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How to Open Outlook Express File in Windows 10?

If you really want to know about how to open Outlook express files in Windows 10 & DBX Files in Windows 10 so stay tuned till the end.

To Open Outlook Express Files in Windows 10 there is Some Process Step by Step:

  1. Download & Run DBX to PST Converter Software in your system.
  2. Click on Add File button and Select the Options: Select file or folder from the file system.
  3. After that, Browse & Select the DBX data file.
  4. Preview DBX to PST Converter items in an original folder order.

Open Outlook Express files in Windows 10 


You can easily open outlook express files in windows 10 through:

The DBX to PST converter Software is a one-stop solution that allows saving email as PST Adobe with all attachments. The software can backup countless PST files with the exact email structure and folder hierarchy. The graphical interface of this tool is designed to be simple and easy to use any novice or technical professionals can easily open outlook express files in windows 10.

The best part of this software is that it offers a demo version to check the interface and working of the tool. The demo version works similar to the licensed version of the tool but it allows to convert the first 25 items from each folder to the required format.

open outlook express files in windows 10. The whole technical guide is based on Outlook Express to Outlook PST transfiguration process. It even focuses on methods through which users can export DBX to Outlook PST when both Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express are installed on the same machine. We all are aware that Microsoft Outlook Express can be called a free tool having very simple boundaries as a mailing program. The mails and the account information can be easily transferred from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. In the Outlook Express arena, all the folders are associated with a single file. In layman’s terms, we can say that Outlook Express Inbox Folders accompanying with a single file i.e., Inbox, DBX.

For instance, users have a separate machine to access Outlook and Outlook Express, they can easily find and copy all the folders as a requirement to transfer inbox. To open outlook express files in windows 10.

DBX to PST Converter Software Features:

Following are the DBX to PST converter software features:

  • Convert DBX to PST in Batch

DBX to PST converter wizard allows converting multiple DBX files to PST format along with attachments. If the added DBX file comprises several emails, then the tool will convert all the DBX emails to PST at once and will not result in any kind of data loss.

  • Option to Export DBX file Folder / Files

The DBX to PST converter tool provides unique features like Drag & Drop and Select File(s) to add the DBX files/folders into the software panel.

  • Save PST file at the Desired Location

The DBX to PST converter software allows saving the resultant files at any desired location. One can choose any existing system folder to save the exported PST or can create a new folder directly from the software panel for the same and convert DBX Files to PST.

  • Split Outlook PST to Break Large File

If the added DBX file is large in size, then exported PST can become corrupted or inaccessible. To avoid such issues, the DBX to PST Converter provides a Split resultant PST option. One can break the PST (minimum 100MB and maximum 50GB). Download software and install on Windows OS.

  • Create single PST for all DBX Files

DataHelp DBX to PST Converter provides an option to create a single PST for all the added DBX files. By default, the software creates a separate PST file for each DBX file but checking this option will create one PST for all browsed DBX files.

  • Maintains DBX Folder Hierarchy

If you have added a DBX file’s folder in the software then, the DBX to PST Converter will not manipulate the original hierarchy of DBX. There will be no internal changes after DBX to PST Conversion.


From the above blog, we find the best DBX to PST converter software that will solve your all problems in windows 10 and help to open outlook express files in windows 10.

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