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Impact of Digital Media on Individuals, Organizations and Society

“There are 3.8 billion internet users and 2.5 billion active users of social media.”

When we think about digital media, our minds immediately goes to the several mobile applications that have been a significant part of our lives. But in actuality, digital media is much more vast than that, and the way it has penetrated our lives and society is unparalleled.

Have you ever thought about the origins from and, more importantly, where does popularity emerge? Are you in favour of the immediate and complete take over of digital media in our lives? Most people are favourable and grateful for the pros of this revolution, but some have chosen to stay out of the grid.

The impact of digital media has changed as all as individuals, an organization and society. Let us have a deep look into this claim.


People who were born in the era of the technology revolution have witnessed it all. They have seen the cassettes, floppy disks, CDs, USBs, Playstation, Xbox, etc. In a minimal period, things have changed a lot for our generation. There was a time when we had to wait for an email reply for hours. Now we can get connected with people we barely know within seconds. The impact is both positive and negative. Let’s start with the positive.


  • Communication has become a lot better than before. For example, people can access social media accounts and find their old friends or reconnect with old colleagues.
  • Students can use multiple mobile applications for their course work, for instance, language applications and mathematic applications.
  • You can easily take online classes and examinations living in a different country. Then, things like online help was an impossible phenomenon. Now we can easily search and get digital marketing assignment help and business management help.
  • Newbie moms had to read books over books to take care of a baby or name their babies. Now websites are available that provide even the most minor information about symptoms and changes of a baby. That brings us to our next point.
  • Pregnancy mobile applications can predict the changes and development of your baby now at your fingertips.
  • You can learn any skill online. You can even get video tutorials on cooking, hiking, exercises, singing, makeup and anything your heart desires.


  • When you are on the net, nothing becomes private. You are exposed to many mean comments that you can only delete, but overall, it takes a toll on your confidence.
  • There is a thing called “too much information”. The more you absorb information, the more it affects your peace.
  • As an individual who suffers from low self-esteem and inferiority complex, you can quickly become the target of social media glamorous life.
  • Living in the virtual world and playing video games can be dangerous for mental and physical health.


Small businesses have benefited the most from digital media. The marketing tactics that involve digital media have been the most effective. Thus, making business owners lives a lot more manageable and resourceful. There have also been setbacks for these organizations and businesses, and we are here to tell them all


  • Digital media has contributed to businesses and organizations with the help of television ads, LED banners, BTL trucks, and Social Media Marketing.
  • With digital media marketing, you can reach to masses and introduce your brand and product to everyone.
  • Many businesses and organizations have social media accounts and websites to receive products from remote places.
  • Even the smallest businesses can grow into a big companies with the help of social media marketing and digital printing.
  • Geography is tomorrows worry, and now you can talk to people in different countries to sell your product or your services online. For example, best assignment writing service UK online
  • You can maintain a daily relationship with your customers and engage with them to input your services.
  • Digital media delivers fast and good results by just making a presence on the internet.
  • Replying and corresponding became easier for business owners, and most organizations are known for their excellent customer support.


  • Customers bombard thousands and thousands of messages constantly on business websites and social media accounts.
  • If a particular unpleasant customer is being un reasonable and creating issues for you, they can leave bad reviews for your business.
  • Someone can copy your talent will fewer skills but more talent for mimicry. Most people have made their sole earnings by copying others’ ideas and tweaking them to avoid plagiarism.
  • Damage-control is a lot harder when all your material is online, and it can get more accessible for people to scrutinize your work for no apparent reason. Its called “crab in a bucket mentality.”


Digital media has affected the society the most, bringing in good and bad changes to the world. It is impossible now to imagine our lives without digital media. It has shaped our society to make us more dependent on digital media but strong as people. These people believe that they can achieve a lot more now because we have the accessibility to learn different skills and expertise.


  • Our society as a whole is supportive towards each other today with the help of bringing new cultures and new traditions.
  • Digital media has destroyed all the misconceptions we have about other cultures and countries.
  • We have different teachers and professors from all over the world teaching us multiple languages.
  • The increase in the literacy rate of the world is a considerable achievement. Digital media has contributed widely to this achievement.
  • With the help of social media marketing, with can relate to each other a lot more. As a result, we have successfully reduced classism, racism, and gender discrimination.


  • Decrease in print media. No one reads the newspapers and magazines anymore. The future generations will not even see the printed material. They will not know the feel of ink on paper.
  • The addiction to social media marketing will damage the building blocks of our society and eventually make people lazy and dependent
  • With the increase of social influencers, the businesses will be left with no workers and employees. Thus, eventually damaging the country’s GDP.

How do you think digital media has changed your life? Do you believe that society is benefitting from this digital world or not? How can we make more positive changes in our lives with the help of digital media?

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