How to Study History in CBSE Class 10?

Have you ever wondered Why, when you watch a Historical movie or TV show, you watch it with a lot of interest but when you open a history book and start studying you get bored or sleepy.

The simple answer to this question is the lack of interest and the ineffective study methods. Entrancei which is now Physics Wallah brings you NCERT Solutions for Class 10, some tips and strategies to study Class 10 History NCERT to score good marks in CBSE Class 10. By following the article, you can plan your preparation strategy and score good grades without getting bored.

An Overview of Class 10 History NCERT

These are the following chapters you are going to study in CBSE Class 10 History.

Chapter 1: The Rise of nationalism in Europe

The Rise of Nationalism chapter deals with many of the subjects visualized by Sorrieu. It will consider the various processes through which nation-states and nationalism emerged in 19th-century Europe. The topics covered in this chapter are the rise of nationalism in Europe, the French Revolution, nationalism, and imperialism. The 19th century is called the era of nationalism in Europe, while the 20th century saw the rise of nationalist movements in Asia and Africa.

Chapter 2: Nationalism in India

The idea of nationalism was born during the French Revolution. Nationalism in India was the result of anti-colonialism. Indian nationalism as a concept developed during the Indian independence movement that fought against the British Raj. In this class, students will learn about the history of the 1920s and study the non-cooperation and civil disobedience movements.

Chapter 3: The Making of Global World

This Chapter explains how globalization affected the world and the Indian economy. By having an insight into the history of globalization, students can more accurately understand the reasons that have led to such social and economic changes. The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century was one of the important periods in the history of globalization.

Chapter 4: The Age of Industrialization

The chapter begins by explaining the scenario before the Industrial Revolution and how it is changing over time in terms of employment, setting up of factories, etc. Some of the other topics covered in the chapter are industrialization in the colonies, industrial development, goods market, life of workers, etc.

Chapter 5: Print Culture and Modern World

In this chapter, we are discussing the development of the printing press, from its introduction in East Asia to its expansion into Europe and India. From this class, students will understand the impact of the spread of technology and think about how social lives and cultures have changed with the advent of print.

Top Five Tips to Study for Class 10 History

Be familiar with the theory

History is a theoretical subject. Before you start your exam preparation, make sure you go through the chapters first. You don’t need to study the chapters in detail but a good knowledge of all the chapters will always be helpful.

Prepare notes and highlight the important points

Making notes is important. It increases your ability to focus. While studying in your class (or reading a textbook) Note making increases your attention. In History, you study facts, dates, and countries. Notes will help you at the time of your revision.

Just don’t study try to convert it into an Interesting story 

History is not like a derivation of a maths formula or Understanding a concept about Physics. It is all about dates, facts, countries, etc. History is an interesting and easy subject if you study it like a story. This is a great way to quickly revise. This will also help you in preparing for multiple-choice questions.

Study with interesting study materials

Sometimes students don’t want to study only theoretical subjects, at that time you can always rely on YouTube video lectures. These lectures will be really useful for you. They give you in-depth knowledge of the class and help you learn the answers with little effort. If you are facing any problems in this subject you can rely on Ncert solutions for class 10 history.

Solving sample paper will help you a lot

Once you have completed the chapter test, you will have to take the previous year’s papers. These papers will give you the same experience as taking a board exam. When you solve previous years’ question papers, always try to bound yourself a 3-hour deadline. Give yourself a time limit of 3 hours and try to complete the paper on time. Once you’re done, check it out yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.



History is all about the study of past events. The study of history provides an understanding of how a society, nation, and global order might develop in the future. Never study history with a mindset that it’s boring and lengthy. Class 10 CBSE History is a very interesting subject if you study it with interest. You can check NCERT solutions for other subjects too.

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