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Is Huwei Matebook Pro X Good for gaming?

If you are a good gaming freak, then you might know the importance of a best gaming laptop. It gives you the freedom to perform all your gaming and other tasks, while you are on the go. Nothing is more fun than having the freedom to enjoy the gaming fun, even if you are travelling. If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop then you have come to the right place. We are going to review a best intel core i7 laptop for you guys, and we will try to find out that is it good for gaming or not. So let us just dive right in.

MateBook Pro X Specs

Let us get the technical specs out of the way first. MateBook Pro X is powered by an Intel Core i7 8th generation processor. You get the memory of 8GB RAM and a storage space of 512GB SSD. It is also Windows 10 compatible, which means you are getting the smooth and fast-paced operating system, for all your tasks. These specs work really well and never let the laptop slow down, even while you are performing high-res demanding tasks or multi-tasking. Well, these specs can give you good amount of power, to enjoy all your gaming tasks in a carefree manner. This 8GB RAM laptop with a wide storage space of 512GB SSD can give you fast processing in your games, and can even manage to let you face less loading time.


Now let us take a look at the display of this majestic laptop. It is equipped with a 13.9 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 3000×2000 pixels, to enjoy all your visuals. There is a pretty thin bezel, which can give you the screen to body ratio of 91%. It also gives you the freedom to control the laptop, with the touch of your fingers. It is equipped with a multi touch screen, which can help you in staying productive and save some time as well. The colors are sharp and vivid, whereas the overall picture quality will leave you mesmerized. This display can prove to be really good for your gaming purposes. You can see every little detail on this display with ease, and the in-game graphics can be enjoyed to the fullest as well.

Graphics Support

It has the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPU to support your gaming sessions. This GPU has the ability to take on any game you like. You can play most of the AAA games on it with ease. You will not experience any kind of lag or interruptions, while you are playing your games. You can play Resident Evil and Street Fighter on it with great precision. But some of the really heavy and demanding games may not be able to run to the fullest potential.


Battery is the most important thing while you are playing your games. If you don’t have the proper battery support, you cannot enjoy your gaming fun for longer period of time. Huawei MateBook X Pro Laptop has a mighty 57.4 Wh battery, which can give you the battery time of 13 hours with just a single. You can enjoy your long gaming sessions without having to worry about the battery running out. It can prove to be your best gaming buddy while you are on a long flight.

Slim and Stylish

In addition to being power-packed, this intel core i7 laptop is also pretty stylish too. It has a slim and sleek body which gives it a simple yet bold look. With the slim body of just 14.6mm thin, it fits in your bag perfectly and leaves a lot of space for your other stuff as well. It has a lightweight of just 1.33kg which makes it easy to hold and even easier to carry around.

Bottom Line

Well, this was the review of probably the best gaming laptop you will ever come across. It has the perfect specs and graphics support for your intense gaming sessions. The display is good, and the battery is even better. So, it is safe to say that Huawei MateBook X Pro Laptop is good for gaming and it will surely never let you down. So, make sure to visit and buy this one, or choose from a wide collection of gaming laptops.

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