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IMG Theme Park – Good Theme Park for Families and Kids

The best in entertainment, leisure, partying, shopping, dining, and other traveller options can be found in Dubai. The towering architectural icons, chic man-made islands, high-end shops, irresistible restaurants, and infinite theme parks and entertainment alternatives that can be found all throughout this magnificent city in the UAE provide so many opportunities to take advantage of when visiting. There are a lot more attractions in Dubai than just the glitzy sights, though. In Dubai City, there is an indoor theme park called IMG Worlds of Adventure that offers marvels to its visitors.

Best Time to Visit 

It is always a nice day to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure because it is a temperature-controlled indoor theme park with indoor attractions. Any time of day or year of the week is a terrific time to visit and play, but weekends and holidays typically draw more visitors. It is accessible each day of the year.


The opening hours of the “IMG Worlds of Adventure” change depending on the day you come, so first-time park visitors should be aware of this. The park is open every day from “Sunday to Wednesday” from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. While from “Thursday through Saturday,” business hours are from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Reaching There 

Traveling to the park is simple for visitors. The easiest method to get to “IMG Worlds of Adventure” is to take the metro to the closest metro station, where you can then hop in a cab and go directly to the adventure park.

Family Time 

A trip with the family to Dubai will undoubtedly be a memorable one for the kids and a chance for the parents to make memories that will last a lifetime. Children can find a location where even their wildest thoughts and ideas can come true in a city like Dubai, where everything appears to belong in a futuristic fantasy world. This is a theme park which you are sure to fall in love with, surrounded by skyscrapers of unbelievable shapes, gardens in bloom with flowers that resemble buildings, aquariums with countless unique fish species, fantastic indoor ski slopes, and deserts just waiting to be explored. The name of this theme park is IMG Worlds of Adventure, and it is highly advised that you to go here while you are on vacation in Dubai.

5 Thematic Areas 

Five distinct theme sections make up IMG theme park. The theme sections’ intricate designs let you completely lose yourself in another universe. Each of the five themed zones also contains restaurants and small gift shops that are themed to go along with the rides.

  • Marvel

You may fully immerse yourself in the world of the renowned Marvel Comics in this theme area (Avengers, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor). There is only action here! The “Avengers Battle of Ultron” and the “Hulk Epsilon Base 3D” 3D theatre are without a doubt the most well-liked attractions in this area of the Dubai theme park. Also quite remarkable is the roller coaster “Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge”! The Marvel section also has a few additional thrilling rides.

  • Lost Valley

Immerse yourself in the dinosaur-filled realm of the Lost Valley! The 5D theatre is without a doubt the most notable feature of this theme section of the Dubai theme park. No dinosaur has ever approached you so closely. For older guests or daring teenagers, the Velociraptor roller coaster is a must, while the roller coaster “Predator” also delivers lots of action! Enter a world that is full of dinosaurs – the most popular theme area for families in Dubai – and the “Dino Carousel” & “Forbidden Territory” are especially recommended.

  • Cartoon Network

All fans of cartoons must have access to the “Cartoon Network.” Numerous attractions and figures from well-known animated series including Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time, and LazyTown can be found here. Additionally, a 5D theatre is located here to fully immerse you in the Ben 10 saga. The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage, “The Amazing Ride of Gumball,” and other shows on the Cartoon Network are further draws.

  • IMG Boulevard

The IMG Boulevard serves as the hub of IMG Worlds of Adventure. The well-known Spuk-Hotel “The Haunted Hotel” is located here. The Spuk-Hotel is a haunted residence, thus nervous persons should avoid it! There are age restrictions of 15 and older. 

  • Novo Cinemas

There is a 12-hall movie theatre just inside the Dubai theme park. Movies At IMG Worlds of Adventure, become lost in the world of cinema. More than 5,000 meters of LED strip lighting and cosmological decor are part of the Novo Cinemas’ future design. After quite a long day, you deserve to treat yourself, and our private club with 3 VIP screens and 7-Star service is the ideal setting.


You will not go hungry because each of these zones offers a wide variety of places to eat and shop. The 28 restaurants & bars offer an assorted range of cuisines. The trained chefs prepare mouthwatering dishes from Arabic to Indian cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. The Flavors of Arabia, Mr. Smoothy, Spice Valley, and Tony’s Skydeck are some of the best spots to relax and enjoy a meal.


What better way to carry a piece of IMG Worlds of Adventure home than to buy a souvenir from the shops? You might even purchase your buddies truly wonderful presents. Every zone contains a variety of retail establishments that provide an exclusive range of themed goods and branded goods from your favorite cartoons and superheroes, raising the benchmark for contemporary shopping.

Skip the Queues with the Park’s App 

Downloading the free app is an excellent idea if you are going to IMG Worlds of Adventure. You may view comprehensive information on all the various zones and real-time wait times for the most popular attractions. One of the features we adore the most is how the app will use GPS to locate you and point you toward the rides with the shortest lines. Who wants to stand in line for hours? This function is indeed excellent. The park also employs a heat mapping technique to track visitor activity and identify the busiest locations. The entertainment staff will then direct visitors to places with shorter lines because they are less crowded. Looks good, does not it?

Some Quick Tips 

  • Tourists should come at the park early if they want to avoid the crowds so they have plenty of time to explore this sizable park.
  • Reserve your tickets in advance to prevent the lengthy lines that will inevitably mar your trip.
  • Make sure you pack some snacks for the kids and that everyone is well-hydrated and prepared for the duration of your vacation.
  • You will require walking quite a lot, so bring comfortable shoes. 
  • Movie tickets are not included with IMG World of Adventure tickets.

Bottom Line 

IMG Worlds of Adventures has built a theme park that appeal to visitors of all ages, ensuring that there is something for everyone, especially for its younger guests looking for their next adventure. This is thanks to its amazing mix of thrill and chill-rides, live entertainment, extensive dining options, exclusive retail offerings, and play areas. The theme park’s street events and festivals, with their fantastic performances, are usually in full swing and are sure to keep everyone amused.

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