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How to Repair a Bathtub : An Ultimate Complete Guide

The hot bath is one of the most commonly relaxing treatments that anyone can get at home. The bathtub is the key item that allows you to do it. The whole idea of relaxing is closely associated with your ambiance as well and if your bathtub is damaged, then it can become an eyesore. That’s why you need to fix the bathtub the moment you notice a problem with it.

One of the most common damages that a bathtub gets is surface damage. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to replace it because the basic damages can be easy to fix without a bathtub repair service. Below you can find the steps to fix it.

Prepare the area for repair

You would be using the binding material and various tools, that’s why it is always better to prepare the working area. Different stuff in the bathroom is vulnerable to the epoxy and if gets on the floor or any unwanted area without your knowledge, then it’ll become hideous over time. The heavy or sharp tools can also break or scratch various stuff in the bathroom. So, cover the tiles with a plastic sheet and it would be better if you can cover the area around the damaged place in the bathtub and shower as well.

Sand the damaged area

When ready you can start sanding the damaged area and it is highly recommended to use 80-grit sandpaper. The experts suggest going one inch beyond the damaged area and sand it gently. Once you are don’t now remove the dust carefully. Afterward, you can use alcohol or acetone to clean that area and remove the dust completely. It is a mandatory procedure that enhances the binding capacity of the surface. Because sanding not only cleans the surface but also makes it amorphous which is ideal for binding. If you don’t have the sandpaper, then buy it from the closest hardware store.

Prepare the epoxy solution

Epoxy is the main binding material when you are fixing the bathtub, that’s why it is necessary to prepare this solution carefully. Usually, one-half of the epoxy mix with a few drops of hardener. But this ratio can change depending on the brand you are using. That’s why don’t forget to read the instructions that come with the product. Once it comes in contact with air and mixed. You’d have about fifteen minutes to work with it before it settles down. This means you need to prepare for the next stage in advance otherwise the repair quality will not be as you desire.

Repair and finishing

It is time to use the epoxy that you’ve prepared and remember to do it as smoothly as possible. Make sure you don’t damage the neighboring area. Fill it up nicely and leave it for the recommended time as mentioned in the instructions. The moment it dries out, now you can use the sandpaper that comes with the epoxy and apply the finishing touch. Smoothen the surface until it starts resembling the rest of the tub. If you have a colored bathing tub, then mixing the same color as your tub isn’t a bad idea.

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A damaged bathtub can be very annoying and it ruins the overall look of the bathroom. That’s why fixing it up is the best thing that you can do. However, if you don’t know how to do it precisely, then hiring experts is highly recommended. The experts are good at what they do and the look of your tub will restore nicely. That’s why make sure you hire the best bathtub repairing support you can.

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