Learn How You Can Collect Payments With QR Codes

Even though QR codes have been in existence for years, they have just begun to gain momentum. And this is because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has steered consumers to this touchless and contactless payment method. Being one of the safest payment methods these days, more and more people are making QR code their preferred mode of paying their bills and they are getting upi payment cashback. Moreover, it is also one of the simplest modes of payment that only requires you to scan a QR code through a smartphone application.

Let us know more about this relatively new payment method and how it works.

How Does a QR code Work?

QR codes operate more or less like barcodes. However, they do have a bunch of additional benefits. For instance, QR codes can be directly scanned, printed on paper, or displayed on a screen. This makes payments a lot easier and more convenient for users.

The consumer has to launch the relevant smartphone application to scan the QR code. You can easily do this by allowing the application to access your smartphone’s camera application. Then, before checking out, the customer can scan the code displayed by the retailer at the counter, confirm the total amount to be paid, and then finalise the payment. The amount will be debited from the customer’s account and transferred to the retailer’s registered account.

How to set up QR code payments

These days setting up a QR code is pretty easy. If the merchant uses a service like GooglePay, Paytm, or PayPal, the QR code can be generated right from their website or smartphone application. The generated QR code can be printed on a piece of paper or displayed on a screen from where the consumer can quickly scan the code through their mobile phone. This is one of the best ways of collecting payment for small or micro businesses.

Perks Of Paying Bill Through Scan and Pay Methods

Getting payments through QR codes is easy. Merchants do not have to worry about getting the exact amount of money or even having loose change available all the time. Digital payments have undoubtedly made lives a lot easier.

Even the scan-to-pay payment method is a lot easier for consumers. The need to carry wallets, cash, or debit/credit cards has been reduced for starters. One can carry their smartphone and shop their heart out without any worries.

Also, one can pay with a QR code and be sure that their transaction is safe and secure. This is because QR codes offer more security as compared to credit cards. This is because all the transferred data is encrypted. Thus, there is no need to store customer payment information on your systems. This, in turn, makes QR code payment methods a lot more reliable than other payment methods.

Payments made by qr code scanner are also quicker. It eliminates the hassle of opening your wallet, looking for cash, counting it, or even finding your debit or credit card, and then authorising the payment. With the QR code payment method, all the unnecessary steps are avoided, and the customer can simply put in the exact amount to be paid and leave the store. Other than this, most smartphones these days can easily read the patterns in the black boxes and the codes that include unique data. This makes QR code payments less prone to errors making transactions much faster.

QR codes are also quite versatile and can be used by different retailers to collect payments for different kinds of businesses. This makes this payment method quite popular and thus adds up to the convenience of both the merchant and the customer since both already know how to carry out such transactions.


Overall, QR code payments are all set to redefine how to pay their bills and collect payments. We hope that this information will help you get an idea of how QR code payments work and how one can set up their QR codes and start collecting payments in a much easier and hassle-free manner.

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