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India travel ban by US: Who are exempted and other details in 10 points

The Covid-19 pandemic is still here are wreaking havoc in many major countries of the world. Being the second worst-hit country, India is seeing a massive surge in cases in the past few months. Due to the large population and new strains of the virus, the past few weeks have been devastating. While the entire world is still fighting, the situation in India is worsening than before.

The record-high spike in cases has lead to many new restrictions in the country. With lockdowns in a few states to travel restrictions, India is fighting the virus with new protocols. Many countries have imposed travel bans and rules on Indian travellers. The US also recently imposed a travel ban for travellers from India. Let us discuss the significant aspects of this decision in ten points:

Why was the travel ban imposed?

In the past weeks, the toll of cases every day is increasing. India has over one-third of the global number of cases, which is an alarming figure. Also, the double mutant strain of the virus and other strains are much more dangerous.

The US administration, looking to curb the incoming travellers from India, passed this rule. It will help reduce the risk of the USA, which is another badly hit country. Also, some of the new strains of the virus are not present in the USA. The US government needs to keep it that way and take down any chance of susceptibility.

When will the travel ban start?

The order will start operating from May 4th,2021. Before this date, people who have their plans can travel, but they still have to adhere to the protocols. Mandatory testing and quarantine are some of the rules they need to follow.

The travel restriction is set up for an uncertain period and will only change on specific orders of the administration.

Are there any exemptions?

Many classes of travellers are exempt from this rule, and they can travel to the USA. The permanent US residents and the citizens can travel to the USA, irrespective of this rule. Also, their spouses are exempt and can travel.

There are specific categories of students whose studies are beginning in the fall period are also exempt. Some of the humanitarian workers and specific journalists are also free to travel, following the mandatory restrictions and precautions.

What about the people with tickets after the ban?

The people who already bought the flight tickets to the USA after the ban cannot fulfil their plans. The administration has instructed the airlines to refund the ticket amount to such people.

If you had plans to visit the USA for vacation and back, you could refund the departure tickets. However, you won’t be able to do the same with direct flights to India from the USA.

What are the restrictions for people who fall under exempt categories?

If you fall into one of the exempt categories, you need to follow other rules. The people need to take all the safety precautions. Apart from that, they need to get tested before getting on the flight and produce a negative result. There are other quarantine rules for people arriving in the USA.

All travellers need to adhere to the country’s specific rules and precautions for a smooth arrival.

What are the things you need to carry to travel to the USA?

You need to submit a negative result of the RT-PCR test before getting on the aircraft. Also, there is a self-declaration form indicating the authenticity of the report.

You need to submit these things or upload them on the website before your departure.

Are there any other countries to ban travellers from India?

Other central counties like Australia, UK, UAE, Canada and New Zealand have banned Indian travellers. There are many other countries, but these are the principal ones.

How soon will the standard travel resume?

There is no fixed time for this. The current travelling ban is set for an uncertain time until the situation improves. The US administration will convey the decision once the coronavirus cases start to decline.

How to book the flights if you are exempt?

You can book the flights of any major operating airlines. Look for the Direct flights to Goa from USA and book the tickets according to the availability. You should keep following the changing rules to ensure a smooth flight.

Apart from that, follow all the mandatory safety rules to protect yourself from the virus. Upload the documents and get tested before the flight. If you start showing any signs of the virus, cancel the plans and isolate. It will help contain the spread and a speedy recovery for you.

Are there any other countries with travel bans?

Many central countries badly hit by the virus are on the travel ban list. Some of them are China, EU, UK, Brazil, South Africa and Iran. However, many categories of travellers are exempt from these countries as well.

If you wish to fly to the USA, keep waiting for the updated guidelines. Once the cases decline, there would be better hope for regular travel. Until then, stay safe.

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