How to monetize gaming applications

You have developed a gaming app, and, obviously, would like to get some revenue. What is the best way to do that? Below we will look at several ways to make real money with your app

Strategies for app monetization

In order to get the revenue, you can employ the following strategies of gaming app monetization.

  1. Programmatic advertising. It is a great method that allows you to achieve two important goals of Internet marketing. First, you can act as an advertiser and promote your product to a vast targeted audience, which means that you are going to get your traffic and downloads. Second, you can offer your inventory (ad space), host other developers’ creations, and make money.
  2. Paid content or additional tools. This method has a lot of variations. The “toughest” one is to make the users pay for downloading your app, but this is rather risky, as you need to show them the reasons why they actually need to pay. Additional paid features are a lighter approach. In this case, the application is free and the user can play the game for free, however, they might need to pay to obtain a certain advantage (e.g. a powerful weapon) over their opponents.

Which of the two is better?

Both methods let you get real money. However, experience has proven that users are usually reluctant to pay for something in the course of the game. It is easier for them to find another free way of entertainment, and they are very likely to find it, as the market is floated with options.

Thus, it is better to choose the other way and go for programmatic advertising. This way it is the advertiser who pays, and not the user. All you need to do is to find a suitable platform and add your application to the catalog. Then your product becomes an advertising platform and you are able to get your revenue and keep your app free of charge. Surely, the users are going to watch the ads, but this is better than creating paid content or tools for them. You also need to remember that programmatic advertising is the advertising targeted at the audience interested in the offer, so the chances are that they are not going to be annoyed, on the contrary, they are going to see something they are interested in.

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