How to operate a Stowabike folding bike

How to operate a Stowabike folding bike

Stowabikes are so popular now that almost every manufacturer is making them, but how to operate a stowabike in the proper manner is something very few people know. The fact is that they are highly technical machines and no amateur should mess around with them because they can be extremely dangerous if not used properly. It’s important that you follow the advice on this page and that you understand exactly how to ride a stowabike 20 city bike properly.

Strap yourself

When you get ready to ride you should strap yourself in the appropriate handlebar. There are three different handlebars that can be fitted to a stowabike folding bike – underneath the seat or behind the seat, by the handlebar or at the bottom of the bike frame. Check the label for the right position and read it carefully. It tells you the maximum leaning distance that applies, the minimum speed allowed, the centre of gravity and whether the bike can be pointed forward or backwards. Ensure that you understand all these details before you strap yourself in. The handlebar should be comfortable for your hands and it should fit perfectly with your arms hanging down naturally.

Raise the foot high

Once you are strapped in the handlebar to make sure your foot is raised high enough so that you are riding parallel with the handlebar. Once this is done, move your lower body to point towards the back of the stowabike with your legs straight. In other words, don’t bend your knees or hips. In the event of your having to swivel the opposite way, move your body in the opposite direction of the wheel while keeping your thigh firmly attached to the seat.

Do pedal

You should pedal in a circular motion with your feet together. If you have trouble getting the feel for this. You can simply step on the handlebar until you get the idea. The best way to learn how to operate a stowabike. Without falling is to learn how to ride one with handlebars attached. This way you won’t fall off and you can concentrate on learning how to operate the bike instead of falling off. The key is to keep your weight centred over the handlebars and avoid leaning forward.

Take your place at the stowabike folding bike seat

When you have taken your place at the seat. Sit with your back flat against the seat. Your thighs should be slightly bent so that your weight is centred over the handlebars are directly attached to the stowabike folding bike. Your elbows should be resting comfortably on the handlebars. If your hands become uncomfortable they can be placed on the handlebar or on the grips. This should help you to become used to how the handlebar works.

Stowabike folding bike with pedals

If you are using a stowabike with pedals, the process is the same as using them with handlebars. Keep your weight centred over the pedal and lean back slightly while pedalling. You will notice that the distance between the handlebars and the pedal changes.

The foot levers

Now that you have learned how to operate a stowabike with handlebars attached. It is time to switch to the foot levers. To lift the foot lever, lower the pedal into the recessed hole on the bottom of the stowabike. As you pedal, you should steer the bike so that it is travelling in a straight line between the handlebars and the foot lever. If the handlebars are too close you should lift the foot lever and steer the bike into a more open position.

Next tip

The next tip on how to operate a stowabike is to look at the handlebars. The handlebars should have a high centre of gravity for maximum stability. In other words, the handlebars must be easy to hold. Because if they are not balanced then it is very hard to keep the bike upright. In the past, the best way of finding out if the handlebars were set right was to get them home from the store and test them. Now it seems that most of the manufacturers are building bikes with a high level of engineering and so the handlebars are much easier to find to lock in than they used to be in the past.

Stowabikes can be folded

There is a lot of pros to a folding bike. It is important to note that stowabikes can be folded. Once you have been riding a stowabike for a period of time. You may decide that you no longer want to use the device. In this case, you will need to disassemble the device and remove the wheels, seats, and other parts from your bike. Prior to taking it apart. You should make sure that you know how to operate a stowabike with handlebars.

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