How to Protect The Workplace Amid Corona Virus Outbreak

The pandemic has thrown the business world in disarray. Overnight the number of unemployed has increased and the ones who are employed, are pushed into a world of uncertainty. While big businesses would still have a reserve to tide over the crisis, small businesses would find it hard to continue with unmanaged workplaceIt is this reason why there are small business loans and MSME loans that are designed for businesses to cope with the catastrophe.  

Other than the financial aspect of the pandemic, the other main worry for business owners is to protect the employees from the dreaded virus. Here are a few rules to be followed as precautions during the Coronavirus Outbreak: 


The main priority of the organisation would be to look after the health and wellness of their employees. This would entail, curtailing or cancelling official visits, limiting work from the office and encouraging more work from home, sanitising the workplace regularly for those who are unable to work from the safety of their homes, maintain mandatory social distancing norms as stipulated by the government.

While the measures seem to be harsh and extreme, the well-being and the safety of the employee is of paramount concern and must be adhered to. 

Building the infrastructure for a virtual workspace 

With the pandemic at its crest, it becomes important to encourage employees to work from home. This not only keeps them from travelling but also allows the companies to keep the wheels of business moving. However, working from home requires a lot of planning and technological support.

For this, the companies will have to come with a schedule. Setting up of work from home infrastructure is costly and the company has to make sure that costs are also maintained. While smaller companies can apply for the MUDRA Loan to see them off such times, larger companies will have greater internal resources to oversee such a vast operation. 

Increase Engagements 

Working from home does have its pitfalls too. With little or no interaction, working from home can become a monotonous affair. The world coming to a halt and cities going into a shutdown, one is stuck within the confines of their rooms. This may lead to boredom and a fall in productivity.

It is here that companies have to start thinking out of the box to improve the productivity of their employees. More emotional support has to be provided by the reporting managers is the need of the day. The organisational culture will undergo a paradigm shift and will become more inwardlooking.

The challenges faced by the employees have to be the primary focus of the company. One way to drum up greater participation and lighten the mood of the team would be to increase the number of virtual cultural engagements and team activities. 

This will allow the individual to let off some steam and help him or she gets the focus back by setting up great workplace. It also boosts the morale of the employee in such trying times. 

Alternative work sites 

If not work from the office or work from home, then from where? Some companies are mulling the idea of renting co-working spaces to accommodate a few of their staff.

This is based on the fact that while the office might not be able to accommodate a large number of people under the social distancing regime, the home may end up acting like a prison for some. To change the environment of workplace, such a step might be taken.  

Lastly, the pandemic has ushered in a new normal, an era that will be full of surprises, both good and bad. It is up to the organisation to formulate plans to allow their employees to work in a safe environment. 

Keeping communication, a two-way street is essential for the survival of the company. Also with small business loans, MSME loans and MUDRA loans, the expense for small businesses can be taken care of. 

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