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Reseed on March 1, 2022, Director of the Study Support and Teaching Materials Division, Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The contents of the question and answer session will be summarized from “Don’t miss a chance. National subsidies and utilization methods for realizing ITIL foundation“. Which was held by inviting Mr. Soichiro Hirai, a special researcher of the Information and Communication Research Institute. Who is working on the construction and support of an educational ICT environment?

What can be done to catch up on all the information on such subsidies at school sites

ITIL foundation thinks it is important to create a system that allows the Board of Education to understand the needs of the school daily, not to mention the managers in the school. By appealing to what you need to the people who need it, it is easy to provide relevant information. In addition, since the budget for regular school education is being promoted as a local allocation tax measure, it is necessary to go through the municipal council.

When the Board of Education communicates with the chief for budgeting, it is good to have a perspective on how to accurately convey the needs of the school site and how to involve local companies. For example, in the case of ICT support like this time, rather than choosing an IT vendor in a big city, we ask a major IT vendor to join us when introducing the system, but the operation part after that is undertake by a local company, etc. In addition to increasing the degree of realization of budgeting by drawing a concept to be promote in, I think that it is also significant in terms of regional revitalization.

In the “class environment advancement project

Since the amount of money, this time is set at the minimum necessary unit price. I would like you to consider equipment with specifications that match the actual situation and the class you want to conduct. Half of the 45,000 yen is subsidizing in the supplementary budget of the “Class Environment Advancement Project”, but the remaining amount is a local allocation tax measure. Considering that a maximum of 45,000 yen will be pay, I would like you to select a PC with the specifications, manufacturer, and OS that suits the education you want to implement without judging by the amount.

Is there any problem if the business operator that is outsource

There is no problem, but I think it is important to select a business operator. If technical questions about ITIL certification remain, it is also important to consider a wide range of businesses.

Is it possible to dispatch a person assign to the GIGA School?

It is necessary to be careful because the work content of class support overlaps with that of ICT support staff. Expenses for ICT support staff, which are positione within the local allocation tax measures, are outside the scope of this supplementary budget. It’s a good idea to focus on the purpose of division of roles and budgeting.

What is the difference between ICT supporters and GIGA school supporters?

In the GIGA school concept, from the viewpoint of the division of roles between the national and local governments. The national budget measures have been take in principle without subsidizing. The national treasury for expenses for which local allocation tax measures have been taking. Local allocation tax measures have already been take for ICT supporters. But GIGA school supporters thought that it was necessary to allocate them. As new financial demand was an initial response when introducing GIGA terminals. And the government provided financial support with subsidies. For details on the differences in each role, please refer to the following materials on the Ministry of Education. And Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology website.

Will it be possible to connect personal PCs and smartphones to Wi-Fi and printers?

It can say that it is difficult at this point. Although it is for learning, the data used in ICT education includes personal information and grades of children. While making the protection of children’s personal information the most important point, we are reviewing the security policy that eliminates waste from the viewpoint of teachers’ work efficiency and work style reform.

When using cloud services, it is often the case that only single-factor authentication is performe by a password authentication

Regarding the expenses require for security measures at schools, including the introduction of multi-factor. So authentication, every year in the “Five-year plan for environmental improvement. For ICT in education (2018 (Heisei 30) to 2022)” Since local financial measures of 180.5 billion yen have been taking, it is essential to process with maintenance utilizing these financial resources.

I think it is important to make the school’s terminal SIM-enabled

We believe that each installer decides what kind of network to build. On the other hand, to present a model example for inexpensively improving the environment based on the actual situation of the school to realize the GIGA school concept, each local government is based on the technical specifications as of December 1st year of Rewa. Presents a standard specification as an example of a model that can be use as a reference when creating a specification.

Regarding future network development, we hope that you will improve the ICT environment necessary for school learning activities, etc. while taking into account the subsequent development of information and communication technology. I’ve heard that some local governments have already made similar developments regarding the conversion of all networks to SIM, so please refer to the advantages and disadvantages of such precedent cases and consider the development.

By when do you think MEXCBT will be available at all schools?

From the 3rd year of Reiwa, we have started to use it in the desired elementary. So junior high, and high schools nationwide. In addition, since the 6th year of Reiwa, we are conducting trials. And verifications to utilize it in national academic ability and learning situation surveys.

The local allocation tax is a fixed percentage of income tax, corporate tax, liquor tax, and consumption tax. So that full amount of local corporate tax adjusts the imbalance of financial resources. Among local public bodies and is constant for the people living in any region. It is a local financial resource that is redistribute according to certain rational standards guarantee. Financial resources so that it can provide administrative services.

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