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Know The Way of Getting True Copy Attestation in UAE.

In this modern world, a True copy is described as a copy that has been certified via the Notary which certifies the authenticity as well as genuineness of a certificate or document. A True Copy is a photocopy of a certificate. The attestation of True copies of documents and certificates helps government authorities in verifying the credibility of the certificates/documents which enables people in getting better opportunities as well as potential in their professional careers.

What is a True Copy attestation in UAE?

The True Copy attestation in UAE is the documents that are demonstrated and stamped by the legal authorities inclusive of the Solicitor, and Notary Public. The True Copy attestation enables verification of the authenticity of a document. A True Copy with attestation is quite much like a Notarized copy. You can use this copy for any legal representation in numerous countries. It is important to get a True Copy attestation for several legal documents such as passport, Academic, Personal and Commercial documents and helps in proving their credentials before governing authorities.

A huge range of ex-pats living in the UAE sends licensed True Copies of their documents which include passports, bills, Emirates IDs, driving licenses, bank statements, and experience certificates to the government departments, immigration departments, embassies, and banks around the sector to perform numerous transactions.

True Copy Attestation in UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the leading destinations for various commercial activities and educational needs and has been witnessing a growth in the migration of ex-pats with every passing year. The procedure of True Copy Attestation in UAE helps people in proving their credentials and settling down in their future without any legal trouble. In UAE, solicitors and lawyers have the authority for attesting True Copies of the certificates and documents with the signature of sincere witnesses.

The certified True Copy attestation in UAE helps to verify the documents and their credentials before concerning authorities. A True Copy attestation process also helps in building a sincere relationship with the concerning government and helps them to affirm the credibility of the certificate holder. This process has been a success in making sure a clean process for recruitment of candidates for various positions.

Which documents necessitate a True Copy Attestation?

The most necessary documents that need to prove their authenticity as True Copies from lawyers in the UAE include the following:

  • Passports
  • Utility Bills
  • Emirates IDs
  • Driving Licenses
  • Bank Statements
  • Academic Certificates (Degree, Diploma)
  • Personal Certificates (Birth certificates, Marriage certificates)

The True Copy attestation is a difficult process you can complete it on your own but, running between offices will be a time-consuming task for you. It will be better if you hire a True Copy attestation agency in UAE to complete this procedure easily and without any hassle. These agencies have years of experience in this field and can smoothly complete this procedure correctly.

The transactions that need to have True Copy attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and different Emirates in the UAE typically encompass obtaining a second nationality, starting a Bank account, submitting tax returns, buying or selling properties, or admissions to diverse Educational institutions.

Attestation agency in UAE

English-speaking common law countries require True Copy Attestation of certificates as a convenient way of providing a copy of documents. It is an inexpensive service to obtain. A certified True Copy attestation agency in UAE can easily get True Copies of your documents for official government or court purposes and commercial reasons on your behalf.

A True Copy is a document from the Notary. The certification of True copy requires verification from a particular person your organization asking for. Commonly, the person is an authorized individual that has the authority to sign the certificates and which varies among countries. This particular person is a legal authority (courtroom clerk, solicitor, or notary public) to accomplish this.

If you are looking for the best certified True Copy attestation agency in UAE, you can take help from the internet and can find the best suitable for you. Make sure to select an agency that is valid and genuine. They must know all the details of the procedure of True Copy attestation from the Notary or Lawyer for various documents. Make sure that they can also provide you the translation services for the documents as well for international use.

Attestation agents in UAE

Commonly, the documents need a professional translation. You need to attach the translator’s certificates of accuracy along with the documents. Then, the primary document, the translation, and the certificates of accuracy will consider correct documents. The True copy attestation agents in UAE know all the details and can approach the Notary or translator directly. They can guide you about this procedure and can achieve it easily on time at an affordable fee.

True copy attestation is necessary for those document holders who don’t want to leave their original certificate to the entities for they work. Passports and other country-wide identification cards are the most common documents that this type of attestation. Attestation of true copies is mandatory to decrease fraud activities consisting of document forging. A Public Notary will check and verify the original documents to assure the validity of the copies of documents.

The certified True Copy attestation agents in UAE can help you with proper attestation services for passports. Step one for the attestation is making copies of the passport. Maximum government authorities require copies made through the Public Notaries themselves. Then the Notary Public will verify and certify those passport copies after which you can take these copies of the passport to various government departments for further attestation. These copies require attestation from the UAE Embassy in the Home country of the passport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) department in UAE.

Attestation Services in UAE

You can find numerous attestation agencies that can assist you with True Copy attestation services. The best True Copy attestation agency in UAE has contacts with special law firms across the globe to help you with the certification and attestation of True Copies of documents whether you want to use them in UAE, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hungary, India, Pakistan, and Egypt, etc. They can manage a correct True Copy attestation on your behalf successfully and timely.

Make sure to choose a genuine and reliable agency to get True Copy Attestation in UAE that can assure you to complete this procedure for every type of document.


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