Life Hacks: Managing Your Time And Increasing Productivity

Let us begin with a question:

Do you often feel stressed out because of too much workload and insufficient time?

If yes is your answer, this means that you need to learn the tactics for managing your time.

There is a great concept that suggests that we tend to waste a lot of time in deciding or procrastinating.

For instance, let us consider the most basic thing like how to style a plain t-shirt

Now if the person is given so many choices, this will increase the time consumed to decide what to wear and how to style it!

Whereas if the options are limited, the decision will be fast and certainly the best!

From this simple example, we can understand that time consuming to do a certain task is directly connected to your productivity!

Thus, if you want to increase your productivity, it is very important to learn about managing your time.

Are you wondering what time management is all about?

Well, this concept is all about the process of planning and then controlling things!

Now, what are the signs of good time management?

Well, it allows an individual to accomplish the tasks within a certain time limit or achieve more in less time!

This helps to remain stressed and get success in the field.

The core human tendency suggests that if we know the pros of a certain thing, we tend to learn it faster and concentrate on the thing well!

So let us first know what the core benefits of time management are?

  • Sense of relief without stress!
  • More time to do other important things.
  • Chance to say yes to more and even better opportunities.
  • Ability to realize goals and achieve them on time.

After identifying the positive side of time management, let us know a few hacks for managing your time.


Do you know what the two most important things which you need to consider while setting your goal are?

Well, the answer is the goals should be:

  • Achievable and
  • Measurable

This directly means that you need to choose a smart approach when it comes to goal setting.

Whenever you are setting any goal, make sure that they are 

  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Specific
  • Measurable.

Well, there is indeed a problem with goal setting. And this is because people tend to take a lot of time just setting the goal. This is totally against the fundamentals of managing your time.

 So, even goal setting needs to have a smart and productive approach.


Whether one agrees or not, we can’t have the time to do all the things which we want to do.

And this gives rise to the concept of prioritizing the work.

But the important question here is how to prioritize the tasks?

Well, there are two factors which you need to consider:

  • Importance
  • Urgency

The time management tip here is to always begin the work with the most important and the most urgent work. 

Prioritizing things is a great concept and is being used by many successful organizations and individuals as well.

Prioritizing the tasks buys you time to work on the things which are of utmost importance and necessity!


This is a tip that everyone should apply in day-to-day life. 

This can be regarded as a smarter approach when it comes to managing your time and increasing productivity.

This concept of putting time constraints helps in achieving your goals on time.

There is a wonderful concept that states that a task expands to fill the time limit allotted to it.

This means that if you are going to do just one thing in a day, it will expand the time provided and will not be completed earlier.

This means that you should always put a time limit on the task.

If we discuss the benefit of using this practice, it has been proved that it helps in increasing focus, efficiency, and productivity.

By making this small effort in your day-to-day tasks, you are going to spare a lot of time for other things which you want to do.

The hidden benefit here is that it helps in recognizing problems and finding solutions to them.

Certainly, it is going to help you in knowing your potential and unlocking new areas.

And of course, this is going to serve the ultimate goal of managing your time and increasing your productivity.


Well, this is some advice which many of you might disagree with!

But if you want to stay motivated and focused, it is very important to take breaks between the tasks.

Allow yourself some time to sit and refresh your mind!

Well, just think about what productivity and managing your time are all about.

It is simply about how efficiently and fastely you are doing a certain task.

Thus if you are constantly doing the task without the break, your efficiency will be affected. This means more time to do less work.

And this is totally against the basic concept of productivity and time management.

So, give yourself some time to rest and relax., even the studies also suggest the same!


The core concept in managing your time is removing nonessential tasks and activities from your calendar.

Find out what is important and what needs your time.

The benefit of removing non-essential is that it buys you time to do the things which you wanted to do but weren’t able to do because of lack of time.


This is a hard fact but a true one that the time availability is only 24 hours. 

This means that knowing the hacks for managing your time becomes even more crucial.

Now productivity is directly connected with the way you manage your time.

Thus to work on improving your productivity, you have to start with improving your time management skills.

Here are a few key takeaways that will make this work easy for you!

  • Start with setting your goals wisely.
  • Then prioritize the work
  • Allot a time slot to complete a certain task.
  • Allow yourself some relaxation and break time in between the tasks.
  • Remove nonessential tasks from the schedule 

Follow these simple tips and tricks to manage your time and increase productivity.

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