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How to protect hair loss

How to protect hair loss: What you can do to keep your hair from thinning or delay its onset

Thinning hair can also be brought about by hair breakage, besides hair loss that occurs at the roots. While generally considered less severe than the latter. Hair breakage can be equally frustrating as it can result in a dramatic loss of hair volume.

hair loss protection
Hairloss concept. Young troubled asian woman checking for thinning hair in mirror at home

If your hair breaks easily, it’s a sign that it is weak and not healthy.

She explained how weak hair is prone to breakage. “Hair strands are made up of keratin, a key component to hair strength and resiliency. The outer layer of hair, called the cuticle, protects the hair shaft from loss of keratin. 

Hair protection is important these are some amazing ways to protect your thinning hair.

When hair is unhealthy, the cuticle scales are lifted. Which causes keratin to leak out and the inner core to become brittle and dry. Weak hair is also more prone to split ends, which can migrate up the hair shaft, causing it to break.”

Hair breakage like hair loss at the roots is caused by a broad range of factors including (but not limited to) genetics, age, stress, hormonal changes, diet, and environmental factors. 

how to use hair care tools to protect hair loss

But it is most commonly a result of excessive chemical processing, styling with hot tools, and neglect in terms of one’s haircare regimen. This also means the condition may often be easier to prevent than hair loss at the roots unless your weakened hair is due to internal causes.

In many cases, it can be improved by staying away from chemical treatments, hair-dyeing, and heat styling, and by using hair care products that strengthen and protect the hair.

“Prevention has always been the main category in skincare and is now starting to make. It’s way into hair care as consumers become increasingly more savvy about the connection between haircare and skincare. 

Preventing hair breakage is important because unlike your skin. Which can regenerate itself, hair breakage is irreversible,” said Burgess.

Hair Breakage Treatments to protect hair loss

Your Hair Type

“The finer your hair is, the more susceptible it is to breakage,” Eaddy says. “Fine hair is thin and fragile. The finer the texture of your hair, the more gentle you want to be.” 

The finer hair is especially prone to breakage when it’s over-washed and styled, so if that sounds like you, you’ll want to take a break from the hot tools and treat your hair to a protein hair breakage treatment.

And if you don’t know if you have fine hair or not, here’s a tip. Take one strand of hair and roll it between your thumb and index finger. If you can feel it, it’s probably not super-fine, but if you can’t, it’s on the finer side. Obviously, this isn’t an exact science, but it can help.

For coarser hair types and type-4 hair, moisture is almost always the answer.  So stock up on deep conditioners, hair oils, and hydrating hair breakage treatments to keep it hydrated. If you like to color your hair a lot, fun, but also damaging. 

So, maybe skip that next full-process color appointment you’re tempted to book and instead treat your hair to a few months of hydrating, reparative products

Vince care is one of the best outgrowing brands that help people to protect their hair and skin.

Causes of hair breakage

Before you spend your paycheck on hair breakage treatments, figure out what’s causing the breakage first. If you straighten or curl your hair every single day, it’s likely that your hair desperately needs moisture and a rest from the heat. 

If you’re already pretty gentle on your hair but still have breakage? It might just need some protein-packed products that will strengthen your strands. An important note here: Too much protein can lead to even more breakage, so if you go down the protein route, only use them once a week, max.

Great, now you know what’s causing the breakage. The next step? Picking the right formula. Brittle hair needs formulas that include peptides, amino acids, and keratin. While dry and over-processed hair needs deep conditioners, hair oil to lock in moisture, and hydrating, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that won’t strip your hair of your natural moisture

Not just oils and shampoos, but even conditioners can prevent hair fall

Have you seen a sharp increase in hair fall in summers? If yes, then you are not alone. Hair fall in the summers is a common problem. Hot weather with high humidity levels can lead to this problem. Not just this, summer also leads to dull hair and dandruff.

Experts Point Views to protect hair loss

Speaking on this condition, dermatologist Chiranjiv Chhabra had told Hindustan Times. “If the hair is not washed often and the scalp is not kept clean, the constant presence of moisture on the scalp causes weakening of the roots. This causes itching and irritation in the scalp, worsening the condition and hence hair fall.”

Experts will tell you of best practices one must follow such as frequently washing hair and keeping it hydrated. There are a number of mild shampoos on the market that claim that they gently clean the scalp.

 There are also oils, though not quite popular in summers, that claim to prevent hair fall. You will be surprised to know that not just these products, but hair conditioners too help prevent hair fall.

There are a number of brands that have such products. We have shortlisted some products online which you must take a look at.

Carberry Biotin & Collagen Everyday Conditioner for Fast Hair Growth

This Biotin and Collagen-containing conditioner are designed to strengthen and repair weak and damaged hair. The absence of harmful chemicals makes it an ideal conditioner to be used every day.

 The presence of Moroccon Argan oil and Aloe Vera aids in deep cleaning your hair and maintaining moisture levels. This leaves your hair with a fresh and nourishing experience every day. Banana extracts in the conditioner give your hair a soft-to-touch feel.

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