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How to Remove Metadata from PDF Files in Bulk on Windows Using Two Ways?

Note: Get here the best methods to remove metadata from PDF files in bulk on Windows.

An essential piece of information that comes with a PDF file is metadata. It contains the information about the author, the work’s title, the creation date of file, and other crucial information. Although this metadata information may be beneficial, leaving it in place poses a security risk. In this case, the need of removing metadata from PDF files arises. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about how to remove metadata from PDF files in bulk on Windows using two ways.

So, let’s begin the post without wasting further time.

Method 1 – How to Remove Metadata from PDF Files Manually?

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1- Firstly, open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat program
  • Step 2- When your file is opened, click the Properties from File.
  • Step 3- A window will appear which contains the files metadata.
  • Step 4- Click the option Properties and Personal Information link from the bottom.
  • Step 5- Select the required or all properties you need to remove.
  • Step 6- Finally, click the Remove button to begin the removal process.

Once you follow the above steps, save the file with changes. It is suggested to save this file with new name so you can easily recognize it.

That’s it. By following the above steps, you can manually remove metadata from PDF files. But, the manual process contains so many limitations.

Limitations of Manual Procedure

  1. Manually removing information from PDF files can be time- and labor-intensive.
  2. Manual metadata removal might not be complete since some metadata could be deeply ingrained in the structure of PDF files.
  3. Given the time and effort needed, manually removing information from a large number of PDF files may not be possible.
  4. Since there is no assurance that all of the metadata has been deleted, manual removal of metadata could not be secure.
  5. Manually removing information might not be accurate since mistakes can be made.

Method 2 – Professionally Remove Meta Properties from PDF Files

With the Best Metadata Eraser Tool, all manual process constraints are removed. This program was developed to satisfy all user needs. With this application, it is possible to remove metadata from PDF files in bulk or selectively as per the requirements. This PDF Metadata Remover has a very simple user friendly interface. This program can be used without difficulty by anyone. The program also contains a variety of cutting-edge features that elevate its usability.

Eye-Catching Features of the PDF Metadata Remove Tool

  • Batch Remove: With this application, it is possible to remove metadata from multiple PDF files at the same time. So, now, you don’t have to select your PDF files one by one to remove metadata.
  • Selective Removal: The application allows users to remove metadata from selected PDF files as per the requirements. This feature will help users to save their respective time.
  • Get Accurate Results: This PDF Metadata Remover maintains all the properties of PDF files while removing metadata. So, you will definitely get the safest and accurate results without facing any type of issues.
  • Choose Output Location: With this application, you can choose the location where you need to save the resultant files. Now, you can easily access and manage the resultant files.
  • Safest PDF Metadata Remover: This PDF Metadata Removal Tool is completely safe from any type of risk. The tool accurately remove metadata from PDF files in bulk on Windows computer.
  • Windows-Based App: This application is supported by all the versions of Windows Operating System. So, run the app on Windows 11, and all other versions without facing any hassle.
  • Unlimited Removal: There is no file size limitation imposed on the tool to remove metadata from PDF files. With this app, it is possible to remove metadata from unlimited PDF files.
  • Easiest Solution: You just have to follow the simplest steps to scrub metadata from multiple or selected PDF files.

These are only a few features. More are included in the application. So, just download the app and get to know about more features.

Common Users Questions and Answers

Question 1: What do we need to remove metadata from PDF files?

Answer 1: Your privacy may be protected by removing any metadata from PDF files that could be used to identify you or your company. Additionally, it can assist in protecting your files from potential hackers and other bad guys.

Question 2: Why choose professional software instead of online solutions?

Answer 2: Using specialized software to remove metadata from PDFs instead of internet alternatives has a number of advantages. Professional software will often allow for a more secure approach and provide a more thorough removal of information. The professional software could additionally provide extra features like watermarking, redaction, and encryption. Professional software is also more resistant to external threats like hackers and malicious malware, making it a more dependable and safe option to remove information from PDFs. And last, professional software is usually more affordable because you can buy several licenses for a single price, enabling you to use the same program for numerous PDFs.

Question 3: Can I try the suggested PDF Metadata Remover without investing my money?

Answer 3: Yes, the application comes up with the free demo version. So, you can use this application without investing anything.

Question 4: Can I preview my PDF files header information before removing metadata?

Answer 4: Yes, the application provides the detailed preview of PDF files before removing metadata. You can preview content, message headers, raw messages, and other information easily.

The Conclusion

In the above content, we have explained both manual and professional methods to remove metadata from PDF files. Both methods are tried and tested. But if you need to get the accurate results, it is suggested to use the professional application. The expert solution will help you to accurately remove metadata from PDF files in bulk on Windows 11, 10, and earlier version. So, choose the method which suits your needs. Hope this informative information will help you to remove metadata from PDF files.

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