criteria for marks
  • Tell yourself “You can do it, no matter what.”
  • Practice hard, don’t miss any training sessions.
  • Always wear a smile,
  • Relax and Rejuvenate.
  • Listen to your Trainers and experts, be Obedient.
  • Be very particular about your speech and diction.

How can you participate in Miss India & Mrs India 2021?

Meet the requirements and Feel free to register yourself by filling the form and booking your audition slot.

How is Miss & Mrs India Selected?

Each and every candidate appearing for Miss / Mrs India will go through 3 Talent rounds respectively. Depending upon their skills and task performance there will be several criteria for marking.

Mrs India

After enduring each rounds with excellence, we will select CITY WINNERS and STATE WINNERS preceding to NATION WINNER.

How valuable is the Title of Miss India & Mrs India?

To mark your name to the whole world.

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