Mercedes-Benz B Class Rated and Review

Mercedes-Benz, a German automobile, is renowned for manufacturing luxurious and commercial vehicles. The Mercedes gained grants for being the biggest dealer of premium vehicles on the planet, having sold 2.31 million traveler vehicles. The Mercedes Benz focuses more on manufacturing premium cars with a combination of luxury, power, and reliability. The all-new B-Class is a paradigm of comfort and practicability.


Mercedes B-Class: Features

The Mercedes-Benz B Class is a high, spacious family hatchback car that is easy to drive and a good alternative to many modern SUVs. The Mercedes B Class might not look that exciting on the outside, but that interior puts the B-Class head-and-shoulders above its competition. The B-Class intends to mix the quality, refinement, and hey tech inside of the A-Class with more prominent space and reasonableness. The new 2020 B-Class is as sporty and dynamic as ever before. The erotically clear surfaces are a normal plan highlight of the inside and express the plan reasoning of Mercedes-Benz in an especially high-caliber and immortally current way.


The new B-Class is as energetic and dynamic as ever previously. The erotically clear surfaces are a regular plan highlight of the outside and represent the plan theory of Mercedes-Benz in an especially high-caliber and agelessly present-day way. The 2020 Mercedes B-Class is 30mm longer than the old model, taking the overall length up to 4,419mm. It is also 10mm wider, making the width 1,796mm, while the height is 1,562mm. The B-Class measures 1,440mm in height, so you can see why the cabin feels more extensive.

The B-Class is as long and as wide as the A-Class. The B Class takes after the new A-Class with more aggressive styling. The car offers optional LED Headlights too. There is a tall roof design with a new taillight design that comes as standard.  Furthermore, the Mercedes offers several wheel options with sizes ranging from 16 to 19 inches in the B Class. If you are looking for Mercedes b class for sale then we are providing best deals in the UK.


The interior is same as of A-Class. The key contrast is in the plan of the instrument board, which in the B-Class is a solitary unit, instead of the split bodies as in the A-Class. The interior is dominated by five, high-quality, circular air vents and the display units. Standard gear incorporates double zone atmosphere control, front and back armrests, multifunction controlling wheel, and a scope of surrounding lighting. The new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system comes as standard and is a wanted addition to the range.


Moreover, the MBUX system can be controlled via a touchpad on the center console or even via the buttons on the steering wheel, but more impressive is the voice control; it uses a “Hey Mercedes” command, in much the same way one might use Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa personal assistants. Furthermore, two 7-inch screens are featured as standard on both the Sport and AMG Line models, one can upgrade to a 10.25-inch infotainment screen as part of the Executive equipment pack or the 10.25-inch instrument cluster as part of the Premium equipment pack. The Premium package also includes a 225-watt top-line sound system.

Mercedes-Benz B Class: Trunk Space

The Mercedes B class offers a 455 liters boot, the trunk space is roughly the same size as the old B-Class, but a sliding rear seat, added to the range in mid-2019, increase the luggage capacity to 705 liters when required. In addition, the at-present fixed back seat parts and creases in three segments to a helpful 40:20:40 proportion, and with every one of the three collapsed level, the boot stretches out up to 1,540 liters of space. That is 30 liters more than one would find in the 2 Series Active Tourer, but the BMW is also offered as a longer-wheelbase Gran Tourer variant. Check out the best options of used Mercedes for sale.

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Driving and Handling

For the sort of driving where most Mercedes-Benz B-Class proprietors will connect. With the 1.3-liter four-chamber petroleum in the B180 Sport performs splendidly well. Throttle response is brittle in the context of downsized engines prone to turbo lag. However, accept the fact that outright performance for this entry-level model is modest. And even the B180 Sport did exceed its manufacturer’s claims in sprinting to 60mph in 8.4sec. The problem arises when rivals are compared with B class which offers relatively little torque; in-gear acceleration is boring. The fourth-gear 40-60mph dash takes 5.7sec, requiring the need to stray into the course. The Upper reaches of the rev range for any unprepared overtaking.

And although it will whirl all the way to 6300rpm, there is little additional propulsion to be gained by pushing this engine past 5000rpm. On highways, the B-Class summons the kind of flexibility that low-profile tires have robbed from many modern MPVs and SUVs. Although, with cabin noise recorded at just 67dB at a steady 70mph trip, the ambiance is commensurately peaceful. The B180 Sport’s low-speed ride also has much to recommend it, although it isn’t quite as indifferent to sharper inputs, such as those caused by potholes, as it might be. An example fitted with adaptive dampers and operating in their most relaxed setting might perform better. But this is only a small blemish on an otherwise convincing performance.

Safety Features

The B-Class safety ranking hasn’t been tested by Euro NCAP, but the A-Class scored incredibly well in 2018. The projection for B Class is highly impressive. A 96 percent rating for adult occupant safety stands second only to the Volvo XC40 and on a par with the S60/V60. In the interim, 91 percent for child occupant safety is the joint-highest. While, 92 percent for pedestrian safety marks the top position. There is a substantial level of standard safety equipment which include, attention assist, collision prevention assists with adaptive brake assist, electronic stability and traction control, and 9 airbags. Whereas, a Driving Assistance pack can be added as extra payment and this package contains different advance functions like blind spot assist, emergency braking, steering assist, adaptive cruise control and route-based speed adjustment.

Mercedes-Benz B Class: Running Costs

Unlike some of its rivals, there is no plug-in hybrid version of the B-Class, which means you are limited to conventional petrol and diesel engines. The 1.5-liter diesel engine delivers between 51.4mpg and 60.1mpg depending on the choice of wheels. The 2.0-liter diesel first seen in the E-Class offers 51.4mpg to 57.7mpg.  Certainly, the petrol engines are not as efficient, but these are the units to go for if you intend to do anything less than 12,000 miles in a year.

The 1.33-litre in B 180 is the most economical choice, delivering between 40.4mpg and 47.1mpg. The same engine is also found in the more powerful B 200, but the economy drops to between 39.8mpg and 46.3mpg. Of the two 2.0-liter petrol variants, the B 250 is the most efficient, delivering 36.7mpg to 40.4mpg. If you go for the B 220 this drops to between 34mpg and 38.7mpg. used You can also review Mercedes gla.

Mercedes B-Class: Pricing

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is reasonably priced according to the trim level. Different prices are with different models such as B 180 Sport in £ 26,975, B 180 AMG Line in £ 28,175, B 200 Sport in £ 28,525, B 200 and more.

What’s New in 2021?

The latest Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2021 offers more driver assistance features than the previous model, with active cruise control and lane-keeping assist joining forces to help you halt in the lane on the motorways. There is also an active lane-changing to help you overtake safely. Mercedes claims that the system can antedate traffic movement up to 500 meters ahead. The HANDS-FREE ACCESS permits you to open and close the back end of the new B-Class with no actual contact. A small foot movement is all one needs to open or close automatically.

Variants and Specs

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is offered in 1 Diesel Engine and 1 Petrol Engine. The Diesel motor is 2143 cc while the Petrol motor is 1595 cc. With regards to particulars, it’s the typical Mercedes passage of SE section models, with Sport and AMG Line accessible as top-line grades. The Electric Drive variant sits as its own model, with Sport and Electric Art trim levels. However, there is a restricted selection of engines, with 1.6-liter petrol in two versions, a 1.5-liter diesel. Two versions of a 2.1-liter diesel, and the electric option. The B 200 d and B 220 d come as standard with an 8G-DCT 8-Speed automatic transmission. While, the B 180 and B 200 use a 7G-DCT 7-Speed automatic transmission.

There are two trim lines on proposal with the new vehicle Sport and AMG-Line. The higher-spec AMG-Line trim offers fitter design tweaks and comes at a premium. All but the top B220d and Electric Drive cars are available in manual transmission and automatic. The B220d is offered in automatic transmission only, with front or four-wheel drive. Also the Electric Drive uses a single-speed direct-drive transmission. If you are looking for affordable Used cars then we are providing best options in the UK.

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