Is Computer Delivered IELTS test better than Paper-Based IELTS test?

If you are searching for the answer to the question, is the Computer Delivered IELTS test better than the Paper-Based IELTS test? Then, you have arrived on the right web page where we will disclose how a computer-based IELTS test is different from a Paper-based IELTS and why a candidate needs to go for the fully computerized IELTS test? Although the syllabus is the same for both types of tests, it is still essential for you to choose the right test-taking mode because it can impact your overall performance.

Do you know how? We will show you through this blog, but first, you must understand what is Computer-delivered IELTS? And what is the Paper-based IELTS test? In the Computer-delivered IELTS test, the three modules of IELTS including reading, writing, and listening are conducted on a computer whereas a pen and paper is used to write an answer in the exam in the Paper-based IELTS test. Check the Best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana and get the best counseling from their trainers before enrolling for the test. 

How is Computer-delivered IELTS different from Paper-based IELTS?

  • In the computer-based IELTS test, reading, writing, and listening task are conducted online and a candidate has to type their answers in the corresponding boxes on their screen within the stipulated time. Conversely, paper-based IELTS tests are conducted offline. An IELTS candidate has to provide their answers on the paper sheet.
  • Timing and a method of test scoring evaluation are the same.
  • While transferring the sheet in the Computer-delivered IELTS exam, a candidate has only 2 minutes to re-check their answers but in the Paper-based IELTS exam, a candidate will get 10 minutes for transferring the sheet (IELTS Listening module). 
  • A third basic difference lies in the order of the test. The Computer-delivered IELTS test begins with a ‘Listening’ module followed by a ‘Reading’ and then ‘Writing’ task whereas paper-based IELTS starts with a ‘Writing’ followed by ‘Reading’ and then ‘Listening’. The fourth module ‘Speaking’ is conducted either on the same day or on a different day after the test. 

Hence, these are the 4 fundamental differences between the Computer Delivered IELTS and Paper Based IELTS exam. If you are computer-friendly and good at typing then you must go with the Computer Delivered IELTS test. If you want more technicality on both the exam, you can link with the Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar. 

Is Computer Delivered IELTS better than Paper-Based IELTS?

The answer to this question lies in the computer literacy of the candidate. The prime task is to check whether you are computer friendly or not? If you are good at working with computers then choosing Computer Delivered IELTS is one of the ideal choice. Here we have brought some super great benefits why Computer Delivered IELTS is best?

  • A test venue is simply awesome 

One of the best thing about the IELTS computer-based test is its venue where it is conducted. Everything is designed in an organized manner to provide comfort to every candidate. A small in-built modern classroom with fewer students as compared to a paper-based test system helps you to type your answer with a great deal of concentration.

  • Quick result 

Another benefit of choosing a computer-based IELTS test is that result will be declared quickly as compared to the paper-based IELTS test. With a fully computerized IELTS exam, you will get your results within 5 to seven days, however, you need to wait for 13 to 15 days to know your results with a paper-based IELTS test. The result days may vary so it will be good if you take the directional guidance from the instructors or professionals of Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar.

  • No more messy handwriting 

Handwriting plays a big role in getting a good score in the IELTS exam. If you have awful writing then an examiner may misunderstand the word or sentence in the paper-based IELTS exam which will lead you to get fewer scores. On the other hand, IELTS computer-delivered test is fully computer-based and you need to type your answers so you can escape yourself from this issue.

  • Get a high-quality computer screen

You are going to get a high-quality computer screen in the computer-based IELTS test. While attempting the IELTS reading test, you can easily increase or decrease the font size as per your own need. You can highlight or mark the relevant word or sentence but in the paper-based test, you can use a marker to pick the key figures from the passage. You can save valuable time by copying and pasting essential words from the passage.

  • Count word with ease

You would not get adequate IELTS scores if you increase the determined word count. In the paper-based IELTS test, counting words is a time-consuming process. However, Computer Delivered IELTS, the computer itself shows word count in an appropriate way.

Hope you understand why the computer delivered IELTS exam is the best choice over paper-based IELTS test. Still, if you need to upgrade your knowledge on the same topic or have tons of questions related to the IELTS, link with the Best IELTS coaching in Jalandhar


In the end, we would suggest computer-delivered IELTS is far better than the paper-based IELTS exam. Checking word count easily, highlighting important key points or figures, scrolling the screen. You should not have fear of bad handwriting, a small gathering of students in the exam venue. It will help you to get the desired band scores in the IELTS exam.

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