How to Recover Data From a Failed USB Drive – An Ultimate Guide to Learn

Just think, you plug in your flash drive to your local machine. But, this time some things different happen to like your system cannot recognize the USB drive properly. Basically, a flash drive die is a very common issue and faced by many users. In this situation, a user requires a prominent solution to recover data from a failed USB drive. Thus, we take this issue into consideration and come up with effective approaches to resolve this issue appropriately. Simply, go through the complete article to learn how to recover data from a failed USB drive instantly.

How to Recover Data From a Failed USB Drive Manually?

Here, in this section, we are going to discuss the best free solutions to recover data from a failed USB drive. You can go with any of them as per your requirement. Simply, go through the following simplest solutions for the most complex problem.

  • Back up data files
  • Backup from Dropbox
  • Try another USB port
  • Reboot

Recover Data From a Failed USB Drive – Back-Up Data Files

We all know, the USB drive is the most preferably utilized storage device across the globe. Users prefer this due to its advanced and enhanced functionalities. There is no doubt, sometimes also occurs some unknown errors which a user never wants to see. But, in the case of recover data from a failed USB drive, backup is one of the easiest solutions. So, if a user having the backup of their data files then, the recovery process is becoming easier. Moreover, backups are the best solution but, one annoying thing about the backup i.e., you have to do that before there’s a riddle. Additionally, if you do not have a backup of your data so, you have to proceed to another technique.

#2: Backup from Dropbox

Most of the users store their important data in Dropbox. In case, of recover data from a failed USB drive. A user can easily restore a backup from Dropbox. Moreover, if you do not have a backup and do not have any data into Dropbox to restore. So, you can move to another method.

#3: Try Another One USB Port

Sometimes, a USB drive is in good condition but, your USB port having some issues. So, you should have to check the failed flash drive plugging in another USB port. If still, it will unable to view stored data. Hence, you have to switch to the last but not least method.

#4: Reboot

This is an ultimate solution to resolve the issue such as how to recover data from a failed USB drive. Once you reboot all the problems will automatically be solved.

Note: In case, if you are still not able to restore data from a failed USB drive. So, you can move to the perfect solution, which we discussed in the oncoming segment.

One Way to Recover Data From a Failed USB Drive

All the above-stated methods do not have the capability to recover data from a failed USB drive. But, here we come up with an instant method to do so. This is a third-party application named SysTools Pen drive deleted data recovery tool. This software program with enriched functionality. Mainly, it facilitates a quick recovery procedure. Using this amazing tool a user can easily recover photos, audio, video, documents, and all other multimedia components from a failed USB drive. Basically, it is a great technique to implement corrupted, deleted, formatted, or lost data recovery from all brand’s USB drives. Despite this, the recovery application consists of some useful features that make it unique from other tools. So, you can check this marvelous USB drive recovery software to Recover Shift Deleted Files from Computer by visiting our authoritative page.

Steps to Recover Data From a Failed USB Drive

Simply, follow the step-by-step guide to restoring files from a failed USB drive. All the steps are explained in a sequential manner. Let’s have a look:

  • Initially, download and launch the SysTools USB drive recovery software into your local system.
  • After that, select any scan as an option. Because you need to recover data from a failed USB drive instead of the formatted flash drive.
  • Now, review the recovered data files and folders in USB drive recovery application pane
  • Finally, save the recovered files from a USB drive at any desired location.

Final Verdict

The perfect solution to deal with this issue is to restore data from backup if you have. Otherwise, you can select an alternative approach i.e., USB drive recovery software. Using this ultimate tool you can quickly recover data from a failed USB drive. This software facilitates an understandable user interface so, a savvy user can also execute the recovery process without any hassle. So, do not think twice to take a wise decision.

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