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Important reasons why you should test your sewage water

Sewage pollution has always been the world’s most significant environmental problem – in fact, reducing it was the first environmental measure. New technologies and regulations have been evolving for more than a century and will continue to do so. PED Home Maintenance Company do Sewage System Cleaning Dubai.

These are the most important reasons why sewage testing on your vessels is so important and how a new sewage affiliate testing kit can help.

Sewage testing helps limit marine pollution

In addition to the deep unpleasant visual effects, sewage is also very harmful to marine life. Especially in so many seas and coastal areas. Because it uses up valuable oxygen in the water as it breaks down, it can cause the collapse of fish, coral, seaweed and micro-organisms that are essential to the ecosystem.

Sewage testing helps to avoid health hazards

Pathogenic organisms, viruses and bacteria present in sewage can cause Salmonella and Hepatitis A and E, as well as numerous gastrointestinal diseases and infections. Indirect contact is also effective because many sea creatures filter out seawater, and retain the dangerous particles that can pass them on to the food.

Sewage testing reduces the time

If you check your vessel’s sewage regularly, you can identify problems well in advance and fix them with minimal difficulty. It is more effective than waiting until a problem develops, as it results in your system being out of order.

Sewage testing reduces costs

Time to time means that your vessel is not working at maximum profit. Repairing defects with your sewer system can have a major impact on your operations, which can be easily avoided with regular testing.

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It’s easy to check your sewage

The Sewage Effluent Kit from PED provides a means of quality testing using simple testing methods. In order to minimize waste and keep your costs to a minimum, the kit contains only the most important components that will allow you to do the necessary quality checks.

Sewage testing makes sure you comply

More attention is being paid to drainage and its effects. This has resulted in stricter quality standards and regulations – and will soon become more comprehensive. A good sewage test kit will ensure you comply with current legislation as well as ensure that you are prepared for future changes. Do you know about Sewage System Cleaning Dubai?

This is from a supplier you can trust

PED Home Maintenance Company is known for its expertise in ship safety and crew welfare and has a worldwide reputation. The world’s largest pilots rely on our products to keep their ships and crew safe and improve their performance.

Getting a sewage water test done quickly

The kit provides simple tests for permanganate value, pH, suspended solids, potential BOC (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and TOC (Total Organic Carbon). Test your time and keep your expenses down. Provide fast measurements.

Our sewer effluent kit adds to your existing Martic equipment

If you are already using Drink Safe for your drinking water, the Drainage Test Kit fits the solution for a complete water testing solution. The first and only joint package in the market.

It is familiar to existing Martic users

No formal training is required for water analysis and, because your staff already knows how Drink Safe works, the sewerage testing procedure will be quick and easy for them. Tests are easy to perform and do not use complex equipment so they are suitable for everyone’s use.

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