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Make The Most Out of Your Available Space with Small Cloakroom Vanity Units

The small cloakroom vanity units are a perfect solution for your bathroom’s space shortage concerns.  Choosing the right storage for your lavatory can be a hassling process, especially when you have limited space. These furniture units provide an optimum solution by combining practicality along with utility.  Apart from being space sufficient, these units maintain the visual and contemporary outlook of the washroom by adding a touch of luxury. Read on the following everything about the small bathroom cabinet to turn all your renovation concerns into a hassle-free experience. 

What Are the Vanity Units?

These are simply a type of storage furniture unit that is compact. Contrary to standard size storage options, these are specially designed to install in small spaces such as the cloakroom. However, even with relatively small or compact sizes, these offer the same functionality and practicality. Just like a standard one, these also have different types. These usually have the following types

Types and Features. 

Most of these units have the following types and features. 

    • Floor Or Freestanding. These are the type of vanity units that stands on the floor without any need for fixing. Although you place it anywhere, the best-suited space is along the wall. These usually are available in 400mm length with a single-door drawer option. 
    • Wall Hung. As it is clear from the name, these are the type of units that you can fix on the wall. Other than compact size, everything is similar to its standard counterparts. Because these are floating units, space underneath remains accessible. That makes your cloakroom look spacious and cleaning a lot easier and quicker. 
  • Worktop Sink Option. Although the small bathroom cabinet is a standalone unit, you have an option to use the top space for the worktop sink. By doing so, you will have even more space-saving as it will eliminate the need for a separate basin. All the pipework will remain concealed inside the furniture unit giving a clean and uncluttered look. The worktop sink is available for both types and styles. It is a great option for contemporary design bathrooms.

Why You Need Small Vanity Units

Cloakrooms have limited space, where you can not fit in a standard size fixture. If you try to do it, there will not be any room available for other things. Therefore, homeowners often face problems in thinking about the ways to deal with the space problem. Manufacturer on realizing it offers a range of compact size fixtures that not only enhance the storage but look aesthetically pleasing while using minimum space in the bathroom.

Benefits of Vanity

By installing Cloakroom Vanity Units, you can expect the following advantages. 

  1. Space sufficiency 

The biggest benefit of these units is their ability to fit in the smallest of spaces.  These vanities take minimal space and provide utility along with ease. Their space-saving design makes them effective for use by people having smaller bathrooms. 

  1. Practicality 

Despite their small size, these storages provide practicality as opposed to basins which cannot be used as a storage space.  These small units come with a shelf that can be used to store the toiletries, which give an immaculate appeal to the bathroom. 

  1. Design 

The units come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and sizes. Depending on the color of the washroom, it can customize or match these with the overall theme of your bath space.  Turn your washroom into a modish retreat by installing these small storage units. These come with glazed surfaces and polished handles that give off an elegant appeal to the bathroom. 

  1. Quality 

When it comes to quality, these small bathroom cabinets leave no stone unturned as these are built to withstand significant wear and tear and be resilient to water damage. These are quite durable, which makes them last longer than most traditional basins. 

  1. Maintenance 

Given their small size, the vanities are the easiest to clean. Their stain-resistant material makes it easier to swipe them in one go.  The gloss doesn’t go away with the repetitive cleaning, which makes the cloakroom vanity units appear brand-new for a long time. 

  1. Cleanliness

These units hide the unsightly look of pipelines and metalwork that adorn the sink. By installing the vanities, the rooms appear immaculate and cleaner as opposed to being left open with a bunch of pipes.  Make your look contemporary by installing the cloakroom vanity units. They not only give a luxurious outlook but provide a perfect solution for all your storage issues.

Looking to Install a Small Cloakroom Vanity Units?

In this article, we provided you with important information about Small Cloakroom Vanity Units. If you have a cloakroom and are looking for suitable bathroom storage options, then it can be a fantastic choice for you. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have perfect quality fittings and fixtures for cloakrooms available at reasonable prices. You may already know that COVID-19 Delta Variant is spreading fast in the UK. Therefore, it is very important to get a Coronavirus vaccination as early as possible to save yourself and others around you. 


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